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Kaashi and Sunidhi are worried as they here Namrita isn’t anywhere is the whole house. Pratibha says to them that Naina is right, she comes to them and tells them that Namrita isn’t here and they won’t even know where she is, until her wedding time. Pratibha recalls watching Sunidhi, Kaashi and Naina together. While taking Namrita along, she asked Namrita to stay in her room and get fresh in her washroom. She had asked Shalu to go to Namrita’s washroom. She asked Pushpa to keep Namrita away from here, she told Mahen that she is taking Namrita out with Pushpa’s permission. Pratibha tells Kaashi not to look for Namrita, she will now be seen only at the time of her wedding, and leaves.
Sunidhi calls Rishi, she asks Rishi how is his function going on. Kaashi asks her to get to know where

is Namrita. Sunidhi says has she talked to Namrita, she wants to gift her a cell phone, does he know which set she likes and she is nowhere to be seen here. Rishi says he didn’t even talk to her. Sunidhi says alright, they will now meet at wedding. She hangs up, then tells Kaashi everything is up now. Kaashi looks in the mirror that Naina was standing at the door, Naina comes inside, Kaashi says she was of no use as she couldn’t find that Namrita. Shalu overhears the news. Naina was worried where to find her. Kaashi says why is she even staying here then, she must just leave. Naina asks for the money of what she has done. Kaashi asks if she must pay for her uselessness. Naina says she only works with her rules and orders, she gets what she wants. Sunidhi deters her that what if she complaints her mama about her, no client will be left to her. Naina work on Sunidhi and Kaashi, then tells them to go to her son and tell him the truth, that this marriage is only important for him, she wants to break this marriage and is playing games with his innocent daughter in law. Shalu is elated, and wonders if she is dreaming.
Mahen asks Sanjeev if Naina is taking care of the wedding, Kaashi and Sunidhi come there. Shalu and Naina watch this. Mahen asks what happened, Kaashi looks at his sons and tells them that Pratibha… Naina comes there and asks if they need something, they must ask her not Pratibha; she will look after all the work.
Pratibha speaks to Namrita, Namrita was relaxed and tells her she should have come here earlier. She is really happy here. Pratibha tells her to get ready there, not switch her phone, don’t go out of the house and that her beautician will also come there. Pushpa asks her to talk to Pratibha’s mother.
Kaashi and Sunidhi come to room wondering where they were. Naina was on the resting chair, she tells them they were about to spit their truth themselves, she saved them. Kaashi hands her money to her, Naina leaves. Shalu says this is good she left the home, and goes to tell Pratibha about it. Naina turns back before leaving.
Pratibha’s mother says to Pushpa that Namrita has come as the little Pratibha, naught, happy and loving.
Shalu calls Pratibha to a side, she tells Pratibha that she just saw Naina leaving. She has gone accepting defeat, you have won now.
Mahen wonders how can Naina go away like this, all the preparations are here. Pratibha tells him not to get worried, everything will get managed. Anmol offers to help Pratibha, so does Sanjeev. Peehu also promises her help, Shalu says she is always with her. Sunidhi will also help her, Sanjeev says yes she will help her too. Pratibha divides all the work among everyone, she asks Peehu and Sunidhi to look after catering. She asks Sanjeev and Anmol to look after the decorations. Kaashi asks work for herself, Pratibha says she must only give her blessings that the wedding takes place well.
They all make arrangements for wedding, Pushpa says to Pratibha that whatever happens she must never let die the Pratibha who always made everything well. Pratibha nods. Pushpa asks her to go and get ready. Pratibha says she has a lot to do now, Chachi says she can handle some other works. She must not return back soon, else she will send her back; her husband should also know how beautiful wife he has got.
Mahen comes to Pushpa asking about Pratibha, Pushpa says she is getting ready. He asks hasn’t she got to go and pick Namrita. Pratibha comes from behind, calling Chachi. Mahen couldn’t help his eyes stay of her as she approaches them. She notices his stare on her, both eyes meet for a while. Chachi is happy at this. Pratibha asks Mahen what, is she looking fine? Mahen says everything is good, he asks her that she had to go to pick Namrita, he got arranged the car. He asks when will they return. She says till 7.30, Mahen tells Pratibha to take Shalu along. Sunidhi and Kaashi texts Naina to come by 7.30 and do the blast.

PRECAP: Some veiled girls come to welcome guests, Mahen wasn’t ready to trust them but Kaashi says they have now been paid. Naina removes her veil.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It is time for the wedding .Too many this one and that one.Too many turns the damn coachwill capsize soon.Wrires this show is becoming monotous now.too much witch craft and coniving ,it is spoiling the flow of this sript.

  2. What’s up with Naina contacts lens it’s obvious those aren’t your real eyes and the damn camera is zooming in lol although your name means “eyes” but it’s about time that wedding take place you writer, producers whoever is responsibly for these show you dragged too much

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