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A guest comes to Mahen to buy earrings. Mahen asks what is her name. The girl says it is Gia. He asks where she studies, in which class. She says she studies in St. Luois school, in 8th standard. He tells her that his daughter Peehu Agarwal also studies there. Gia thinks that this is the store of Peehu’s dad and she speaks so high of him.
Pratibha was worried if Mahen is really going to divorce her. She cries. Shalu comes and consoles her, she tells Shalu that Mahen is going to divorce her. Shalu asks Pratibha to go to a temple at midnight, and wound a string to it. Pratibha doesn’t agree, she says she will be his perfect wife. When Mahen comes home, Pratibha opens the door and give extra priveledge to Mahen. Raash and Sunita also wonders why she is doing so.
Peehu asks Gia if

she found her earrings. Gia says it was such a small store, where is her store. Peehu says she doesn’t need to go there, she will gift them. Gia says she will expose her now, as she tries to be so rich and cool. Peehu is worried where she will get the money for earrings now.
Mahen comes to room from washroom, Pratibha stood there with the towel. He asks if something has happened. She thinks a lot has happened, but says nothing. He watches some albums on bed, she says she was cleaning the wardrobe and found them. He is also happy to see them. He gets Mr. Badra’s call, she hears him asking if he can now tell Pratibha. He was waiting for him to finalize it all, so that he can tell Pratibha. Pratibha is worried that before he talks to her about the divorce she must do the drama of sleeping. He comes inside and calls her by name, wondering she was awake sometime ago. He wakes her up but she poses to have fallen asleep. He smiles, and thinks he must let her sleep he will tell her in the morning what he wanted to say for so long. Pratibha wonders and cries, praying this night never ends.
The next morning, Pratibha sat on the couch watching Mahen wake up. She thinks may be this is the last time she is watching him wake up. He wakes up and asks why she didn’t wake him up, he had to go out of city. She had tears in eyes, and thinks this is the last time so he may scold her as much as he wants. He says he has to talk to her, she leaves saying she has a lot to do in kitchen and leaves.
On breakfast, Sanjeev says to Mahen that he seems relaxed. Mahen tells them that he was worried because of something for a few days that tension is going to end soon. Pratibha hears this from behind a wall. Sunita asks what the tension was, Mahen says it was something and says to Raashi that she will be the happiest with it.
He tells Sunita that he will only tell them when the work has been done. Pratibha cries. Mahen asks for Pratibha, Pratibha hides behind thinking he will tell everyone. Sunita says she hasn’t seen Pratibha since morning, and she had to make breakfast. Sanjeev says he can’t agree, as she can’t cook such tasty parathas. Mahen looks for Pratibha and says to Sunita to ask Pratibha stay awake, he will come late but has to talk to her.
Sunita looks for Pratibha wondering why this hide n seek is going on. Sunita comes to see Pratibha in her room and thinks she didn’t come to Mahen and now saying good bye to her. She has a sneeze and Pratibha knows that she is here. Sunita comes and asks why she didn’t come out. Pratibha was crying, she says she won’t be able to say this to her again, but she wants to apologize for not cooking for her kitty party. Sunita wonders what has happened to Pratibha. Pratiba says she must forgive her, as may be she isn’t here tomorrow or not. Pratibha asks Sunita to take care of this family and Mahen as brother as well. Sunita was silent, then says ok. Pratibha cries and hugs Sunita. Sunita is worried what is wrong.
Pratibha wakes her kids up, and says she wants to tell them where all their belongings are kept. She tells Peehu about her shoes, and Anmol about his shoes. Anmol asks where is she going. Pratibha says they are grownups now and must know all their belongings. Sunita hears this. Pratibha gives Peehu a coin box which has ten thousand in it, people gave this to her on her birth. Peehu goes to hug Pratibha tight. Anmol asks what is wrong. Pratibha denies, and says everything is fine. She asks them both, who they love, their mama or their papa. Peehu asks what is she asking, Anmol hugs her.
Sunita’s mother says she is sure, Pratibha is going to leave the house.
Pratibha packs her bag.

PRECAP: Sunita watches Pratibha leaving the house, and wakes Raashi up saying Pratibha has left the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am so sorry for Pratibha .She is just lost in her own world.Sometimes we are to be care with whom we befriended because you never know what will happen later down the road .also weigh an advice before you take it seriously.Pratibha is a perfect example .

  2. Omg! Pratibha i can’t believe you totally freaked out, because of that manipulative woman whose trying to work her way back into your family, you left your family unbelievable smh

  3. sometimes we belive others so much that we forget what we can do n what we are.A person who doubt self intution will get trapped easily

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