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Mahen scolds Pratibha and says I don’t love you. He leaves the room, Pratibha cries hard.
If Sunita comes to know her husband doesn’t love her. Sunita says she won’t leave the girl, Shalu fears he is involved with someone else. But Pratibha thinks there is something wrong in her for which Mahen dislikes her. She asks Shalu to taste the food again. She asks Shalu if the house is sufficiently clean. Shalu asks what has happened to her, Pratibha says she doesn’t know. As Pratibha makes up children’s room, she asks Shalu if she is a good mother. Shalu asks if she is alright. Pratibha says she doesn’t know. She comes to her room and thinks she must help Mahen more in his work, maybe he begins loving her this way. She comes to the mirror and wonders if she doesn’t seem to be good,

if there is some other girl in Mahen’s life. She jerks the thoughts.
The phone rings, Mahen picks it. Pratibha hears him talking to the lawyer, he was saying he is fed up now, relations have broken, he doesn’t want to see her here in the house. He asks will the papers be ready till day after tomorrow. Pratibha fears he is giving her a divorce and is worried. Pratibha cries getting flashback of Mahen’s words, Sunita peeks into the room. Pratibha goes out, Sunita comes inside and takes her phone. Sunita’s mother asks her to dial the number putting it on speaker. Pushpa’s phone rings, Pushpa takes the call. Sunita introduces herself to Prerna, she asks to offer her to credit card and asks to talk to her husband. Pushpa hangs on strictly.
Pratibha is on roof, saying he can’t leave her. Is her mistake as big that he is thinking about divorce. She was tensed and thinks about talking to Mahen. Mahen calls Pratibha, she was worried. Shalu comes calling her and notices her extremely panicked. Pratibha comes downstairs wondering what Mahen wants to say to her, what would he say; what if he talks about the divorce. She watches Mahen sitting on the sofa, and prays to be saved today.
She comes into the room, Mahen was indulged in his work. He takes his cell phone, Pratibha clears her throat. Mahen asks if the food is ready, he has to go home earlier. She is happy, and asks if he called her for food. Mahen says what else could it be, she is relieved and says she will just make it for him. She cooks in the kitchen hurriedly with Shalu’s help. She thinks has he changed his thinking, or he will talk later. Mahen gets the lawyer’s call and says he will just come. Raashi stops him for food, but he says it isn’t cooked yet. Raashi comes to Pratibha and scolds her for not cooking food in time for her husband. Pratibha says this means Mahen wasn’t in an urgency of food, he deliberately left without lunch box. She blames herself, thinks about her maa asking who is pouring this all in her mind.
Peehu comes home asking for Pratibha, irritated. Anmol tells Raashi about an application on phone. Raashi loves him, Peehu asks where is food. Raashi says it must be in kitchen. Peehu says its been so late, where is her mother. Raashi says she must ask it from her mom.
Pratibha cries in front of Pushpa, she says it was wrong of her to know if Mahen loves her or not. Whatever was hidden has come out. She was crying, and says since the truth has come out Mahen won’t stop from telling her what is in his heart. She must not have listened to her, Pushpa listens to her. Pratibha says she has ended it all, what will she answer her parents that her husband isn’t happy with her after 17 years of life. She stands up and says everything has finished, she doesn’t know what to do. Pushpa asks what has happened, Pratibha says her husband wants to divorce her. Pushpa asks her to sit down, and says she can’t agree. He can’t leave her for such a petty issue. Pratibha says he was talking on phone about some papers. Pushpa thinks he was talking about her, and tells Pratibha how can she think like this. The waiter brings bill, Pratibha looks for her purse and when she can’t find it she leaves frustrated that it is always her mistake.
PRECAP: Mahen gets Badra’s call, he thanks him and says can he now tell Pratibha about everything as he was waiting for this news to come. Pratibha listens.

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  2. Poor Pratibha ..She is a good woman but naive.Her husband I think has something in common with her friend.Either they were married or something.This is my thought but the is ok for now.

  3. I think you are right maybe they had relation while Pratibha and Mahen were married

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