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Pratibha wakes up with her family surrounding her. She opens her eyes, Mahen takes a breath of relief. Her mother asks if she is alright. Sunita asks what has happened to her. Raashi asks she could have said if she was ill. Mahen tells her to let go, and asks Pratibha that she must have told him. She says she is sorry and hold hand, but Mahen doesn’t hold it and asks the doctor to see Anmol as well. Sunita says may be she had got this from someone else. Pratibha says she doesn’t remember she got if from someone, her mother says she might have got it in hospital. Mahen asks Raashi not to let her do any work, and asks Suniti to look into house chores along with boutique. He says he has to go somewhere, and leaves. Suniti tells Pratibha to stay away from the fever of staying lost all the times.

Her mother says she has taken medicine and will be fine. Sunita leaves with Sanjeev. When alone, her mother asks what she ate and why she got so careless. Pratibha says she doesn’t know if she should say this or not, she might or may not understand. She tells her mother that she wanted to fell ill, so she ate lemon. She wanted to see if Mahen will be emotional like papa. She remembers whenever she fall ill, he used to sit on the chair and see her but he doesn’t do so now. Her mother asks if she is crazy, he called her before calling doctor. Pratibha says Mahen doesn’t have time for her, she is pained because she thinks Mahen doesn’t love her now. Her mother asks is she the same, there is a time to find love. Love divideds into responsibilities and relations, she asks who is pouring this all in her mind. She was quiet, her mother goes to get soup for her, she tells her not to go at this pathway else she will be lost in faults. Pratibha says there is fault. Her mother leaves, but Pratibha says she can’t be quiet seeing this chair empty. She wants Mahen to sit and talk to her, but why he doesn’t do this now, she cries hard.
Sunita comes to Raashi and thinks the right time to blow the bomb. She says she wants to show her something, and gives her the mobile. Bubu comes and snatches her phone asking for water. He takes the mobile, Sunita runs behind her. Bubu goes and throws the mobile in the water jug. Sunita shouts and comes to the mobile, while Bubu hides behind his dadi. Raashi asks what she wanted to show, and asks to tell her with mouth. Sunita thinks about telling her, even without proof. She makes Raashi say it, as it is something shameful. She tells her that Pratibha has an affair. Raashi scolds Sunita, and says she didn’t expect she will make up such a story. Sunita says she even took a photo, but Raashi says her business must not be working. Raash tells Sunita to find some other sourse of harassing Pratibha but not the respect of the family.
Mahen talks to lawyer, the lawyer says he can’t give him the next appointment soon. Mahen says Pushpa’s time to arrive home is near. The lawyer says he came today but his wife isn’t well.
Sunita’s mother scolds her, then asks if she has the number of that PC. Sunita denies, her mother says she must have it. Sunita says her mother is a genius, and asks what to do next. Her mother says she must get the number from Pratibha’s phone and then call and ask who he is etc. Her mother tells her a way to find it all, offering him a diamond ring from a company. He will tell the details himself.
Mahen comes to the room at night, tensed. He thinks what the lawyer had said to him and throws the pen on floor. Pratibha watches him and gets up. She asks what happened, why is he so worried. He says nothing, there is some tension in work. She thinks he is tensed because of her, should she tell him the truth. She asks if he took food, he says no. She goes to bring it, he asks her to take medicine first. She asks him that she doesn’t want any medicine, she just took lemon by herself. He asks what. She says she wanted to fell ill, he gets angry asking she did it deliberately. He asks how can she think about doing so. She says she wanted to see if she still loves her or not. He turns her to himself, and asks she wanted to know if he loves her or not. What pointless thing this is, she has such responsibility of the whole house. He asks what he lost with this all drama, she has no idea. He asks if he doesn’t fulfill responsibilities, doesn’t look after his children, he doesn’t go or take her to functions. If she wants him to go around her all the times, he doesn’t love her. He leaves saying I don’t love you.

PRECAP: Pratibha hears Mahen talking on phone that their relation had ended a long time ago, now he is even ready to pay to get rid of her. Pratibha is worried if he is talking about divorce.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pratibha is a weak individual.She is not foolish but does not have any road sense.This woman who befriended her is a manipulator and she is their for revenge and Pratibha is the bait.She will cause havoc in that family to gain her revenge especially on Mahen.Why should Pratibha tells her husband what she did to prove if he loves her,this is because of what the friend tells her.You do not have to do these things to prove a man’s love.Any time a woman start pretending to receive love ,you a heading for disaster in a marriage.Lying is not a good thing in a marriage.Now Prathiba lazy sister in law has nothing to do but enjoy gossips.She cannot cook ,do not take of her child neither her husband.Poor Pratibha has to do every thing.Pratibha open your eyes you are being used selfishly.Writers are you teaching this young girl to have a lowself esteem by stealing to gain friends or buy people inorder to belong.You are show young people to steal inorder to have a place in the rich society or as we say to live as the Jones.This girl is spoilt and very rude to her mother and is a thief ,so what is up with this.

  2. Pratibha you don’t need someone to tell you if your husband loves you are not. You are marry to this man for seventeen years you know him better than anybody else, you are too naive for a grown woman and that daughter of yours she is going to put you all to shame. The time you are spending wondering if Mahen loves you are not invest it on your silly daughter

    1. Pratiba is naive and it doesnt help that her sister-in-law is out to get her at any chance she gets!

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