Hello Pratibha 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahen says radiator has got dry, he thinks he must get water. Pratibha watches greese over his new shirt, Pratibha cleans it with her saree. He says his shirt had ruined, she has ruined her saree too now. She says it is alright, she can hide it easily. Mahen watches her front of saree had also ruined, and asks her to hide that mud atleast. Pratibha says she has packed some extra clothes, they would get fresh and change there. Mahen wonders where they will find water, and in that quest he rubs grease over his face. Pratibha laughs and clears it away. Mahen goes to bring water and asks Pratibha to stay here. The bikers were hiding behind the bushes, and says it is the right time as the woman is alone. They come to Pratibha, says she was fond of complaining about them now she must complain. Pratibha

is afraid and says she will shout. She shouts Mahen, the man asks her to shut up. The other tells him to slap her, he holds his hand when Mahen grasps his arm. The boy cries in pain, Mahen asks how dare he touched his wife and throws him back. The other one attacks but is beaten by Mahen too, when the first one brings up knife. They watch a police jeep pulling by, the man hides behind Mahen, holds his knife at Mahen’s back and asks about the way. Pratibha watches this, and pushes the man. The men in jeep recognizes both as goons and joins Mahen in beating them. They goons run away, the man in jeep asks Mahen if he is alright. Mahen says thanks a lot to them, and their car is also fine. They leave, Pratibha asks Mahen if he is alright. He hugs Pratibha asking if she is fine, she shuts her eyes.
At the venue, Mahen asks Pratibha to change before someone sees them this way. He opens the back of the car where there was no bag. He asks Pratibha where the bag is.
Sunidhi brings the bag to her mom’s video chat. Her mama asks did they forget. Sunidhi says she took it out of the car.
Mahen says before someone sees them this way, they must move on from here. Maya calls Pratibha then and there, and runs towards her. She hugs Pratibha and was excited to see her after so many years. She asks them to come in, Pratibha says there is something urgent that Mahen has to do. Maya says they have come far away. Maya’s husband comes to greet them, he says to Pratibha he has heard a lot about her. He says hi to Mahen, Maya spots their clothes and asks what happened to their clothes. Pratibha says they forgot the way and the car was out of work, and due to someone’s carelessness they have forgotten the bag as well. Pratibha says they want to go in, but Maya says here are all the friends only.
Sunidhi is happy that Mahen must be angry at Pratibha till now, not finding the bag. She asks Mahen where are they, Mahen says they are entering the reunion. She is shocked, Mahen hangs up saying if she has nothing to say something important. Sunidhi was disappointed that all their plans fail.
Everyone claps to see Pratibha and Mahen. A lady says they are here, she was being waited for. They say Namaste to Mahen saying he is her husband. A lady spots Pratibha and Mahen’s clothes and asks what happened. Mahen couldn’t speak, while the announcement for couple dance is done. They are all called on dance floor. Mahen looks around angrily, Pratibha’s friends come to invite them to follow the rules of party. Mahen says he doesn’t dance, but they drag him to the dance floor. Mahen and Pratibha stood away, a friend bucks Pratibha up, she steps up and looks at Mahen. He comes on the dancing rug, then looks around feeling awkward. Pratibha looks around at her friend’s couples dancing together. One of the girl was about to fell down, the dancing session had ended. The announcement for paper dance are allowed, they are asked to fold the papers under them. Pratibha asks for Mahen’s hand, he asks what, then gives his hand in hers. Stepping up the folded paper, Pratibha keeps hand on his shoulder, he holds Pratibha’s back finally; Pratibha smiles.
One of the couple slips, the announcer asks them to fold their papers again, the music is played again. Mahen and Pratibha steps on it relatively easily this time, still they feel awkward looking into each other’s eyes. Maya’s husband tells Pratibha that she must step on his foot. Mahen angrily tells Pratibha that he dislikes this, he has already done a lot, not anymore.

PRECAP: Mahen gives his introduction in the party as gold jeweler. One of the man from the crowd says he is such a big dealer of gold and silver, and has come this way, pointing at his shirt. Mahen looks at Pratibha.

Update Credit to: Sona

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