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Peehu comes to the manager, clears his payment and asks for her watch. The manager says her money is less, she says bill was this much. The manager says it is his restaurant, he has increased the rate. He places the watch above shelf and asks her to bring more money. He leaves the watch on counter, Peehu looks around and as he couldn’t be seen anywhere she takes the watch. Peehu returns Sunita her watch and says she didn’t wear it. Pratibha comes there, Peehu asks did she get the message. Sunita interferes that she told her, Pratibha says that she was going to go out. Peehu panics and tells her that it was papas’s message that his important guests are coming and that she has to prepare dinner for them. Pratibha gets worried at once, Sunita creates panic that she didn’t hear the message.

Pratibha wonders how she doesn’t know, and goes to kitchen. Sunita smiles saying now it will be fun.
In the kitchen, Pratibha feels dizzy. She comes out with support, coughing. She loses control and fell down on floor. It was four o clock now. She lie there till 4.30, when she wakes up by herself and tries to stand up. She takes water, Sunita comes to the kitchen and notices Pratibha as ill. She thinks Pratibha has got PC’s cough. She wishes to catch her red handed, comes to Sunita and says she fell in love. Pratibha says she isn’t well today, can she cook. Sunita gets a call, and leaves saying she has an appointment with a client. She tells Raashi that she has to go early, Pratibha is unwell but Raashi takes Sunita’s hand saying she has pain in her back.
Pratibha sits on sofa worried. She calls Mahen, Mahen asks if the meal is ready. She says she told him but… Mahen says last time he had to get ashamed because of her, when she forgot to keep rotis in tiffin. Pratibha couldn’t speak, coughs and sneezes but says yes. He listens to her suspected. She wonders if he will ask what has happened to her voice. Sunita comes with her bags, and says she must have helped her but she has a lot to do. Pratibha was unwell, Sunita asks her to ask the person who has cold what to take. Pratibha goes to finish her work. Sunita thinks she must have already called her lover.
Pratibha takes medicines, washes her face and says to herself that she can’t fell ill.

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Pratibha says to herself that she has to get well. She comes out, sits on the bed and watches a chair saying when she used to fell ill he always sit here.
Sunita tells her mother about Pratibha’s illness.
Raashi tells Anmol that he must not worry about the project, and goes to call Pratibha for her help. Peehu comes and talks to her friend on phone, asking her for an ice cream party.
Mahen comes home, Pratibha was lying. He says his guests are coming soon. She thinks about her old times, Mahen comes and asks will she cook or should he order from outside. She tells him not to worry, the food will be ready. Pratibha comes to the kitchen and cries. She asks herself to get hold of herself, she is Mahen’s wife for seventeen years and a mother of two children, she must take care of house now. This is her job now.
Anmol comes and hugs Pratibha, she asks what has happened. She wipes her tears. He says he isn’t well, and can’t complete his work even. She touches his forehead, and says she knows everything. He asks why is she so worried, she says she is also unwell and hugs him, crying.
Sunita’s mother asks if she told everyone, and says hello to bubu. Sunita says if she comes out now, Pratibha will ask her to share some work. Her mother asks why she didn’t show the photo to her mother in law.
Pratibha gives water to the guest, Mahen says they are going in to room, she must call them when food is ready. He introduces everyone to Pratibha.
In the kitchen, Pratibha wishes everything be fine until the guests leave. In the room, Mahen tells the lawyer that if his mother hears about Pushpa there will be a thunderstorm. The lawyer promises to let Pushpa out of her city and their house as well. Mahen says they must do it.
Pratibha feels dizzy while serving. Mahen overlooks, while the lawyer says it seems she is unwell today. Pratibha brings another bowl to the table, and feels dizzy. The bowl slips and Pratibha fell on the floor. Mahen and everyone run to her, Mahen holds her onto his lap. Pratibha can’t hear anyone’s voice, Mahen asks if she is fine.

PRECAP: Pratibha tells Mahen not to take her tension, she doesn’t need a medicine as she herself took lemon. She stops at once, he asks why she took lemon when she knows she is allergic to it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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