Hello Pratibha 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahen was standing on the roof thinking about Sunidhi’s words. Pratibha comes there, she calls his name. Mahen turns around, Pratibha asks apology from him. Mahen says I am also sorry, I shouldn’t have talked to you in front of everyone; she must understand he doesn’t want to come to reunion. He is a simple man, he live in his house and his shop and doesn’t want to go out of it. Pratibha says she understand he works hard for his family, his mother and children alike. He has kept this family as one. She became childish with kids too, she wanted to go but with him. They aren’t complete without each other, she is incomplete without him. She wipes her tears and promises him that she won’t do any childish thing again. Mahen watches her leave.
In he hall, Namrita says sorry that she had

to hear so much because of her. Namrita says she didn’t know it would be a big issue. Pratibha says it was her mistake because she knows how Mahen is, she shouldn’t have got into the game. She asks Namrita to leave, but Mahen stops her. He comes to Pratibha, then says they all made him silly today and made him do what he would never have. Namrita says sorry to him. Mahen says he isn’t talking about that game. Pratibha asks what he is saying. Mahen says she wanted him to say yes about going with her, he smiles and says he has finally decided that they will go to reunion together-only for her. Everyone is happy, Mahen smiles. Namrita and Anmol cheer, Namrita says this means her plan worked. Mahen says it is because of Pratibha’s simplicity and innocence. Mahen says he knows she won’t go without him, she he will go with her. Sanjeev says it is good to hear, Sunidhi is curt.
The next morning, Mahen calls Pratibha. Pratibha gives some money to Peehu and Anmol as they were dressed in uniform. Peehu says to Pratibha if she thinks they can’t do anything without her. Mahen scolds Peehu, Anmol takes Pratibha to a side and asks if he can invite his friends at home. He wants to do group study. Pratibha says she must take his papa’s permission, Anmol says he would never agree. Mahen comes from behind, Pratibha tells him and he appreciates Anmol’s idea.
Peehu asks Pratibha if she is going to wear this. Pratibha says she will change there, because it is too hot. Sunidhi asks to carry the bag to the car, Mahen stops her and says he will. At the door, Mahen tells Sanjeev to take care of everyone. Sanjeev says he will look after everything, they must enjoy. Pratibha and Mahen leave. Sunidhi thinks she has done special arrangements for this reunion.
In the way, Pratibha looks at Mahen thinking about Mahen’s words. She smiles at him, he asks why is she smiling at herself. She says thank you. He says how much thank you would she say. She says it is such a big thing for her. He asks her to enjoy this moment and live in it. Pratibha smiles looking, and takes her hand out of mirror to feel the wind shutting her eyes. A bike comes behind the car, two guys try to take over and calls at Pratibha to take her hand inside, if she feels it is too hot. Mahen calls at them for misbehaving and races he car at high speed. The boys still tease them, Mahen tries to speed up the car. Pratibha shows Mahen a checkpost, she tells policemen about the boys. They try to run but police men take them. Mahen and Pratibha get in the car. Mahen says to Pratibha she is really courageous, she doesn’t seem to be in the house. She asks to play the songs, it was baby doll, she changes it to an old song ‘kya yehi pyar hai’. She smiles and is about to off this one, he stops her and asks if she doesn’t remember this song; they used to hear it so much. She asks if he remembered, she says she thought he has forgotten. He asks why would he forget, she smiles, he smiles watching her enjoy. She says after so long, she is feeling too good that she wants this time to stand still. Suddenly the car stops, Mahen says they must see it. The car’s radiator had dried up. The boys were there in the bushes, and thinks this is the right time.

PRECAP: Pratibha was waiting alone when the boys come to her and says she was so fond of complaining the police.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Is this the way some of these indian boys love teasing girls? They always put it in all the series that’s why i want to know…cause it’s my dream to visit India one day i love the culture, the dancing and the beauty of the people

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