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Pratibha comes to the room, Mahen says I am sorry I was upset and said a lot. She asks why is he upset, he tells her that a client insisted on him to make a necklace without an advance and he did but he cancelled the order at last moment. Pratibha says it is alright, she can understand him. He says he thought a lot about it, she must go to the reunion. He will arrange the taxi and she must take her friend there as well. She says the invitation is for couples, Mahen says he is concerned with her being there. He isn’t going. She says she won’t even go there then, as she doesn’t want to go alone. He lie down saying she must not go.
In the morning, Peehu says to Anmol that maa never goes without papa and papa won’t go to reunion. Anmol asks Peehu to speak well and says mom will go to reunion.

was sitting on the sofa thinking why she didn’t meet chachi before Pratibha. Pratibha gets Namrita’s call, Namrita asks what is she wearing and has she matched the jewellery. Pratibha says Mahen isn’t going so she won’t. Namrita asks her not to accept defeat but to convince her. Namrita says she has a plan, and tells it to Pratibha. Pratibha agrees and asks Namrita to come here. Sunidhi hears from intercom about the conversation, and says it has been decided that Pratibha isn’t going to reunion.
In the evening, Mahen comes home. Namrita reminds kids if they know what they have to do. Pratibha opens the door, Namrita greets him and says she missed mom and dad so came here. Mahen says she did well. Pratibha goes to get tea. Namrita says she is getting bored, shall they play a game. She suggests they must play some game which has everyone’s involvement. She asks should they play Truth and Dare. Anmol says three people won’t be a fun, Namrita says Mahen and Pratibha are also here. Mahen wasn’t ready to play, and says Pratibha will have to cook. Pratibha says she has done the cooking. Mahen isn’t ready to play, Namrita black mails Mahen that her papa always played with her. Sunidhi and Kaashi also join. Namrita asks Pratibha to join them, Kaashi says if they get tea and pakora with the game it will be a great fun. Pratibha says she will bring them, Mahen also goes to change. Sunidhi whispers to Kaashi to look here, she has to do something important. She comes across Mahen in corridor, and says why is he teasing Pratibha so much. Pratibha has to play this game to agree him upon something. Mahen says Namrita is playing and Pratibha isn’t. Sunidhi says why does he think Namrita is sitting here, and Pratibha has done her cooking before time; there is something she wants from him to agree upon. Sunidhi requests Mahen not to break Pratibha’s heart and give her what she wants.
At the game, Mahen turns the bottle. Pratibha and Namrita were restless. It stops at Anmol, Anmol chooses a dare, Sunidhi asks him to be a girl. Anmol acts like one. Sanjeev joins them all. Anmol spins the bottle again. Mahen was continuously staring at Pratibha, and observed Namrita as well. The bottle stops at Mahen, Kaashi says no it is pointing at me. Kaashi danced as everyone else cheer. Mahen spins the bottle again, this time it stops at Pratibha. Pratibha takes truth, Sunidhi says she will ask he question. Kaashi stops her and argue. Mahen says he wants to ask a question from Pratibha, he asks is this game being played to know will he go with her to reunion or not. Namrita interferes, Mahen stops her and asks her to let Pratibha reply. Pratibha says yes, this is true. Sunidhi is relieved, everyone else tensed. Mahen stands up and asks why. Namrita says it was her plan. Mahen says Pratibha is also involved in it and she isn’t a child, if she has to go she may go but why she wants him to go along her. He says firmly, he isn’t going to this reunion and leaves the hall. Pratibha cries.

PRECAP: On the roof, Pratibha tells Mahen that she wanted to go to reunion but with him, she is complete with him else she is nothing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mahen look’s like a fool an act like one ….

  2. I totally agree Pratibha already told him it’s a couple thing why his he backing out…Pratibha always support Mahen he’s so childish for an adult it seems he has alot of female hormones going on in that body of his

  3. Why does Sunidhi never get caught? She has nothing to do in life except to be in Pratibha’s business. When Pratibha has a chance to tell on Sunidhi, she stays quiet. Why do women always act like they are nothing without a man?

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