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In the room Sunidhi says to Sanjeev Mahen has such a great property reserve that he is bearing the expense of uncle. She asks what they had done had something happened to them, they have no bank balance or savings. She asks Sanjeev if he has kept some savings for their baby to be born. Sanjeev says he never thought about saving in presence of Mahen. Sunidhi says Mahen’s children are now growing up, what if someday Mahen denies giving him any money. Sanjeev is thoughtful. Sunidhi says she wants him to bear his own responsibilities himself.
In the morning, Pratibha comes to Papa, her Papa asks her to take some bonds from his bank. Pratibha asks why so, if she and Mahen don’t have any right to pay their bills. Sushma asks her to take the bonds from bank, to keep her Papa’s self-respect. Pratibha

suggests about taking the savings of Papa, why bonds? Sushma was reluctant, then tells Pratibha that her Papa’s pension wasn’t coming since last few months, savings have ended and they even didn’t pay any rent of their house. Pratibha complains that they don’t consider her as their child. Her parents say they didn’t want to bother Pratibha as she has her own expenses. Pratibha says they must have thought something about it, she says this year Mahen had great profit in business; had they told them about their tensions they must have helped them. Pratibha says only children help their parents in times of need. Pratibha was stammering, Papa says when the children grow up they hide things from parents. Pratibha says when she was child, they always took great care of her, now she and Mahen will bear all their expenses until he gets perfectly fine. She says once he gets well, he must take that bond from bank but till then she won’t argue any further. She holds his hand and tells him not to bother.
Kaashi comes behind Pratibha as she takes some jewelers from her cupboard. Pratibha says she was thinking about selling her jewelry from before her marriage. Kaashi says if she has lost that she is selling gold, now what the reason behind it is. Pratibha says that the expense of the house has increased a lot so she wants to help Mahen. Kaashi says all the expenses have been increased because of her father. Pratibha says had any other member of the family needed them she wouldn’t restrain. Kaashi takes the jewelry from Pratibha saying they will only be sold if someone from this household needs them, not an outsider. Pratibha is worried how to help Mahen now. She comes to temple and says God helps one who is in pain, she says she is now dependent on them. She thinks of herself as a helpless lady today, her father is ill and Mahen is worried; she asks for help and miracle and for a way.
Pratibha gets a call from Subda ji, her teacher. Pratibha is excited and asks how she is calling. Shubda ji asks how is her singing career going. Pratibha says she got so involved in household and her papa is also ill these days, nothing is important for her than her family. Shubda ji asks Pratibha to join her academy as a teacher, she says she is a great singer and it is her (Shubda’s) duty to give a direction to her career. Pratibha says she won’t be able to do the teaching. Shubda ji says she will regain her confidence after the first class, she must think about it. Pratibha says she will discuss her husband Mahen about this, then thinks it is a great opportunity even to divide the monetary burden with Mahen as well, and she is confident about her singing as well.
At night, Pratibha brings milk for Mahen and tells him about the offer. Mahen cheers and asks when is she joining. Pratibha asks if he think she should do this. Mahen says after Kolkatta auditions he wanted her to pursue her career and it is a great opportunity from Shubda. He says he will talk to Kaashi about it. Pratibha says everything seems well when your very owns are there for you.

PRECAP: Kaashi asks Pratibha if other responsibilities were less for her that she is going to take another. How will she fulfil all her responsibilities?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Re: Ladooo issue: well said Mahen, ladooo can be bought and as the elder in the house she shud be keeping the peace but she is the only one tat is making ruckus in the house , wher is the peace MOTHER!!!!! U like the devil himself Kashie!!!!!!!!!! What a disgusting woman she is ,,, what’s the use prayin on ur beads wen ur such a VILE person, AND Sunidhi now eat tat box of LaDOOOS urself poor U, like u gonna die witout the LADOOOD insane woman!!!!!!!!

  2. What a Kachira woman is Kaashi

  3. I wonder wher did Mahen’s father find a woman like Kaashi??????? She has not lost her upbrining???? She must hav come frm the slums???? Wher ppl. Ar used to screaming to get ther way!!!!!!! Fighting is part of their life as they hav to keep fighting for their riites (like in Pavitra Rishta, Savi Tai)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She reminds me of her but u knw this woman (Kashie) is so fortunate n has everything but still such an unhappy woman, FIGHTER!!! Go to war!!!!! Woman!!!!!!!

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