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Sunita comes to give Bubu to Pratibha. She thinks Pushpa asking when did Mahen looked at her with love, when was the last time he talked to her for long, when he brought gift for her and loved her. She had no such memories, and thinks she has to recognize the problems. She shouts at once, that is enough. Everyone turns to her, Mahen asks what happened. Sunita thinks this is the side effect of love. Pratibha says she was worried about something. Sunita asks why is she so worried, Pratibha says her maa has been asked to get tested for diabetes. Mahen asks how is she, Pratibha says she has weakness as well. Mahen says she must go to her; health must be taken care of in old age. Bubu takes Pratibha’s intention to food, Pratibha goes to take water from Mahen, he stops her. She smiles with hope, he

says she can take money from him if needed. Her smile fades.
In the morning, Sunita’s mother asks her to stalk Pratibha. Peehu stood on the door, Sunita gets alert and asks what happened. Mahen gives Pratibha some money, Pratibha smiles.
Peehu asks Sunita for money, Sunita denies. Peehu thinks about wearing Sunita’s watch, and asks Sunita says that is her gift to third anniversary. Peehu butters Sunita and says she is ready to do anything in return. She gives her watch to Peehu, Peehu leaves. She tells Peehu that it shouldn’t get water, or scratches. She puts it in a box, and says she must wear it only in restaurant. Peehu asks Pratibha she needs money for her fee, Pratibha says she gave her money yesterday. Peehu says her money got stolen, Pratibha says she must call her papa to complain the principal. Peehu says it is the last month, her name will get cut from the list. Pratibha agrees and counts money from the bag. Peehu is shocked to see so much money, Pratibha gets her maa’s call. Peehu takes the money from the purse. Pratibha tells her maa that she is coming, she will be fine when she watch her. Sunita hears this.
Pushpa gets into the car for hospital. Pratibha also gets into rickshaw for hospital. Sunita stalks her. Sunita says this isn’t Pratibha’s mother’s place, where is Pratibha going then.

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Sunita gets a call from her mama, she tells her that Pratibha isn’t going to her mother’s home. She appreciates her mama’s instincts. Pratibha comes to a hospital, Sunita tells her mama that she has stopped at a hospital. Her mama tells her to click a picture of them both. Sunita goes inside, Pushpa’s car stops at the gate.
In the hospital, Sunita comes behind Pratibha. She turns to see Pushpa who asks the doctor how he is. Pratibha was with her mother, her papa scolds her how can she be so irresponsible. He was angry at her but her mother smiled. He gives water to his wife, and they have an argument. Pratibha thinks her papa is just like Mahen, she can’t even see love here; may be this is the truth. Her papa wait for the reports, her maa wishes them to be normal.
The doctor tells Pushpa that there are still the complications. Pushpa answers the man that he is just like his mother, stubborn. She tells him they are all fine, she won’t let them know they are here until her work is done. He is her weakness but she won’t let it be their strength like the last time. She loves him and has promised that she will get his right back.
Sunita looks for Pratibha in the hospital. Pushpa says they must leave now to her associate, and goes to meet the doctor. Sunita calls her mama and says Pratibha is no where around. Pratibha watches the reports and asks her papa to bring sweet as her mama has no diabetes. He says so that the next time the reports come to be diabetic for sure, but they both request and he goes to bring the sweet.
Pratibha says to her maa that she disliked the way papa scolded her. She says she must see his worry behind it. Pratibha says she was more worried for not being able to go to office. Her mother says he came for her, this is important. She looks at his purse, and tells Pratibha to get it to him. Pratibha comes out and watches her papa thanking to God that Sushma’s tests have turned out to be normal. Pratibha comes to him, he wipes his tears. She asks was he scolding her in the room. He says she herself was worried, how could he show his fears to her. He says he thinks about marking the dates of her check up on calenders. She asks if he loves maa dearly. He says she is his wife, and a wife isn’t called a better half as such. He says today he has realized they have grown old, one day they have to leave the world; in this condition we realize how much we love the other person. Life has to be lived with love and happiness. He forbids her not to tell her mother about this all. She says alright and reminds him of his purse. He leaves, she thinks Mahen is also like her papa; and this means hope is here.

PRECAP: Pratibha holds bag for Pushpa’s associate, Sunita watches this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sunita is a business woman she owns a boutique so how comes she have so much time on her hands to watch Pratibha

    1. The writers feel we are fools.Dish out any foolishness because we look at it.She does nothing.We have not seen a boutique as yet.Only imagination.

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