Hello Pratibha 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Anmol hugs Pratibha at home saying she is great as Peehu told him she came to her school. Peehu was in bad mood, Anmol stops her to say thankyou. She says thankyou curtly and goes to Sunidhi’s room, Pratibha smiles at Anmol and asks him to go inside too.
Mahen comes home angrily, everyone come out of the room. Pratibha says she was waiting for him, Mahen says he must not have given his pending work to her, why she took responsibility when she didn’t have to look into it. Pratibha asks what? Mahen asks why wasn’t anyone at home, they all came to shop and insulted him. Pratibha looks at Sunidhi, Sunidhi says curtly that she must not have given her responisibilty to her, she went out for five minutes and they came from behind her. Pratibha says she should have think about it before promising

to help her. Mahen asks what is the matter, Pratibha tells him about Peehu’s admit card issue. Mahen is concerned and asks Peehu how was exam. Peehu says thanks God mom came in time, Exam was good. Sunidhi asks Pratibha not to mind, there is problem in her planning that she wants to do all the work in one time. She must plan everything systemically. Pratibha says she is right, it is good she said so but she was about to speak to her about it. Sunidhi is worried. Pratibha says to Mahen she has a request, she and Sunidhi have not been able to manage all the household. What if they share kitchen work in the house, this will be beneficial for them both. Sanjeev approves of this, Mahen looks at Sunidhi. Sunidhi says why not, she has a boutique and she has to go out of the house; still he can decide what she has to share with Pratibha. Pratibha thinks Mahen! Please help me, I have taken a big decision. Mahen was silent, Sunidhi says he is elder and she will accept what he will say to her. Kaashi curses Pratibha for being the owner again. Mahen says Pratibha isn’t wrong, there are a lot of responsibilities on her, someone must help her. Sunidhi says she agrees with Pratibha and Mahen, Pratibha says she must concentrate on her boutique work. She must leave after lunch and take the responsibility of breakfast and dinner, so that she doesn’t have a problem. Mahen says this is true. Sunidhi says she will even help in lunch preparations as well. Mahen goes to get fresh and asks Pratibha to prepare for dinner. Sanjeev asks Sunidhi to get him tea as everyone goes in.
Anmol was checking Peehu’s photos for uploading. Peehu said the photographer wasn’t a good one. Anmol says they must first upload mom’s song, she sang really well. He thinks they must ask mom before uploading, Peehu says taking permission from mom isn’t needed on every single matter. Anmol agrees and uploads the video. Sunidhi comes to kitchen, Shalu says in awe that she is in kitchen to make food. Pratibha says no everyday, Sunidhi will help her in cooking. Pratibha says Mahen liked this a lot that they have distributed kitchen work. Shalu leaves, Pratibha tells Sunidhi to cut the vegetable. Sunidhi sits on the table for cutting, thinks she will cut the vegetable but slowly. When the food will be late today, then only Pratibha will know. The time passes by, Pratibha comes to ask her the time. Sunidhi panics worrying how will they cook now. Pratibha tells her not to take so much tension, she will learn all the work in a few days. She goes inside and brings the cut vegetable from fridge. Sunidhi is happy she won’t have to cut now, but Pratibha gives her even more saying this all has to be cut as well.
In the morning, Mahen says he likes it watching her work in the household. Sunidhi says she is doing her best. Pratibha says it has really been helpful. The doorbell rings, Sunidhi goes to open the door. It was a courier, Sunidhi wonders courier and that too for Pratibha? She comes and announces it is for her. Everyone including Pratibha is shocked, Kaashi asks her to see as she is now the owner; if Pushpa has named her America’s property after her name. Pratibha reads the letter.

PRECAP: Mahen notices Pratibha’s saree and album on the bed. Pratibha brings tea, Mahen asks why this show off when she has made up her mind and has done the preparations to go as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pushpa should give everything to Pratibha and let Saishi and Sunidhi eat their hearts out with jealousy.I love the way how Pratibha is taking control and stand strong.Sinidhi is getting a dose of how to be a good ,wife and mother and stop creating disturbances in the household.Pratibha was always considered a failure and she herself ,thought that she was a failure but this was because she had a low self esteem but was a very good person by objective standards .Prathiba had high aspirations and hence she felt frustrated in not reaching her family goals at that time.Now she has risen to that standard.Well done Pratibha.This episode was not bad at all.

  2. It is probably some job offering for her singing because Anmol uploaded that video of her singing.

  3. Yes may be job offer for sining

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