Hello Pratibha 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Peehu is sitting in the canteen, she looks at her face in mobile and then heads to go the the most popular group of school, the angels. She comes to them, a girl was saying she left her wallet at home. Peehu thinks this is the right time to be in the group, she comes and offers to pay their bills. It was huge, but she boasts that her papa always gives her extra pocket money. The girls cheer her to be a part of Angels now and asks for a big treat. She agrees, and turns worried as the money she had just paid was her fees.
Pratibha was in rickshaw still puzzled about Mahen’s love.
Raashi was praying when Sunita gets her a gift. Raahi cheers, and opens the box happily. Sunita says in the times to come she must need them and gives her medicines for blood pressure, and diabetes. Raashi

says she is alright, and doesn’t need them. Sunita says soon Pratibha will start answering her back, as she does to her these days. Raashi imagines Pratibha denying making tea for her. Sunita says she will make Anmol against her, Raashi imagines giving money for burger to Anmol and he denies taking them. Sunita says this will make her weak for sure, Raashi is worried. Sunita says that now Pratibha will also let her work for house, this will all make her ill both physically and mentally. Raashi asks Sunita what she must do, Sunita says they need to be a bit strict. She tells her everything.
Pratibha’s mother asks on phone why she didn’t call her even. Pratibha says to her that she feels there is something wrong again, whenever she feels everything is fine now. Her mother says doctor has asked her to get some tests for diabetes. Pratibha says she must not worry, she won’t have diabetes.
Sunita opens the door for Pratibha. Raashi comments and asks Pratibha where she was, Pratibha says she went to meet someone and turns. Sunita points Raashi, who asks Pratibha where she went. Pratibha was drinking water, and replies she went to meet someone. Raashi tells Pratibha to look at her and talk, Pratibha comes to her. Raashi abides by Sunita and asks if she had forgotten she has a house to work in. Pratibha says she will take care, it was necessary to talk today. Raashi asks is her friend male or female. Pratibha says she is female, she asks what is the age. Pratibha says she is elder. Sunita wonders who she meets, they must know. She tells Raashi to be a bit strict with Pratibha, Raashi leaves. Sunita opens Pratibha’s purse and takes her purse out. Pratibha turns to get her bag, Sunita check Pratibha’s cell phone and notes the number of Pushpa. She calls he number, a waiter attends the call. Sunita is taken aback hearing a male voice.
She places the phone back in purse when Pratibha comes there, takes her bag and goes inside. Sunita thinks who is PC, and what is the connection to Pratibha. Pratibha comes to her room, and thinks about what had Pushpa said to her. She looks at her reflection in mirror, of younger Pratibha. Pratibha says she has no problem. The reflection says her love story is extended to four interactions, when she gives him food, when she brings tea to him, when she welcomes him home and when she serves him food.
Pratibha’s mother calls her, Pratibha asks if she got tested. Her mother was worried what is the tests are positive, Pratibha says if she will not accept the problem is there how can they treat it. She stops at her own sentence.
The next morning, Pratibha wonders she must ask chachi how she should know if Mahen loves her or not. She thinks about asking Mahen, and gets chilli in eyes. She says she never thought she will be say a no to Sunita, but she did. Sunita watches her talking to herself if terrace, and says this is what secret love is like. Sunita tells her mom, who tells her to stalk Pratibha when soon she will ask to spend a day with her lover and get a proof, catching her red handed.
In the kitchen, Pratibha wonders is love really a hidden thing. Anmol and Raashi come to table, Anmol says he will eat it because he uploaded a status about eating the food his mother cooked. Peehu comes there, Mahen asks Peehu how her school was. Pratibha keeps on looking at this. Sanjeev and Sunita come cheering as Sanjeev whispers something in her ear. Sunita brings Bubu to Pratibha, Mahen turns to look at her and then the hugging Bubu. Pratibha wonders why doesn’t Mahen ever smiles looking at her, does he really not love her.

PRECAP: In the hospital, Pushpa comes to meet someone and was talking to a patient that no one will know he is here until she has finished her work. Pratibha passes by the window, Sunita had also come after Pratibha.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Why is the daughter in law has to do all the work in the house.Her sister in law does nothing and her mother in law is just as lazy.I cannot understand why Prati is tolerating all this scrutiny.She is an adult .Act as one.Some how this story is a bit confusing right now.

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