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Peehu says her mom isn’t here, how could her hair be oiled. Sunita scolds Peehu that she always complains about oiling and tells Peehu to go inside kitchen. Sunita says when Pratibha changed her mind they are all out of form. She asks Mahen if he wants tea, Mahen tells her to leave it. She was praying for that. Sunita sits on the table, and says to Raashi that it feels Pratibha has no worries for them. She says because of Pratibha she had to bother her, Pratibha atleast must have thought about her.
Sanjeev opens the door, cheers and says it is good that Pratibha has come home. Raashi says to her what is the need for putting on umbrella when one is wet in rain. She goes away but I have to eat that daal which makes me ill. Pratibha says she will make paalak aaloo for her. Anmol also greets

her, and says he didn’t like the burger today even. She gives Peehu her gelatin papers, Peehu asks if she remembered them and asks Pratibha to put on some oil in her hair. Bubu runs to her, Pratibha asks if he missed his bari maa. She tells Mahen that he is going to make food for maa, he must look for Bubu.
In the kitchen, Sunita comes and says she is thinking about sending the maid away. She now know what is her place, Pratibha smiles that it was all because of her. Sunita asks she will make food for her next kitty party. Pratibha says she never has a problem with that but next time she must once ask her.
The family has a happy dinner as Pratibha serves it. She feeds Anmol with her own hands. She asks Bubu if he is happy seeing them all. Pratibha is happy seeing them all this way.
Next morning, Pratibha tells Pushpa all the stories happily. She watches the menu and asks chachi to have some sour chaat. Chachi says today, the airs have changed directions.
Sunita was worried that something is wrong with Pratibha. She thinks why Pratibha is haunting her. Her mother calls, the connection is weak. Her mother always parties, and give her false suggestions. Her mother said she was on holiday. Sunita tells her mother Pratibha has changed
Pratibha enjoys pani puri, she asks him to make it a more sour. Pushpa laughs that this will make life happy, and says today she made something according to her heart. Pratiba stops watching a couple romantically feeding each other, and recalls her times with Mahen. Pushpa asks is there something else she has lost, and wants it back. Pratibha says she doesn’t understand. Pushpa asks what did she lost in the journey, along with losing her. Pratibha says she is happy in her life and contended. Pushpa mocks that we the married ladies are used to get contended really easily. The girl from the couple asks for one more paani puri while the boy says she will fell ill. Pushpa smiles that they are both in love. Pratibha says in the beginning love is like that. Pushpa says in love there is neither a beginning nor end. Pratibha says with time things change, in the beginning Mahen loved her like this. Pushpa asks doesn’t he do now. Pratibha says now, the ways of expression have changed. Pushpa asks when was the last time, he looked at her for long or gave her a gift for no reason. Pratibha says she remembers the time when everything was new, it doesn’t mean that now he doesn’t love her. Pushpa says he has got into his responsibilities and Pratibha into hers.
Sunita’s mother tells her there is a man in Pratibha’s life. Sunita doesn’t agree, but her mother insists. Her mother tells her to ask where she goes, and what she does. She will speak a bit about it, and she must let her mother in law ask this all.
Pratibha tells chachi Mahen loved her then and now as well, she doesn’t want to say something more than that. Pushpa says how will she fine the solution to the problem if she will deny its existence. Pratibha thinks about Mahen and her relations and the distances between them.

PRECAP: Raashi asks Pratibha is her friend a male or female. Pratibha says its female. She asks is she her age. Pratibha says she is older. She asks her name. Pratibha is silent.

Update Credit to: Sona

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