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Pushpa asks Pratibha what she wants to do today, as there is no one to stop her. Pratibha says she wants to meet her mother, but she must ask Mahen for that. Pushpa says there is no need for that, but if she needs to do the formality, alright. She dials Mahen’s number, Pratibha asks if she has his number and she knows him. Pushpa gets speechless at once, then laughs and mocks herself how will she have Mahen’s number. She asks Pratibha to call Mahen, Pratibha was about to say something. Pushpa asks Pratibha to ask him by calling herself.
Pratibha calls Mahen, Pushpa thinks that one mistake ruins everything.
Raashi speaks a lot while she removes the table. Anmol asks where is his mother, Raashi scolds him that she doesn’t know. Sanjeev thinks where has she gone, Sunita overhears

him and says she can’t bear this drama anymore.
Pratibha tells Pushpa Mahen said she can go wherever she wants to. She was worried he doesn’t care for her anymore. Pushpa keeps hand on Pratibha’s and tells her to go and don’t stop, she assures her that she won’t regret. Pratibha asks what if it worsens again. Pushpa says she will have pride on her decision, she will get her value recognized. She must go and enjoy her freedom today, spend quality time with her mother, with time she will begin to know herself.
Sunita asks what?, and is worried. Raashi asks her not to shout. Sunita asks why she let Pratibha go out, why should she suffer. Sunita is worried that maid also doesn’t have time. Sunita goes to open the door, Peehu comes fighting in the school. She looks for her mother, but Sunita says she is at her mother’s place getting her crazy. Peehu says it’s good, she will not have to get her hair oiled atleast. She asks Sunita when will mother return, Sunita is frustrated and says she doesn’t know.
The maid opens the door for Pratibha, and is excited to see her. She makes her sit and sends her to get water. Pratibha asks where is maa, the maid says she is just at the nearby market and asks if she will eat something. Pratibha says she isn’t in a mood, the maid goes to get tea. Pratibha wonders when her maa will come when she comes inside, happy to see her. She makes Pratibha sit and says it is good she came and that without telling. She asks what will she eat, Pratibha says she denied Usha as well. Maa tells Pratibha that she will cook for her with her own hands. Pratibha says she will have to go to kitchen, and get worried. Her maa says while cooking for her husband and children, kitchen turns to heaven. Pratibha thinks about her joy and love while cooking. Her maa says she will make dahi-bhala for her, as it is her favorite. Pratibha cheers, her maa leaves asking her to rest.
Sanjeev asks Sunita why she is worried, they can order food from outside. Sunita says what she will say to Mahen then. Raashi hears this, Sanjeev was telling her to cook by herself today. Sunita asks what? Sanjeev makes up had he known cooking, he could have done itself. He says he doesn’t know how to cook, he is helpless. Sunita says he doesn’t know how to cook but his mother does.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Raashi gets angry at this. Sanjeev tries to calm her down and take her inside. Sunita thinks she is the biggest drama queen, and wonders where has Pratibha been.
Pratibha watches her mother cook in the kitchen, with a smile on her face, and with utmost love. She cries over this love and thinks this is what she does in her home. She recalls asking Mahen about the day, but he never talks to her with any good emotions or with respect. He eats the dahi-bhala and likes them a lot appreciating her. She asked is he worried today, he told her that a man ordered a necklace but is cancelling it now; there is some limits to anything but she must not take tension they will get many other customers. She thinks Mahen’s mood improves as soon as he eats it.
Pratibha tastes them, her mummy says her mood improves as soon as she eats dahi-bhala. She knew it she was a bit worried and asks what is it about. Pratibha asks how she knows it all, she says she is her mummy and knows it well. Her mummy says she never came here without letting them know before, and that alone. It must definitely be something. Pratibha thinks she also do the same, she understands Mahen like that.
Sunita was worried and asks Sunita if her mother has brought gelatin papers for her. Sunita was angry at her mother because she isn’t home since morning. She asks Peehu to come help her in kitchen.
Pratibha’s mother brings oil to be put into her hair, the bell rings and her maa asks Pratibha to open the door. Her papa is shocked to see her, her maa says today the sun rose from west. Pratibha asks her to stop taunting her but her papa asks if she came informing Mahen.
Her mother says she was missing her mother, but papa gets curt and says he didn’t ask whom she missed or not, she must not interfere. Her maa gets quiet. He says he just asked Pratibha if she asked Mahen before coming here. Pratibha says he allowed her to come here. Her papa tells her to come inside, and talk to her mother as they are good friends. He will join them soon.
Pratibha’s mother asks him to give sometime to Pratibha, she has come after a long time. Her papa gets annoyed again that his work is really important for him and this is Pratibha’s father’s house and she knows it from childhood and for him work is the most important thing. Pratibha asks him to get done with his work. He tells her to sit with her mother and he will join them soon.
Maa oils Pratibha’s hair and says the people of the house remain stubborn with what they are used to. We must control our house with love. Pratibha thinks how well her maa managed; Mahen is also like Papa and behaves rudely to her. She recalls when Anmol was angry; she asked him what has happened to him. He had snatched his phone off her hand and said why she doesn’t ask papa about it. She sat besides and said he wants to buy a new phone as he doesn’t like this one anymore. Anmol asked how she knows about it, she said she is his mother.
She says he must have asked papa and he must have denied. When she talked to Mahen, he asked she wants him to buy Rs.15000 phone, ask Anmol to forget about it. She told his papa will think about it. Maa was saying that a true housewife turns the house to heaven with her love. She remembers all what she do for them all. Maa asks she must be thinking why her papa always behaves rudely to her, but men don’t know how to express themselves, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. It doesn’t mean they love you any less, Pratibha recalls Mahen appreciating her aaloo paratha that cheered her. Pratibha smiles and says thank you, for everything. She is happy and rests her head on maa’s lap.

PRECAP: Pushpa tells Pratibha that the couple in front is so much in love. Pratibha says in the beginning love is like this. Pushpa says love is love, it has no beginnings or endings. But Pratibha says with time things change, Mahen also loved her like this. Pushpa asks doesn’t he loves her now.

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