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Pratibha comes to wake Anmol and Peehu and watches Peehu studying. Peehu asks her not to bother her, she has an exam. Pratibha asks if she has an exam today, may she help her anyway but Peehu asks her to go away.
Sunidhi wakes her mother up, she complaints to her mom that she has been brought up so badly. Pratibha warned her about telling everything to Mahen, Sanjeev is also angry at her. Her mother says in the end only cunning people win, Pratibha can only warn her, she won’t tell Mahen. And in the end Sanjeev will have to come back to her. Sunidhi tells her mother that chachi left her part to Pratibha, it is worth 2 crores atleast. Her mother tells her to ask Sanjeev ask his portion from Mahen so that he names his property after her, else she will just be like a servant at home.

serves breakfast to everyone, Peehu was even studying on the table. Mahen comes to the table and asks Pratibha to serve him as he has to go earlier to shop. Kaashi and Sunidhi come to table, Kaashi tauntst Pratibha that she is the owner of the house, why is she working. Mahen asks Kaashi why is she saying like this, Pratibha didn’t know about anything. Kaashi complains that he could even not speak in the house, Anmol goes to Kaashi and makes her up. The kids leave, Mahen gets a call and tells them to come, he will get the payment ready. Pratibha asks Mahen why is he worried, Mahen says a few bills of wedding are left. Pratibha says Pushpa paid all the bills. Mahen says he did a few advance payments, not the balances are left and couldn’t even talk to Pushpa even. He was worried how he can stay at home today, Pratibha tells Mahen to go to shop and she will look after his bills. Sunidhi is left open-mouthed thinking now Pratibha will even work from out of the house as well. Mahen looks at her for a while as well, he asks if she can manage checking the bills. Pratibha says she will do it, but will call him if there would be any problem. He is relieved, Pratibha smiles. Mahen eats his breakfast and go with Pratibha to tell her all the details. Kaashi is worried and says she has lost her Mahen.
Peehu comes to school and looks into the bag. She is worried that she left her admit card, she tries to convince the examiner but he doesn’t allow her enter the hall. He sends her to go and get the card as 15 minutes are still left.
Sunidhi was sitting on the sofa while Pratibha was working in the kitchen. Shalu asks her to involve Sunidhi in her work as well. Pratibha says may be she is tired, else she will think that after getting the property I am being rude to her. She gets Peehu’s call, she asks if Sanjeev is at home. Pratibha says he has left for office, but what is the matter. Peehu says she doesn’t have her card, and if in 20 minutes she doesn’t get it she won’t be allowed to sit in exam.
Pratibha is worried too, she tells her not to worry and promises to bring her card soon. Peehu says what can Pratibha do, she must send Sunidhi or Sanjeev soon. Pratibha says she is coming in a while, goes to find the admit card in Peehu’s room with Shalu. She finds the admit card lying on floor and is relieved. She comes to Sunidhi who was reading magazine, and tells her to keep the stage decorators and caterors until she comes back in half an hour. Sunidhi says she has become the landlord now, so will she keep on being authoritative. Pratibha says she really needs help, can she do it. Sunidhi says alright she will do it.
Pratibha stops an auto and tells him to go to school. Peehu’s examiner tells her only five minutes are left. Pratibha is stuck in traffic. The exam times start, papers are distributed to everyone. Pratibha gives payment to auto driver and walks through the traffic rush towards school. Peehu was crying in the corridor, Peehu runs to her and shows her card to examiner. The examiner says it is so late, Pratibha says she has worked really hard, she is requesting him to let her take the paper. Pratibha says he may not give her extra time even, she asks what if it was his own daughter. The examiner agrees and asks Peehu to be fast. Pratibha thanks him, Peehu is shocked to see Pratiba in this form.
The caterers and the stage-personels keep on giving the bells outside the house. They were curt at Mahen and says they must go to Mahen’s shop. Sunidhi was watching all this, she is happy that they will see what Pratibha replies to Mahen. Pratibha passes the men, turns to see them leaving as she recognized them but doesn’t stop them. She comes home and asks Sunidhi if those people come. Sunidhi says they didn’t come. Pratibha says she saw some people leaving, Sunidhi says no one came here. She says to Pratibha that she is tired now, yawns and takes a leave to go and take a nap. Pratibha says how is it possible that they didn’t come.
Mahen was attending some clients when the men arrive at the shop. Mahen looks at their faces, standing up.

PRECAP: Mahen comes home angry at Pratibha, she says she was waiting for him. Mahen says why she took the responsibility when she didn’t have to handle it, they came to shop and insulted him there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I do not like Sunudhi one bit.She is jealous minded and hateful.All she is interested in is schemes .I wonder if she has time for her own child.How is it that she is a wife also and Pratibha has to take care of her husband and child,I just cannot understand this.Pratibha should put them out of the house,Pratibha should never trust her.

  2. When will viewers learn that it’s just a soap series….. We watch…. We like.. We watch … We hate and get angry…. Then we comment on getting the show off air….. Just a show people.. We all paying a bill to look at these series.. Lol…. Have a bless nite

  3. I think pratibha is to dumb asking that witch for a favour

  4. Just a show people , remember its just a show if its stressing u out too much just change it lol and relax.

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