What the hell (os)(kumkum bhagya)

Lets get some funny antics on serious situation so here we go…
It’s Prgaya’s birthday party scene where she is about to cut the cake but Tanu comes in between and said “Pragya wait how can you do this” Pragya turning towards her and making weird face “now what I have done” tanu said “you have cheated all the family members and you are saying that you have done nothing how can you do this” Pragya widens her eyes and said “Oh Madame! Listen I haven’t cheated anyone will u please clarify what are u trying to say” Tanu said “you are having affair with this Champak and you are cheating everyone here” Pragya said “???what did you said champak ??? seriously Tanu” Abhi looked at Pragya and said while laughing “????Pragya you didn’t got any other one ??? only champak ???? seriously Tanu !Champak” then Pragya said “Tanu where is that champak i want to see him ??” Abhi while controlling himself “yes ??me also please call him” Tanu gets irritated and called champak he comes there and Abhi and Pragya again burst out in laughter Pragya said “as name suggests he really looks like champak????? and Mr Champak when I got affair with you yr am I that much busy that I have started forgetting person’s also ?????? ” Abhi goes near champak and asked while resting his hand on his shoulder “listen bhai champak ???? are you younger brother of Suresh ????” Champak answers “No” then Abhi said “but believe me you looks same like him and that’s why I think you are having affair with my wife ???? because u are look alike of Suresh isn’t it Pragya ” Pragya said “listen Mr Champak i agree that u are a look alike of Suresh but believe me I wasn’t having affair with him the. why would I have affair with his look alike????” Abhi said “to save money ?? what happen if its not Reebok its reebook ???? just similar to reebok” Tanu gets irritated and then brings the photos which were given by NIKHIL and shows them to Abhi and he becomes somewhat serious and went to Pragya showing that photo and then they both burst out in laughter and Abhi said “seriously Pragya ?????? photography level in India in damn high” Pragya said “???????? yes I agree with that see this one how much funny its looking ???” Abhi said “??? you didn’t told me that whenever u use to stay with champak you use to keep photographer with you” she said “??? I also don’t know about that only Tanu knows because she has brought these photo only ??” Abhi said to Tanu ” Tanu ???? please send one photographer with me also I want to take snap of every moment???” Pragya interrupted and said “excuse me photographs of every moment ???? what do you mean by that” Abhi said nothing ???? then they both started showing photos to rest of the family members and all were laughing then Tanu and Nikhil saw each other and said “WHAT THE HELL we were trying to separate them and they are laughing at this serious situation”
I don’t know how was it ???? but if u feel.like throwing tomatoes and eggs you are welcome ?? after reading the current updates beside feeling anger I was feeling this so wrote it now its up to u if u feel it humorous or not please leave ur comments. …???


  1. sheerapthinisd

    Surbhiii whatever u said is applicable yaar Abhi has reacted very bad n real kkb useless cha but urs really nice

  2. Maya


    |Registered Member

    ??????? this is wht i am doing now!!!??????? photographs of every moment!! I like that line a lot and omg! I enjoyed this to the core and what the hell is the gg on the real kkb? Haha who cares about that when u are giving us wonderful writings!!?????

  3. |Registered Member

    Oh,my God.Surbhi ….,…..You are amazing writer u once again prove it.What an os surbhi…damn amaZimg? .Thank God surbhi you came.I was really missing u.Surbhi you are the best no one can replace u……..?.And surbbi please come back soon…..

  4. Nivethitha

    Haha dii??? seriously u r absolutely right.. That champak looks like younger brother of suresh?? and when ever I read this word champak I am remembering about ipl songs?? jumping jampank champak Champak?? haha really I loved it and enjoyed it.. Ur words r 100% true dii.. U r damn awesome dii??

  5. Vaishali

    Ohh god dii it was amazing dii I was laughing thinking of both of their reactions lol now also I can’t stop laughing get to see u again dii welcome back dii….. Love u loadzzzzz

  6. durga

    Funny really I too doubt on nikhil taste @least he would HV selected a person to abhi’s level to his competition 4 pragya…

  7. Shaanu


    |Registered Member

    Ha ha really its good…n awsome….its better than current plot….actually abhi taking this situation sp casually is really superb which it wouldn’t happen in current plot…..

  8. Pinky

    Yeah seriously I also thought Champaign as brother of Suresh he also look like that???and photographer of every moment lol???????

  9. |Registered Member

    ????????????????? it is much better than serious situations lol ?????? OMG i can’t stop laughing lol! HH! Humorously humorous OS ????????? you are PBTC! I loved thiss one so much! That champak lol ??????????? youyounger bro of suresh! If real kkb would have got the situation like thos na ,TRP would have increased lol ?????? Seriously you are PBTC and PBTI! Loved this one alot

  10. Abhigya

    ?????????????? this is much better than real kkb… Totally humorous…champak brother of suresh…????? nd photography of every moment…??????? I can’t stop laughing…..

  11. Riyashri


    |Registered Member

    Very Humourous Surbhi Di !! Really can’t stop laughing !!!! I would really Enjoy if u continue to write like this !!!

  12. nannu

    superbb yarr………………….it’s really funny yarr ……………….if it is in real kkb then the serial ill be superbbbb……………..not superbbb …………………fantastic

  13. shobana

    Very nice thought ?
    If the same had happened in episodes it would be far better
    I enjoyed reading this ??
    Especially in the place where you mentioned champak as younger brother of Suresh and in the beginning asking where is champak
    I control my laugh while seeing that champak ??
    Seriously surbhi its superb

  14. Kutty(Manu)

    Awwww… Lol lol lolzzzzz???
    Surbhi its amazing dear…???
    U knw hw to make us laugh..???
    & hw to change our mood…u r the best???
    Humorous OS.. Loved it..enjoyed alot???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.