Hell to heaven (Episode 5)


Swara got fresh and came down to prepare morning coffee for all, she started to prepare it. Sujata came to living hall after getting fresh and started reading news paper and ordering Swara to bring coffee. Swara prepare it and brought her, her mind was lost in some other thoughts she din realize from which hand she is giving coffee to her. Sujata raised her hand to get it but she stopped looking at her left hand which is holding coffee. She got it from Swara only to pour hot steamy coffee on lift fist .Swara yelped in pain with tears.

Sujata shouted angrily,, what it’s burning aa.. It’s wants to be, then only you will remember you should not use your left hand to give.now go fast and bring another coffee for me immediately. Swara closed her with tears and rushed to kitchen. Yesterday she burnt her right hand with soup today she burnt left hand with coffee. She din wash her hand with cold water. Her mental pain is going more worse day by day .she prepared coffee again and give it to Sujata..
After finishing her little work she went to room one of servants give something to Swara. She was surprised to see ice cubes bag and oinment. She asked him who gave this. He replied bhai saab… Bhabhi ji. Swara was shocked and surprised from when her so called husband Started careing about her from where this sudden concern came from and where is he.. A lot of questions crossing her mind but there was no answer.. She applied ice cubes and oinment which became red. At evening Swara was arranging her clothes in wardrobe when Aadarsh came in and said Swara bua is calling you… Swara looked at him she closed her wardrobe and started to move. Aadarsh noticed her burnt skin and shouted wait Swara…. Showing his finger towards that skin.. What is this. How it happened. Can’t you be careful. Why you hurting yourself physically.

did you applied something or not. Swara can’t believe his words, did he really care about me he really scolding for not taking of myself. Her thoughts came to full stop when he added, swara your body is precious to me so only I married you. If you got hurt then how will you satisfy my clients ….don’t hurt it next time.. Be careful always.. Saying he went out. Swara feels like she want to burn her whole body by herself with fire. Because of her damm body every hurt and pain she going through in her life.

She remembers Ap bua call. She started to go. While she going she looked at the servants who cleaning vases, she remembers about ice pack and oinment, if her husband is din give then who else. She went to him and asked morning which bhai saab gave you ice pack and oinment. He said ,Sanskar bhai saab… Bhabhi ji. Swara stood on her place without any movment hearing his name.Swara can’t get straight through her thoughts after hearing answers from him which is Sanskar. Why he wanna send it to her, how come he knows that she got hurt, it seems like he witnessed the whole scene which happened in morning. Brushing her thoughts she went to Ap room who asked her to come inside. Swara asked bua what happened, why you called me. Ap said, swara tommorow we all are going to our distance relative function, Aadarsh is not coming with us so you have to take care of him by staying here. Swara nodded and asked when you all are starting from here. Morning six itself we are leaving and next day after noon only we will be returning here. Till you have to take care here also Sanskar is not coming with us because he never showed interest in attending functions other than his professional one. Swara said bua don’t worry I will take care here, you enjoy without worrying. Ap smile and said, I know Swara when we having you we don’t worry, you have to take care of your caring husband but also you have to take care of my another son too, nothing much just prepare food for him that’s enough other than he will do his work by own Swara replied yeah I know he never allowed anyone to serve him also, Ap replied because he always like to independent after his mother death he is leaving in his own words.

he don’t like if anyone interrupted in his life, in every matter regarding him he needs privacy. Swara nodded and went from there. When went back to her room she noticed Sanskar who was busy in talking on his phone while going towards his room Swara remembered his help, she thought as a manner will say thank to him for sending her ice pack and oinment. Swara went with hesitation towards his room. Sanskar was shouting there on the phone, are you lost it… Dammit.. Can’t you find this simple things.. I don’t want any excuses with in one week I want every damm information about it. Otherwise you wanna search for another job, no more excuses here after ….keep the damm phone now.. He dissconnected the call with rage. Swara who came there din move an inch hearing his harsh and rude words. Hi eyes was emitting fire in the air. Sanskar threw the phone on bed and started unbutton his shirt, he noticed someone standing at the entrance, he looked at that direction Swara was standing like statue with horrified expression sanskar narrowed his eyes seeing her face which was clearing shows she was scared, He din not know but for what. Sanskar asked looking at her direction.. Do you want anything… For her words not coming out from her mouth, she don’t know why seeing his harsh attitude she can’t able to spill single word in front of him. Sanskar asked Swara why the hell are you standing here do you need anything from me.. Swara hummed… Haan sanskar asked what you want Swara nodded negatively and uttered nothing, she lost her mind.. Sanskar crunched his eyes brow thinking she lost her mind.sanskar went near which made her scared which made her to step back.. Sanskar came near to door and said if don’t want anything then why are you standing here just go away he slammed his door in front of her face.. Swara came to reality and starlted hearing door shutting sound.. Swara cursed herself. Why can’t I speak with him properly, I just came here to say thanks but after seeing him my mouth got sealed…

While nite nearing swara getting fears did Aadarsh will call to nite also… If not where I will sleep.. I don’t like to share that room with my so called husband.. Now after I can’t able to go pool side due to sanskar, if he comes to know that what will he think.. Swara started to hate nite times now a days.. At last that nite she spent her time on the living room couch itself.. Aadarsh did not bother about where she lying.. ..

next day Swara got up early and surprised to see bed sheet which covered on her. She was puzzled she just laid on the couch as just like without having pillows and bed sheets but who covered with sheet. Seeing time she rushed to room to get ready by taking bath after having morning drink, Ap, Sujata and Laksh started to go..
Swara went to prepare break fast for three of them, swara thought to ask Sanskar what he prefer to eat but he was not in his room. She don’t know about his likes or dislike so she decided to do later for him Swara prepared breakfast for her and Aadarsh, after eating Aadarsh went asusal without informing where he going.. Swara spend her time alone for whole day, evening when she saw Sanskar, she asked did he need anything.. Sanskar turned and looked her head to toe he nodded negatively and went inside his room without uttering a single word.

At nite Swara was arranging the bed suddenly she can’t move she turned and looked back.. Aadarsh was holding her Saree corner… Swara asked what you doing.. Leave my Saree.. Aadarsh said why.. Why I wanna leave. When you can give pleasure to other man then why not me. To nite I want you entertain me.

Credit to: Aryna

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