hi friends it’s kushagra with a horror comedy .it might sound odd to my old readers as i had wrote only sad love stories of obsessive love or cunning love with devilish character or on teenage life .but this story gonna be very different from all my works .let’s see this horror comedy cup of my teas or not .i also write an ff called my one sided love[swaragini ][cunning love story ] and another ff titled ‘”just because of you [crazy teenage story ] those who wanna check i am worth reading or not can give it a try to my recent one shot on raglak


one more thing i was hell confused to write such story or not so my tile is ‘hell confused ‘.don’t worry i character will also be hell confused about their love life and life after death .now end of my bak bak .let me introduce you to the characters of my story

let’s start with humans

randhir singh shekhawat[param singh ] : first year student in collage of research of paranormal activities .sinfully so handsome that all girls die foe his one smirk .born genius always rank no 1 .stays with his cousin cum best friend laksh maheshwari’s family in kolkata as his parents stay at london and from the age of 10 his chacha chachi [laksh’s parents ] are taking care of him .they love him equally as they love laksh .he is bit arrogant and aggressive and thinks that language of force is best language to bring change but gem at heart .his life resides in his group[ which consist of laksh ,ragini and sanyukta .apart from laksh his bestest friend his ragini gadodia he love’s to hangout with her and her company is also blissful and he thinks he likes her .their is one more girl in his life who is both friend and foe you call he frioe [friend +foe ] named sanyukta gadodia[sis of ragini ] .they always fight,shout on each other,taunt each other . but aren’t able to stay without messing with each other even for a single day and whenever one is in trouble the other is always their to help .about his relation with her he is “”hell confused “””

laksh maheshwari [namish taneja ] ; in same year with randhir,sanyukta and ragini .second handsome hung of collage with cute and very charming face and lovable smile .he very decent and studios boy .he loves randhir a lot and share his all secrets with him he loves to help others actually all problems of whole collage invite him .unlike of randhir he didn’t believe in language of beating or force he thinks that peace is the perfect mantra to live life .he is one who will bear harsh beating but will still not answer back .for him his group is the best.his bestest friend is sanyukta .he shares a good bond with her and very comfortable for with her .whole collage thinks they are in relationship but for laksh it is still not clear she is his friend and or girlfriend and cheery on top of his messed up life is whenever ragini comes near him his heartbeat increases and he intentionally teases her to talk to her . about his relation with ragini he is “”””hell confused””

ragini gadodia [tejaswani ]: batch mate of sanyukta , laksh and randhir ,.she is loving sister towards sanyukta and perfect daughter .she is diva of the collage very beautiful ,polite girl for good people but nightmare to bad people .she is head of anti ragging club ,karate expert and her hobby his rag seniors who harass juniors .she is rough and tough that’s why loves randhir’s company as they are very much alike .for her her group is her life .girls are jealous of her as they think she dates randhir but she don’t know what relation she and randhir share and most importantly she somewhere in heart likes stupid antics of her annoying chomu laksh .about what she feels for laksh she is ””hell confused ”””

sanyukata[harshita gaur] : same batch with others .one word for her complete spoilt brat who loves to throw her tantrums on everybody .she is very cute ,immature and innocent child at heart .no one dares to talk to her rudely except her jerk randhir .she likes laksh a lot as he is very sweet her and always entertains her .she is pampered a lot by all in the group expect our randhir whom she thinks she hates but feels incomplete without his taunts and her breath always becomes uneven when he is near .about her relation with randhir she is “”hell confused””’

now welcome to inhuman world and it’s characters

parth[ankit gupta ] : he is most lusted vampire of the whole inhuman world.he is younger son of head of vampire clan and always in the bad books of his father because of lazy way of leading life .most importantly he is famous for his starry tantrums . he will never suck blood of humans as they are unhygienic instead he survives on special killed blood juice manufactures by best company of inhuman land ‘the bloodicana 100% ..though max vampire of new generation survive on that only .he is very hot and true delight to girls but he have a strong crush on witch princess vidhushi .his only aim is get selected in death institute of human haunting[ dihh] skills .but for it he was to give a practical exam

sanskar [varun kapoor ]: most handsome ware wolf of the clan .he is also son the clan head .he iss most mature and responsible warewolf .he is very much fitness freak but loves food of human land and loves to order that from dead food point .he has also applied for the dihh .girls drool over him but he loves to stay away from them .he is the son of famous wizard actress[inter clan marriage are allowed in ghost land] so people think he will also go in acting but he loves human haunting .he himself speaks very less and hates people who speak a lot .he hates one such chatterbox swara who is always annoyed him when he studied in ghost school of haunting

swara[helly shah] : she is a cute bubbly wizard princess .her one smile can make anyone bow down on knees .she is spoilt brat and hates to do any kind of work except talking talking and talking .she is very timid and polite who herself get’s scared of humans so her parents want her join dihh so she can be bit strong .but she loves singing and wants to be a actress and her parents have promised if she sacred even a single human then she will be allowed to be a actress .boys she hates most is her arrogant sankar whom she can even not tolerate for a second .she is very fashionable

vidushi[nisha nayak ] : most beautiful witch princes in the whole inhuman world .she is very aggressive ,hardworking and dangerous .she is expert in fights and love to beat males for teasing timid witches .she is a complete tomboy and never pays heed to dressup and looks she too wants to join dihh to be the most horrifying witch .she hates lazy people and those who talk very much .she is very dominating with mean nature.she hates boys who go behind females like love sick puppies .she is very determined and what to something great

precap : entrance exam of inhumans and assignment of humans

let’s what happens when these 8 meet at a same place .this ff is gonna be very funny but i’ll only post next if you’ll comment .so do comment .please say something about cover also

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  1. Anjaly

    interesting plot dear.pls continue

  2. i don’t like the inhuman part
    but i love rags

  3. Yashasvi

    hey khushagr adii , soooo awesome n completely different dii, hope u remember me…………i the one u asked for advises…any guess, do u remember me

  4. Yashasvi

    hey u knw wt dii , just read ur os, sooo amazing, luved laksh selfless love, awwww he was so sweet…………. luv ur os tooooo

  5. Interesting update soon

  6. Interesting concept dear…pls do continue.
    I dont watch swaragini so i cant give u an opinion about those characters but i ll surely read ur ff for my most loved couples SanDhir and VidArth 🙂

  7. Megha123

    It’s too awsm & interesting plot ???☺??????
    Plzz continue

  8. Amazing one dear!!loved it that u mixed both my favs though i lile SHW more than swaragini bug still new concept speciallh vampire!! Loves ir

  9. Really amazing loved thr concept specially vapire part!!

  10. Sindhuja

    Bloodicana 100% hahaha!!!! Amazed with the intro..

  11. raglak? nice

  12. Jwala

    hey I always love to read your stories.. because I too love randhir and bring him in my ff’s.. I want some randhir swara scenes.. I love them as a jodi.. I will read this for sure



  13. Superb intro yr.. Loved it n the title hell confused suits it a lot

  14. so nice please continue

  15. Naaz21

    Liked every1! Continue writing. Update fassst ?



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