She held his heart with her cuteness (OS) by Jerry

Shivaay was relaxing himself on the comforter while burying his head in the laptop, trying to make a good presentation. This whole week had been hectic for him and he was tired as hell. And this presentation was churning his mind. “Its been days since I had a conversation with my Anika.” He thought and took out his cell. He opened the Gallery in his mobile and then the folder ‘Meri Pannika’. He scrolled various pictures and began admiring them. The one with the spectacles when they had lost their way in the forest, secretly captured by him thou he had a hard time to click it as he was intoxicated by the herbs that he ate and the bundle of cuteness that he saw: his dear wife Anika. This picture was the most favorite of him, when she was all by herself, enjoying her life. Not taking the risk of everyone else’s problem on her head, like she usually does and doing funny little gestures that he still admired.

He loved her like anything and was waiting to confess it. Yes, the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi has fallen in love with an extraordinary girl who had captured not only his heart, but his mind, soul and everything. She also came in his dreams making him go all ‘Awwww..” After staying away from him for a day only, he realized his feelings, and was glistening with joy to make this confession to her. He had to stay for 2 weeks in Amsterdam and already a week was over. He couldn’t contact Anika as one of the rules stated that he could not use his mobile and contact his family members. He was ready to knock the person out of his wits who created this rule as he could not imagine his life without Anika and not seeing and listening to her sweet voice which is like a beautiful song for his ears,  for two whole weeks was enough to make him angry. But for the sake of deal that could make a huge turnover in the Oberoi’s business, he had to abide by the rules.

He knew that she must be angry at him for not contacting with her for the whole week, but he was helpless. He had to bear it for a week more. He could just talk to her pictures that sometimes he or Khanna captured secretly. He kissed her photograph lightly murmuring “I miss you”.

There in Oberoi Mansion the sun rose with his full charm. ” Anika bhabhi, my protein shake, I am getting late for the college.” Shouted Rudra as he packed his back pack. Anika who was sleeping soundly as her usual habit stood up with a start and murmured “Oh bete ki !” She rushed towards the washroom in a Cheetah speed and freshened herself. After 10 minutes she was standing in front of her Devar handing the protein shake. He smiled and kissed her cheek waving a goodbye to her.

She went towards her room and began thinking that, has her husband forgotten her. Its been so many days since he saw her, held her hand and threw her in pool. She was remembering everything the way he did his signature step with full tadi, and threw his phone as a toy. She plastered a small smile on her face remembering him. “Is he angry with me ?” She thought to herself.

A knock on the main gate of the house made her get out of his thoughts. She opened to find a tall handsome young man standing on the door greeting her “Namaste Bhabhi ji”. She too bended her head confused. ” I am Shivaay’s friend Advay.” He said looking at her.

And then what, they both chatted like anything. In no time they both became friends and were talking about Shivaay. He told her about his habits and likes and dislike. He also told her that “Shivaay used to like girls who were really slim with a petite waist. And he wanted to marry, a girl like that only.”  After a few more minutes talk he took her leave. Thou Advay hasn’t met his friend which he wanted to, he met his wife who was a beautiful soul.

After he left Anika was more sad. His one sentence was ringing in her ears, “He used to like girls with petite waist and a slim body, he wanted to marry the same.” She thought maybe she have gain a little weight, maybe he is not interested in her anymore, maybe he now doesn’t like talking to her. Her eyes became a little watery thinking about the possibilities. She instantly removed the little puddle from her eyes and then closed her eyes for a brief moment.

The next day was a challenge to her, she woke up in the morning early and started jogging in her room. She would say to herself, “Yes, Anika you can do it.” She would run on the spot and jump and raise high. After doing this for a hectic of two hours, she sat on the floor with a thud. She was sweating like anything, but was having a content smile. She could do anything for her husband, his dreams are her dreams too.

The breakfast table was ready and today was a Sunday. Rudra decided to cheer his bhabhi as he knew she was feeling lonely without his bhaiya. So he made Aloo Puri. “Anika bhabhi, today I have made aloo puri, for you !” He exclaimed happily as she sat on her chair. No Rudra, I cannot eat Aloo Puri.” She said. His face fell down. She saw this and felt sad and said “Rudra please…I am sorry.” He nodded his head and said, “I know Bhabhi ! But next time you have to..” He said smiling a bit.

She ate salads in the breakfast. She would go to gym and do a little weight lifting, sometimes she would hurt herself, but she was determined. She remembered how many times Shivaay has fulfilled her wishes, this is her turn now. And with that she would do that again.

This followed for a week and now the time has came for which Anika was nervous. Shivaay was arriving home but she didn’t knew the exact timings. She was scared, maybe he was still angry or what else will be the reason he will not talk to her for 2 whole weeks, she felt like crying.

“Oh my god ! Why is this flight late now. Two whole weeks have passed since I saw Anika and my family. She must be very angry with me.” Shivaay thought

At last the flight landed and it was two now. He went to his house to see that the lights were off. He entered their room and saw that she was sleeping in an uncomfortable position. He body was placed on the floor while her head was on the bed. He slowly closed the door as not to disturb her. But she woke up. As soon as she saw her his heart ached. She was looking so dull, so pale. Tear streaks were visible and her eyes were swollen. It seemed she hasn’t got sleep. He wanted to hug her as soon as he saw her but now he just stood there numb.

She rubbed her eyes with her small, cute fingers as to assure her that he was for real. Watching him saying nothing, she spoke “Are you still angry with me ?” Innocently and softly. He stood there not able to say anything. He was expecting her to shout at him and ask numerous questions but she was asking this.

He went towards her as fast as his legs could take and pulled her in his embrace. He kissed her hair various time, the feeling for longing was raised. They stood like that for a long time when he sensed his shirt wet. She was crying ! Her Anika was crying and he was the reason for this. He cupped her mouth and asked “Anika, why are you crying and why the hell you are looking like this, so pale, haven’t you slept…when I was away. I was missing you so much. Tell me..” Anika stood for a while like that and smiled a little. “So you were not angry with me ?” She asked with all the innocence. “Why the hell Anika, I will be angry with you. You are my life, my love !! I thought you were angry with me. I am sorry, I wasn’t able to contact you.” He then told her the whole reason.

And then she understood the situation, “So that’s why you were not talking to me.” “Of course Anika, why will I not. I love you.” She was now jumping with joy, her dream came true. He loves her. “I love you too.” She said as she kisses him on the cheek and then caressed his face. “I missed you so much.”

“Shivaay if I tell you something, will you be angry with me ?” She asked. “No, why will I ?” He said. She then told him about his friend’s visit and he telling her that he likes slim girls. What all she did in her absence.

He was quite astonished. He never thought, that she will ever do something like that. He kissed her forehead and then smiled. “How dare you thought, that I not like you anymore. Everyday I would use to talk to your picture, its been a hard time for me to stay away from you. Promise me, you will never do like that. See how dull you are looking. I want my old Anika back, pinky promise me !” He said as his eyes became a little teary.

He carried her to the bed and placed her carefully. She tied her pinky finger with his. That night both slept contently in each other’s embrace after a long time.

She held his heart with her cuteness !


Heya cuties ! I am back again with an OS. I know this was totally out of my style but I tried it, for the first time indeed. If you liked it, then do comment. Silent readers too, I will be waiting. Thank you for reading❤

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  1. ❤Its so nice! True love loving the person as they are! ❤

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Shivika ! Thank you so much. You are absolutely correct, True love is loving the person as they are❤❤

  2. It was so damn cute
    loved it
    Jerry di I think u should write some more OS

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Aashi !
      Thank you so much. I am really happy that you love and I will try writing more?
      And di…?? What’s your age dear ?
      Still thankuu❤

  3. Sairish

    hahaha…cuteness overloaded..loveddd it totally ..something which made me sigh with relief

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sairish !
      Thank you so much. You found it cute, well really happy for that. Thanks again for all the appreciation, love you !❤

  4. AMkideewani


    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you tons dear for commenting?

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you dearest Anju !?

  5. Arthi

    How come one will not like ur writing dr……this was superb…..Shivika cute always……superb……as always….and do post ur ff soon….pl….

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Arthi !
      Thank you for such a sweet compliment, feeling happy that you liked it this much?
      Shivika are adorbs..??
      Thanks again for the appreciation. Will try to post my ff soonish !❤

  6. Hii jerry!!
    It was tooo cute…and it was amazing too.I didn’t know that you write such cute stories. I really liked it and the most good part of this os was the way you expressed each and every antics of anika…seriously it was too good.

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Shyra !
      Thank you so much. I am really happy to see your comment over here. Glad that you liked it. Awww, thankuuu for such a sweet compliment??
      Delighted that you liked the way I expressed everything, thanks again sista !❤

  7. Awesome and superb

    1. Jerry_36

      Aafia, thank you so much. Happy that you liked it !?

  8. Lauren

    Awwwwwww… loved it Jerry infact who will not love it …. it was fantastic… amazing… lovely…..

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Lauren !
      Thank you so my h. You loved it, yaaay…really overjoyed now. Thankuuuuu for all the praises. Love you !❤

      1. Jerry_36

        *much !!?

  9. VHM

    chooo cuteee….as cute as you are jerry/Vedika………..beautiful OS …just bought smile on my face…a very big smile and a much needed break from the …you know what i was about to write……..

    i am waiting for your FF and also some more OS ………this is just mind boggling dear….

    love you loads….keep smiling

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Harika Di !
      Thank you so much. For such a sweet compliment. I am glad that you liked it and it brought a smile to your face. Yess, I know??
      I have updated my ff yesterday !! Thanks again. Love you too very much. Take care !!❤❤

  10. Simrat_14

    Sooooo cute ?

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you tons Simrat !?

  11. Madhuani

    Chhoo cute…
    Feel better reading this after a hectic schedule.
    Awww anika is such a cutie pie.
    Mind blowing one.
    Waiting for your ff.

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Madhu !
      Thank you so much. Happy that it acted as a stress buster for you. Yeah, Anika is??????
      Thanks again. I have updated my ff. Love you !❤

  12. Abbi

    Heya Jerry! Is this for real? I mean a single shot itself is so beautiful. You wrote it beautifully, Just loved it.
    It is my first ever os read, and it’s yours.
    Love you sweetie, keep it up. ❤

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Abbi !!
      Thank you so much. Such a sweet compliment, I am really happy that you loved it dearie ?
      And I strongly hope that you liked this first trial and will be looking forward for more.
      Love you !❤

  13. Pooja26

    hayyee!!!!!!!!! mar dala 😉 😉
    sooooo chweetwala os !!!!!!!!
    haha poor anika !!!!! 😉
    billu kahin ka 😉
    post ff asap……
    tc… dear

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Pooja Di, well its not my ff, so no nickname??
      Thank you so much, I am so happy that you liked it. Ufff, yeh lines they snatched my heart, big hug to you !!?
      Yeah, pity her !
      I have posted dear !! Take care you too.
      Love you loads ❤

  14. Anagha

    Hey Jerry ! I loved the concept. Rudy boy’s and Anika bhabi’s connection toh mind blowing hai. Jab Anika rejected rudra’s aloo Puri request , Rudra handled it smoothly. And the rule of not contacting the dear ones .. well…it made billuji realise his love for panika. And about your writing , According to omkara’s artistic view ” it was beautifully crafted ” and in rudra’s POV ” this os was packed with cuteness nd love , even though having high calories it was warming exercise for the heart while reading” . And considering Saumya ” According to the telly update review , Jerry aka vedika is Ranking the top with her fresh and highly addictive works ” .okay , I guess I poured out everything in my heart . Love ya ?

    1. Tanz

      So true Anagh… Jerry deserves all these praises?

      1. Tanz

        Anagha* sorry autocorrect

      2. Jerry_36

        Hey Tanz, that’s really sweet of you, thankuuuuu my dearie !?

    2. Jerry_36

      And that’s the best ever comment/ compliment I have ever got, don’t know how to thank you. All the words are ditching me, but still a sabse bara vala thank you !!!!!!!!!
      Really delighted that you loved the concept, actually I had this idea a well back but I thought to brush it off but then it didn’t left me, kept sticking around me, but I am really happy that you loved it and I wrore it, the other way !!
      Yes from that I wanted to make all realise their unspoken bind too, you understood, intelligent Haaan..
      Thank you for all the praises and appreciation, sorry couldn’t find anything good to say, just love you for that !!❤❤❤

      1. Anagha

        Awwwww…. That was sooo sweet !!!..

      2. Jerry_36

        Just for a special person like you !?

  15. Awesome….Loved it….
    Aniru bonding was so cute….
    Bechari Anika she is so innocent…Shivaay missing his Anika….
    Shivika r adorable… 🙂

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Shivika !
      Thank you so much. Really glad that you loved it. Aniru bonding, well thanks again???
      Yeah, Anika’s assumption led the whole story, thankuuuuu.
      Love you !❤


    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Uf !!
      Thank you so much. Seriously you liked it this much, all the praises ke liye once again big thankuu. Love you !❤

  17. Alekhika20

    Beautiful os

    1. Jerry_36

      Alekhika, well thank you darling sista !!?

  18. Zaveesha

    Awesomeness and cuteness overloaded…loved it…
    As She held hos heart with cuteness in the same way u held my heart with ur cute writing skills…
    Stay blessed
    Be happy..
    Love u…

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Zaveesha !!
      Thank you so much dear. I am really happy that you loved it. Awww, such a sweet compliment, hug to you.
      Yeah, I will.
      Thanks for the comment, delighted?
      Love yaa❤

  19. Dhar

    Another one , a atom bomb of cuteness and love

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Dhar !
      Thank you so much for the cute comment, tons of love to you from me !!❤

  20. Niriha

    Awesome…..cute and lovely update

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Niriha ! Gals that you liked it !?

  21. so sweet cute
    i was not commenting on any of other shivika ff from somedays but ur os made my finger type…
    it was awesome keep writing

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Safaq !
      Thank you so much. That was so sweet of you to let me know your opinion, as it was my first time. Happy that you loved it.
      Thanks again !!?

  22. Nikita_jai29

    Aww it is awesome dear

    1. Jerry_36

      Nikki di, thank you so much !?

  23. Nikita_jai29

    Aww it is awesome dear…. Love you

    1. Jerry_36

      Love you too !!?

  24. Fenil

    Cute one.
    Another master piece of your beautiful work.

    1. Jerry_36

      Fenil Bhaiya !
      Thank you so much for your appreciation, overjoyed that you found it awesome..

  25. Gayathri.visu

    Hiiii Vedi. OMM! Really u r my Jerry na? Its just sooooooooo cute n awesome!! Like Awww!! type OS. Loved it dear.
    I m waiting for ur ff Vedi!

    Sorry dear can’t able to comment on ur ff’s last part. I really enjoyed that part. Aree u did Sahil’s Oh My Maata!!

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Gayathri di !!
      Thank you so much. Yess, I am in real??? I am happy that you liked it ! Thank you so much, your comment made me in vlod nine. Love you too !

      I have posted my ff. Its okay di, I understand???
      Yess, Poor Sahil???

  26. Tanz

    First two lines perfectly resemble my situation right now—-two presentations and workload on my head….. This was a little out of your style as you say but this was also equally good yaar….I mean this was so cute….?? In whatever style you write Jerry, you always justify it….Both of their reasons for not talking were amazing….and poor Annika had to do a lot of exercise and gym to get into shape….but isn’t she already in shape? But ya however slim a girl maybe, they’ll always think they are fat?? The last part was awesome too…their confession…just loved it ?
    Till you post something else, take care(and don’t you start dieting)
    Love you ❤

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Tanz !
      Thank you so much, well I am also busy !! You take your own time to post your ff, as I will be waiting for it.
      I am glad that you liked it this much, yes indeed my genre is like a little cute comedy type and it was emotional and beleive me I am never good at emotions !??
      Yess she is but she doubted herself as Advay’s line was ringing in her ears, she just connected it all. Yup, they will??
      I am overjoyed that you loved the confession ! Well I have already started that????
      Love you too !❤

  27. Ashwinee

    Hey Jerry, as usual great update. Will wait for your next update . Love you ?

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Ashwinee Di !
      Thank you so much. Glad that you liked it. I have posted my ff and was waiting for your reviews, so do review it. Love you too❤

  28. Ruksy

    Rhis was an amazingly cute os. Loved it

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Ruksy. Thank you tons dear ! Happy that you loved it, posted my next chapter, review it too !?

  29. Aryaraju

    Awwwww?..awesome ??

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Arya ! Love you❤

  30. Sanskriti(it's me)

    I’m late!!! In know!
    But your os is?????????…
    Shivaay seeing anika’s photos and remembering there old beautiful moments is so cute! The way you expressed every single scene is really appreciable!?.
    Anika you loook good as you are! Actually by this os I remember one of the interview bites of surbhi. Actually this happened recently she confessed that she wasn’t happiee about her looks at the start of ishqbaaz. She felt that she was a little fat compared to nakul! But when nakul was confronted about her feeling unfit opposite to him because of being fat, nakul just didn’t agree for that and said “I didn’t find her that way! I thought she was perfect! I don’t know what made her think that way! She is fine as she is!”
    So here in your update the same thing happened! I loved it!❤.
    And Rudy boy!!!!! You’re so sweet yaar! The way anika handled was cute
    I’m waiting for ur destination next epi.
    Update soon

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Kriti !
      This time, I am late. Sorry for that, hope you don’t mind. I am glad that you liked that scene, thank you for all the appreciation, it made my day !?
      Yess, Anika is just perfect. Actually I also didn’t liked her in the first episode of ishqbaaz but gradually she won the heart of others with her cute acting. I just love her character. Nakuul is adorable yaar, he is just that I can’t explain. You know he also helped Surbhi at the awards with her dress. He is a very good natured person and I really adore that thingy about him, thanks for the information, it made me like him a little more❤
      Yess, Rudy boy is everyone’s favorite, I suppose !! The next chapter is uploaded and the next to next will take a little time, cope with me.
      Love you too and yeah thanks for a beautiful comment❤

  31. Kanfi

    Its really lovelyyyyy….
    Ammmazinggg….Lovedd itt

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Kanfi !!
      Thank you so much dear. I am really happy that you loved it. Love you !❤

  32. Nila

    Awww it is vedu!!???
    Amazing yaar
    Title was perfect
    Ani Rudy??????
    Tall handsome man I found it from that line??Advay???
    Shivaay’s feeling ah???
    Last para totally superb??????

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Nila Di !
      Thank you so much. Yes, its me only??
      Well, the mission to find the appropriate title took me more time than to frame the story, and I am really glad that you liked it.
      Advay, do you have a celebrity crush on him…? Just Kidding but seriously if you have then do tell me !?
      Happy that you loved the last paragraph. Love you !❤

      1. Nila

        Ha ha crush not like that vedu but like him??? what about u!
        My first crush is ??????Maahi????(MSD) now ???Shivaay?????
        Love u too vedu?

      2. Jerry_36

        Yess, Shivaay is my first and last crush????

  33. Fati

    And readers are hooked to your stories by your CUTE and Amazing writing skills Jerry❤?

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Fati, thank you for such an awesome compliment ! Really happy that you liked it. Well I have updated my next chapter, do review it too.
      Love you❤

  34. Mehakchalag

    sorry sorry i know i m very late.jerry u r awesome your writing skills ka jawab nhi.i loved your os.cuteness overloaded…vedika i loved your name soo cute.???

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Mehak, thank you so much.
      Its okay, I understand, no need for apologies. I am glad that you liked the chappy. You loved my name, thankuuuuu big vala. I have updated the next chappy of CCD, do review it ! Love you❤

  35. Thedreamsoul

    You are the best writer ,it was like a treat to read it and absolute bliss. You write so flawless and beautiful. Everything was beyond perfection and they you wrote about each other feelings were amazing as if I could feel them.

    Shivaye missing his partner and Aww… kissing her picture was so cute and showed how much he loved and missed her.

    Anika thought Shivaye was angry with her ? How can the loverboy be angry with his ladylove ever. she would do anything and everything for her billuji. Loved how you included Advay in it. Awesome, amazing and mindblowing.

    Go ahead my Cutie pie long way to go ! Cheers to the best author and now I gotta read my favourite ff which is undoubtedly yours.

    Love you so much, hugs and kisses. Missed you too and sorry for being this late !

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Sana !
      Thank you so much for such an awesome comment, just felt so much happy by reading it that I am at loss of words. I am really glad that you like the way I write and the way I described emotions, seriously on cloud hundred this time?

      Yeah, Shivaay was missing anika like a lovestruck teenager, gals that you liked his gestures. Yess, she would do anything for him, anything ! After all he is her jaan na… Advay, delighted that you liked that part too !

      Thankuuuuu and a big hug to you from my side ! Yes, I am waiting for your reviews on my chapters !! Love you too dher Sara ! Its okay, no apologies !❤

  36. Its was awesome..soo cute and romantic ??

    1. Jerry_36

      Thank you so much Nishika di ! Really overjoyed that you liked it. Love ya !❤

  37. Zainab

    This is a treat to me. I want this type of ShivIka in the show???, not this Shivaay Singh Oberoi and The Annika type ShivIka. I want that cute, intense, romantic and lovely ShivIka ❤❤❤. This is a treat to all the ShivIka lovers❤. Loving this. Already read three times ???. Please share more loke these!!

    1. Jerry_36

      Hey Zainab !
      Thank you so much dear. Well, let’s see that this will happen or not or will be counted as one of our dreams !??
      I am really glad that you loved it sista ! Thankuu for all the praises. Couldn’t thank you enough, you read it three times !! Like really…
      I will try to write more like this, thanks for the reviews !❤

  38. Nilash

    Starting with the apology part. Very sorry for being this late. But now commenting to this beautiful piece.
    Amazing. As usual you rocked. Awesome OS. I loved the way you portrayed every scenes. I was imagining every emotion and believe me I loved the entire story.
    It was super fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous).
    Love you??????

    1. Jerry_36

      Heyoo Nilash Di !
      Its totally fine, as you said your college is starting, I am fine by that. No need for a sorry di. Thank you so much for commenting, I am really glad that you like this part. Thank you for all the appreciation, could not beleive that you loved it so much, big vala hug to you sista !? love you more❤❤❤

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