Heinous plot for TRP in the name of EPIC @ Begusarai

There are plenty of TV soaps which include extremely dramatic plots to grab the interest of viewers and then take the name of epics such as Ramayana for an inspiration(Makers say that Kavach is inspired from the story of savitri…………No idea how .) The same saga ranges from Shanti(DD) to Kumkum bhagya and now AndTV’s Begusarai seems to only make it much worse with its new plot seemingly inspired from epic Mahabharata. Bindya’s character (compared to kunti because she have 5 sons) gets her 5 sons married to a single girl Ananya (Veebha anand) deceitfully. Bindya claims that she got inspired from Mahabharata and she married her kids to a common girl so that they don’t fight among themselves just like kunti married pandavas to draupadi. Isn’t the idea itself disgusting?

I just want to highlight the differences and loopholes in this inspiration. Draupadi in Mahabharata was not kept in dark regarding her marriage with all the pandavas unlike our damsel in distress Ananya. No one ever plotted any revenge against draupadi like our lead shakti thakur did. Pandavas made several rules regarding the how much time draupadi should be with whom and how no one else will intrude into their privacy during that period. Remember Arjuna’s visit during the period of Yudhistira and Draupadi and his self-inflicted penance thereafter. But all the 5 brothers start assaulting their wife in an unexpected manner. One must take into account that Pandavas are not known only because their number or Draupadi, they are known for their qualities. Most idiotic part is when Bindya (mother) supports her son’s actions and supports her actions in the name of inspiration from Mahabharata.

Is this kind of plot appreciatable on national television? What if it encourages rapists to make gang rapes because of which women are not safe already? Can we show anything in the name of enthralling viewers? Already we have so many crap serials to ruin public where hero’s are rich, arrogant, abusive, doubtful and useless whereas heroines are dumb, submissive, idiotic at times and CID’s too many times. Do we need one more dark plot only to aggravate the current prevailing cases such as Nirbhaya. We can just hope that either makers come up with better storyline or viewers contain strength to boycott their favourite serial if the storyline goes in a wrong way.

The moral of the epic Mahabharata is to follow karma. In short sense As you sow, so you reap. But in our Tv soaps good people are at receiving end of the problems always and vamps get away with everything. What kind of lesson did the plot writer learn from Epic before he took inspiration? Key reason behind Bindya’s decision is shown to be her purpose of keeping brothers united. Ironically they did forget that Pandavas will stay united because of their values and irrespective of circumstances.

One more worst practise being followed in almost all serials is to play strotras and other devotional mantras to add intensity to the episode which would be null otherwise. By the time the episode ends, I myself found exhausted because of the anxiety and unrest. Will that do any good to me or anyone else in the name of entertainment? TV soaps seem to help councillors(Doctors, therapists or Psychological experts) to expand their business and themselves of course by earning crores. How can we forget that on side audiences get afflicted with depressions, our beloved best daughter in laws buy costly villas? Some have costly affairs and even get caught in drug raids.

I believe it is time for change, one should be wise enough to select what to inspire from.

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  1. Completely agree.but what can we do???? Makers of this show are mad. I have tried a lot to convince them to change the show story line & lead actress but whatever is happening is in front of everybody……
    They are completely giving wrong msg to the viewers I don’t know how cintaa can allow for this.and some of the viewers are also liking this cheap story …..
    Shweta is a brilliant actress how could she do this role…..
    Really unexpectable from shweta & vishal…
    There have proved that for stars only money is important nothing else……

    1. true.
      we should not forget that every business or money making venture only runs when it keeps getting income in ay way just like out mahesh bhatt or few crappy ekta kapoor movies.
      So the only thing we can do is stop watching it until they change their story line.

      Thanks for posting my first article…….mona

  2. Actually ,The story is not related to the epic Mahabharat or about pandavas but its based on thakurs and how they rule ,Bindiya and revenge plot ,i think its just the concept of 5 and bride they borrowed .Think the story will be interesting later .the actual story is based on the thakur story line …..may it the end will be like what komal did .maybe it was bindiya not komal who killed all because she put all the sons into this .hmmmm.

  3. bang on article..begusarai was supposed to b the story of phulan thakur’s reign in begusarai n how bindiya became the reason of downfall for the family but makers just to establish the name “mahabharat” totally made the story crap n now after taking leap they r now showing this cheap story.what ananya ll do now?take revenge?for what??can it b changed that she has been married to 5guys.can the message which makers spread with this b change?for trp makers has stooped so so low.they ll show some coochi coo romantic scene n ll make the female lead victim n ll expect viewers to like it.least i expect is actors coming infront n justifying their shit serial.u r doing this for money do it dont try to become a oh so great ppl to choose it for concept.english serieses have bold concept but they dont spread wrong message or nvr violate basic ethics of cultures.so these actors should stop preaching such stories.

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