Friends It’s Balaji with my first one shot HEAVENLY MARRIAGE

In the Maheshwari Mansion all are very happy. It’s marriage in the house after a long period- the Marriage of Laksh Maheshwari with Ragini Gadodia.
Today is the Sangeeth function in the Gadodia’s house.
Maheshwari’s went to Gadodia’s house.
Ragini sees Laksh and Laksh stares Ragini.
Laksh messaged Ragini” come to top floor”
Ragini go to Top floor and sees Laksh.
Ragini: why are call to top floor?
Laksh:do you remember our first meeting, Rago?
Ragini: yes. I remember Laksh. We met each other in your bhai Adarsh and Pari di ka Marriage, when I was 14. My sweet devarji Sanskar and you annoyed me. I fought with both of you and then I cried. So you give me a chocolate to stop my crying. From that , you are my best friend and now you are my fiancé.
Laksh: do you remember our proposal?

Flashback start
In laksh room
Laksh:( in mind) today I should propose Ragini. But in which way? And till she is my best friend. If she reject ma, then I would lose her friend ship also.
Laksh gets somewhat courage and go to near Ragini.
At that time, Ragini slaps Sahil, her class met.
Laksh: rago, what happened?
Ragini(points sahil): I considered him as my best friend. But he proposed me . he betrayed my friendship.
Ragini(sees sahil):please I don’t want to see your face.
Laksh stunned and hides his love letter in his book.
Laksh: rago, calm down.
Ragini: kk. Laksh lets go to home.
Laksh drops Ragini in her house and Ragini mistakenly take Laksh’s book.
Laksh bids bye to Ragini.
Ragini go to her room and put the book in table and sees the letter in the book.
She read the letter and tears rolling from her eyes
Ragini(calls Laksh): laksh I want to see you . come to the park.

In park
Laksh come near to Ragini.
Ragini shows the letter. Laksh is tensed by seeing his love letter in Ragini hands and he bent down.
Laksh: yes Rago, I love you for the past 4 years. But I don’t have courage to express my feelings. I don’t want to lose your friend ship. Please don’t hate me.
Ragini bents down and takes Laksh’s face in her hands and said” will you marry me?”
Laksh is surprised and hugs her.
Soon they get permission from both of the houses .
Flashback ends
Laksh: rago, how much you love me?
Ragini : More than my life.
Laksh: rago, promise me if anything happens to me, you should move on your life.
Ragini smiles” today is our sangeeth Laksh . so, be cool and positive”
Ragini goes downside.
The sangeeth starts.
First Adarsh and Parineeta dances then SWASAN and last Adittya , brother of Ragini.
Last Ragini and Laksh starts to dance.
Ragini don’t remove her eyes from Laksh eyes and she was searching something in Laksh’s eyes.
They dances very well and Laksh is shocked by seeing blood in Ragini’s mouth. He stopped Dance and wipes Ragini’s blood in nostrils.
Laksh: rago!
Ragini wipes blood from Laksh nostrils and show it to Laksh.
They fall down in the floor.
All are shocked and rushed to near them.

At that time they hear laksh’s mesmerizing voice from Speaker.
Laksh’s voice(from speaker): when you hear my voice, I would be died. Sorry maa, papa and rago, I commited suicide because I am a blood cancer patient and I am in last stage. Doctor’s said that I merely have one or two month. And I know this just four days before.If Ragini know this then she definitely marry me. I don’t want to spoil my rago’s life.so, I decided to leave this world. And Ragini please move on in your life.
By giving one minute break, Ragini’s voice is coming from speaker.
Ragini’s voice(from speaker): papa, it’s me your rago. Sorry papa , aadi and maa, Laksh decide to leave this world. As a lover, I also want to follow him. I saw him when he takes poison and his reports when I went to his house two days before. I can’t live without him . papa my last wish please bury us in a single tomb and when you bury us, we should be in bridal dress. Because our marriage would be happen in heaven. My HEAVENLY MARRIAGE.

After two days, Sahil is committed suicide because of guilt. Because he is the one who changed Laksh’s medical report instead of throat inspection he changed as Blood cancer.

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  1. such a nice os with painful end,

  2. so sad yaar

  3. This is so sad. But still even death cannot keep both of them and their love apart. Great OS though xx

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  5. ohhh tat was a nice story.my eyes r filled ryt nw.

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    Tragic… 🙁

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    Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Emotional OS
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  8. Emotional and very nyc story

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    Very tragic. bcoz of sahil stupidity it’s all happening.

  10. Very nice and emotional dear

  11. Omg such an emotional story yet it’s very nice. Even death can’t seperate thm. Plz write another os with a happy ending

  12. Tragic as well as an awesome episode. Usually I don’t like negative ending but today I loved it. Thanks for the os.

  13. So sad yr… Bcuz of sahil they died so sad.. Heavenly marriage I loved it

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