Heavenly Love…( os )

A hospital z shown..some people are standing outside the OT…Pacing here and there in tension..a lady nd girl come there…
Lady (sumi)– shekhar…wat had happened??..I nd swara have gone to temple nd when v return ..none is present at home…Neighbours told us U all have come to hospital..so v both come here directly….nd ap ji..u all r also present.. wat happened?? Nd where r ragini nd sanskar?…. please somebody tell me..
Ap- actually sharmistha ji… Wo…ragini nd sanskar had gone to hospital for ragini checkup for her pregnancy but during their return they met wd an accident…
( saying dis she started crying)…
Doctor came out of ot…
Doc- ur son z safe now…but sorry v won’t Able to save ur dil..as she had major internal bleeding.. so blood loss was too much..
Some days later…Every one z present in hall of mm..after some death ceremony..both gadodia n maheshwari r present..
Sujata ( crying)- wat has happened suddenly..everything was so fine..sanskar nd ragini was so happy even dey want to begin their family but God had decided something else..how will my sanskar live wdout ragini..dey both r childhood Best frnds..nd love each other a lot..both were together since childhood in school college nd anywhere but why now ragini had left her alone…V r missing our ragini a lot…Plz God give her back…
All others were also crying….

A knock happens at door..
Man- Mr. Sanskar maheshwari nd Mrs. Ragini sanskar maheshwari..
Sanskar came forward…
Sanskar- yes m sanskar..
Man- sir dis letter for u nd ur wife from hospital..
(After giving letter he left)
Sanskar opens d letter nd have a blank expression after reading it..his eyes were filled wd tears..
Everyone was eager to know what is in dis letter..
Dp- wat is it sanskar??
San-..wo..we..i mean ragini nd had gone to hospital for ragini’s checkup..so its her report..
Saying dis tears starts to come off his eyes..while everyone r quite as dey don’t knw how to react..ap was confused nd grabbed d reports suddenly from his hands..after reading it she sits on sofa nd starts crying..everyone was shocked to Her like dis…
Dp- ap wat happened??
Ap- I want to tell u something..nd she looks at sanskar..he nodded in yes..nd she continues..

Ap- few days before ragini came to me..she said she had gone to hospital for her checkup as she want to conceive but she had some tubal blockage so it is very difficult to her to conceive baby normally..so she want test tube baby..
Sujata- …What???? Test tube baby???
Ap- yes I was also shocked earlier but den she told me dat they will take sample from ragini nd sanskar only nd aftr fertilisimg it outside they again transfer it on ragimi womb..so child vl b of sanskar md ragini only nd vl give birth from ragini womb only..den I asked sanskar he was also OK wd it…So I also gave my yes..
Sumi- ap ji..but y u hav not told us yet…
Ap- ragini nd sanskar wanted to tell you all at dat time only..but I asked dem not to say anything now..v vl say after procedure z completed..but….
Sujata- but what was in dat letter jiji??
Ap- it’s says dat doctor had started dis procedure md after some time..dey need ragini keeping d baby in her womb…
All r shocked…
Sumo was crying vigorously…
Sumi- means dats my ragini’ s child..I cn get my ragini back..plz get my ragini back… Plz….sanskar do something it’s Ur child..how cn u let ur child die…Plz…
Sanskar was also crying…

After two days..gadodia family came to mm..
Shekhar- durga prasad ji..we all came here with some reason…We want to talk u all abt something..
Dp- yes plz say wat happened??
Sumi- actually yesterday v went to hospital nd met ragini’ s doctor..v told her abt ragini death..den she gave a solution to bring ragini’ s child in dis world..she said after fertilizing dey cn transfer it in someone womb nd make her surrogate mother…
Ap- really…Can dis happen? ?? Can b get our ragini back??…
Sumi- yes..
Sujata- bit who vl b surrogate mother..
Sumi- swara…She wants to do dis…
All were shocked listening dis…
Ap- but…
Sumi- I knw wat u all thinking..v were also thinking same when swara told this to us..v were against it…But she want to do dis for her sister..swara also loves ragini a lot..v all cnt understand what she z feeling wdout ragini..both sisters were soul mates..
All agreed for it..

Sanskar- wat u all r saying..he cn u all agree for it.
To bring a new life hw cn u all spoil a life…dat z my child also..I also want dat baby..bt dis does not mean dat I vl spoil swara’s lyf..she has her own lyf her own dreams nd expectation abt lyf..nd if u all want dat baby.. den v cn search some surrogate mother..
Sumi- sanskar by giving birth to a baby.. work of mother does not finishes..nd only swara vn give dat child d love a mother gives to her child..same love ragini could have given to dat baby if she z present.
Sanskar- maa wat r u trying to say??
Sumi- dpji, apji..u all know how a society reacts if dey know an unmarried girl becomes pregnant..nd dat baby also needs a mother nd sanskar z also so young he can’t Spend his whole life alone..so we r asking for swara nd sanskar marriage..
Sanskar- maa wat r u saying??
While others agree for it but sanskar does not agree..
Sumi- sanskar nd swara u go nd talk..
Nd den tell us ur decision..

In sanskar room..
Swara nd sanskar r standing…
Sanskar- Swara…y r u destroying ur life…Does somebody pressurise u for dis??
Swara- no sanskar it’s All my decision…I want dat child..it vl b my pleasure if I give birth to my ragini di’s child..and abt my happiness..m getting married hw cn I b not happy..however dadi z finding alliance for me..so it’s Just like arrange marriage for me..I know u love ragini di a lot..nd I don’t want her place just give me some other small place in ur heart nd in ur life..I vl manage wd it..I vl do my all responsibilities of a wife nd I don’t expect anything from u..just now I want my ragini di back nd I know u also want ur child…So pls say yes for it…

Sanskr agreed for marriage nd After two days their marriage happens as after dat had to go for surrogacy…
On wedding night, in swasan room…
Sanskar- swara u sleep here…I vl go to another room..
Saying dis he starts to leave..but swara holds his hand..
Swara- would u leave ur bride alone on wedding night..
Sanskar- I think u vl b uncomfortable wd me in sharing d room..
Swara- y vl b I uncomfortable wd my husband..??
After dat dey both sleep on their side of bed..
After dat..dey visited hospital nd process got completed nd swara got pregnant… All were so happy..
In starting sanskar was more reserved to swara but wd tym he becomes open to her…he took good care of her nd she also care her husband a lot…he took good care of her diet nd medicine..handle her mood swings well..
Sanskar- swara have u gone to doctor..all z fine na..u nd baby…I asked u to come wd u to hospital but u asked me to attend do meeting..now show me reports..
Swara- relax sansksr everything z fine..come here sit…
Sanskar came nd sit wd swara on bed..swara showed him reports..
Swara- see sanskar.. it’s ur child..
San put his fingers on her lips..
San- no swara..it’s Our baby..
Both had eyelock..swara took his hand from her mouth nd put his hand to her bump…
Swara- won’t U talk to baby..he wants to talk to u…
Sanskar starts caressing her belly..
Sansk- tq..swara..for giving me dis happiness…
Saying dis he hug her..she gets shocked by his action but reciprocate do hug after dat…
Swara- aaaooouuchhhh….sanslar…aaaahhhh.
Sanskar get worried..
Sanskar- wat happened swara..or u fine…??
Swara- ya..m fine…baby kicked..
Both smiles nd see into each others eye…
Both r falling for each other..nd one day swara give birth to a baby girl..they named it Sara….
After d birth of Sara..sanskar used to remain annoyed wd swara..he does not talk to her…He became reserved…Swara cn feel it…But she was not able to confront him…
Sawara- take these clothes sanskar…Go nd get fresh…Its too late to sleep…
Bt sanskar goes without paying attention to her..
He took another set of cloth…Swara get sad by seeing dis..she come in front of him…” y r u doing dis sanskar??”…Swara asked…
He again goes wdout answering her back..but. today she was asking him again nd again…She was not letting him go…now it’s enough of his annoyance..she can’t Take dia anymore…
Sanskar- (rudely) way d hell r u doing swara.. cnt u understand dere z nothing to talk…Go away..
Swara ( we teary eyed)- I won’t Go anywhere… First tell me y r u avoiding me???
Sanskar- y won’t U go ?? U also want dis na…u want to go far from me… Den go..nd W need to take tension of sara..my her father I vl take care of him.. u r not needed…Just go frm here..
Swara- she z also my daughter.. m her mother how cn I leave her..sanskar??? Hw cn u ask dis?? Nd m ur wife..nd m not going to leave u…. First tell me what z reason u r doing so??m ur wife..u cnt hide things frm me..
Sanskar-…wife…Really…U cn hide things frm me..nd cnt I have do right to behave like dis..u r saying urself wife..had u told ur husband dat u knw u had serious complications in ur pregnancy dat cn risk ur nd child’s life..had u told dat doctor said dat only one life cn b saved during childbirth..had u told ur husband u had choose ur baby’s life…
His face becomes red nd eyes we’re Filled wd tears..her face becomes pale..
Der z silence bw two for sometime..
Swara- how u come to know abt it…
Sanskar- doctor told D risk during ur labour nd told us dat u had signed d papers stating to save baby’s Life..
Swara- sanskar…wooo…Actually..
She was crying silently…
Sanskar- swara I don’t want u here from now..go from here..u thought dat I cn take care of Sara alone..den fine I vl take care of her alone.. here nobody needs u…Its my final decision I don’t Want any discussion on it..

Saying dis he left d room…After 1 he when he returned he does not find swara in their room..he remembers what he said to her in anger..he searched in whole house..bt could not find her..at last he went to terrace…Nd she was dere..
Sanskar- swara…..
She turned around to find sanskar present here..Her eyes were swollen nd face becomes pale..
Sanskar pulled her by her waist nd put his lips on her lips..nd starts kissing her deeply..when day broke d kiss..both we’re Looking into each others eye..she z still in his arms..
Sanskar- r u mad… I was searching u so long.
Nd u r present here…
Swara- u only said to leave.
Sanskar- so vl u leave me…
He took her hand nd put it on her chest..
Sanskar- see my heart beat.. he fast it is..just by thinking if something had happened to u..if really something had happened to u den?? U have not thought abt me while taking such a big decision..
Swara- wat should I had to do den?? How could I let my child die just to save my…Its ur nd ragini di last sign how cn I let anything happened to her?? U had married me due to her sake if something had happened to her den wat was d meaning of our relationship…All were so happy nd waiting for dis child..hw cn I ruin evryone’ s happiness?? Hw cn I let anything happen to ragini di child??
Sanslar- nd hw cn u let anything anything happen to ragini sister??
Do u think she would be happy to loose her sister Just to save her baby….sumi maa has already lost her one daughter nd if something happen to u also den??
Swara- m sorry..please leave all dis ..forget all dis..see..I nd Sara both r fine..
Sanskar- no…I want to say something more..If something g had happened to u den I also was not able to live.
I LOVE u swara..
Swara- I luv u too sanskar..
Both hug passionately….

##**[email protected]@
Swara nd sanskar we’re returning from a party..
In swasan room…
Swara- I vl go change clothes…
Sanskar stops her nd hold her closer in her arms…
Sanskar- u r looking so beautiful In dis sari.. don’t Change na..
Swara- sqnskar..he cn I sleep in dese colths..dry r so heavy..
Sanskar- I won’t Let u sleep u today…
Saying dis he kissed her lips..she hold his shirt tightly..he was kissing more passionately….when dey broke..swara was blushing hard..she was looking downwards…He lift her chin..she was abt to go due to shyness.. but he pulled her closer nd hold her by her waist..he whisprs in her ear..” swara..pls don’t test my patience today..I cnt b away from u anymore…”
And he starts kissing her neck..den he lift her to bed nd both become one…

Time passess on..
Nd they were living as a happy family..every one was happy…
In sanskar study… Swara was finding some file..which sanslar had asked her..but she found an old diary written “ LOVE OF MY LIFE” on its front page….in it she found her photos from her childhood… Nd den she found sanskar name written on it…She was shocked to learn dat sanskar used to love her frm childhood..
Sanskar- swara.. way happened?? Y u r so late?? Have u find day file??
Swara keeps day diary in front of sanskar..
He was shocked to see dat
Sanskar- swara..how u found dat…Its nothing….it’s just…
Swara- sanskar..I want truth nd only truth nothing else..
Sanskar- as u know ragini nd I were chilhood best frnds..but she was just my frnd.. my Best frnd..v both shared everything we each other..but from childhood I had crush on you..nd slowly I started falling in love wd u…Ragini was aware of it dat I loves u only nd deeply… Nd I was also aware dat ragini loves me..but I can’t Accept her love as I loved u only..I cnt give ur place to anyone…Den one fine day I decided to tell u my feelings soon.. but den v found dat u also love someone else so much.. as u share everything wd ragini nd ragini told me so..den v started to find out dat guy…Nd v found him laksh..as u both we’re So close to each other..I was heartbroken..nd on other side my family was pressurizing me for marriage…But how cn I marry anyone when I love u..nd sumi maa gets to know abt ragini being in love wd me..nd our families had fixed our marriage…All we’re Happy..I told ragini dat I can’t love her..den she asked me just to marry her nd she vl never ask anything more from me as it’s her pleasure nd destiny day she z marrying her love..nd promise her to give respect nd place of a wife except love of a husband..nd v got married nd lived happily nd after dat v find out dat d guy u loved z not laksh as he asked for his marriage wd kavya.. Ragini tried to ask u abt ur love by u never told her..den one day she came to me nd said dat she wants to b mother of my child..I was shocked…Den she told me abt test tube baby..I was reluctant at first but den she made me agree..den we consult our doctor… Nd rest u knw…
Swara- u r such a lier…Hw could u hide such a big thing…I hate u… I hate u…
Nd she starts hitting his chest wd hher hands..She was crying loud…He tried to calm her but all in vain…at last he smashed his lips on her nd starts sucking her…She calm down nd hug him..
Sanskar- m sorry swara..my really sorry..
Swara- Cnt u confess ur love earlier??? cnt u ask me once abt d guy I love…..it’s U idiot…Its u… U r d one whom I love…But I know dat ragini di loved nd u agreed for marriage so I thought u loved her…I love u sanskar…U r my first nd only love..
Sanskar- I love u too swara..

***the end***

Hey guys..hope u enjoy it…Plz dnt forget to comment or critise it….

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