We are a heavenly couple ~ SWASAN OS (b)


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let’s start
laksh: sanskaar where are you going …
sanskaar:o come on pops …. just a outong with frnds ….
laksh:beta listen what about your college .. may i know pls…
sanskaar : no u cannot …. okk bye …

at dakshineshwar kali mandir ..

a lady in mid 40’s was seen asking pandit ji about a good girl for his son ..

lady: pandit jii pls tell me ..if you have seen a good girl for my son
pandit ji: ragini betiya … i have told you 100 times that .. his horoscope has something differnt … which will match with a very special girl …
we have to find that specail girl …
but i have seen a girl for your bro. ayush … and it is her photo …. ask your mom about it …okk

ragini : okk …

she leaves

at hill station

sanskaar : wow this place .. have some magic… this place is perfect for flirting …
what say ayush
ayush: yeah yrr. you are ready na
loook that group of girls
let’s move naa

sanskaar : you go i will come ..
ayush leaves ..

soon sanskaar sees a girl …
sanskaar unkowningly moved towards her

when he gets near hér …
she was about to fall but sanskaar holds her and sees her face and was amazed

tere mere sapne sabhi
tere mere sapne sabhi
band aankhon ke taale mein hain
chaabi kahaan dhoondhe bata
woh chaand ke pyaale mein hain
phir bhi sapne kar dikhaun
sach toh kehna bas yehi

main tere kaabil hoon ya
tere kaabil nahi (x2)

tere mere sapne sabhi
tere mere sapne sabhi
band aankhon ke taale mein hain
chaabi kahaan dhoonde bata
woh chaand ke pyaale mein hain
phir bhi sapne kar dikhaun
sach toh kehna bas yehi

main tere kaabil hoon ya
tere kabil nahi
main tere kaabil hoon ya
tere kabil nahi

they share a long passionate eyelock …
sanskaar:sorry miss
girl :it’s okk
sanskaar: what is your name
girl:swara … swara chakravorthy
(swara again a bengali)
swara:your name
sanskaar : sanskaar maheshwari ..

swasan pov
why do i think that i know this name and face … ok leave..
then in the mean time sanskaar founds that ayush and girls are missing …
swara also founds that her frnds are missing ..
swara:do you see any girls gang here
sanskaar:do you seen any boy here
swara: then they might be gone towards jungle …
i will search them ..
sanskaar: may i also come with you
swara:sure …

it is evening from morning

sanskaar and swara were lost in jungle …and we’re tired
sanskaar:it is going dark ..i think we should find a place here to spend night
swara :sure ..
soon they sees a place a cave ..

swara:yipeee i saw the cave .. yeaahhh ..but she slips .. and there was little water and she falls in that .. and gets drenched ….
sanskaar laughs continuously at her
she make faces and starts beating him
sanskaar: soory sorry pls meri maa …sorry
swara:no you laugh ..
swara: achaa okk…spared you …

soon they get inside the cave and lits fire and sits near it

swara:what is your qualification
swara:wow you are doctor
sandkaar :no member of back bencher students
swara laughs
then swara feels cold and starts to shiver … and sanskaar sees her and gives his coat … but now also she shivers ..
then sanskaar hugs her tightly and both sleeps
and gets the dream ..
of their past life
that kissan and swara are sleeping in each other’s embrance ….


this completes our part b
hope you like it and thanks for your wonderful responces

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  12. Chanu

    cute epi!
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