Heaven In Midst of Hell Part 7 – SwaSan SS by ZuZu n Goldie


Recap of part #6 -“SwaSan romance… Back to Mumbai.. Swa…Hil and Kav…San dance.. Sahil deal.. SwaSan jealous by each others act.. ”


Sahil and Swara talks for sometime.. Sanskaar stares them angrily.. Swara was laughing and talking with him… But she was looking Sanskaar from corner of her eyes… Seeing that is he not sticking with that chipkali I mean Sticking queen.. :p

They both were laughing and talking making someone burn in pure jealousy.. Here Kavita comes and talks with Sanskaar.. Not talking guys she was falling on him .. Huh.. Keeping bad on Swara ka Sanskaar.. 😉

Sanskaar too talks him closely.. Seeing this Swara’s total attention was drawn to them.. (When boys get jealous they look cute but when girls do.. Its time for war.. Lol)

Swara gets jealous… She makes a excuse and moves to lawn area.. She sits there alone thinking deep.. Lost in thoughts almost crying u can say.. Tears were rolling on her cheeks…

Here comes Sanskaar.. And sits beside her.. He sees her crying.. And gets shocked…

Sanskaar -“Shona y are you crying is everything OK ”

He extended his hands to wipe her tears.. She holded his hands and pushed them back..

Swara -“Swara Purohit.. This Is my name not Shona.. Got it .. Now go ”

Sanskaar -“(confused to her behaviour.. He dunno that she is angry cz of Kavita) What happened..? Y are u talking so?? ”

Swara -“Sanskaar Maheshwari just leave me alone and go where ever u want and do what ever u want.. ”

Sanskaar -“But I want to be here with my Shona.. Spend some time.”

Swara -“Really.. ”

Sanskaar -“Yes.. ”

Swara -“Oh I c I think Ur collage friend or else I should say Ur girlfriend is busy.. So optional choice ryt?? ” (Fully angry with a stubborn voice and tears)

Sanskaar -“What are u saying.. Shona… She is not my girlfriend anymore .. We are in a relationship and u are saying this ”

Swara -“Acha.. But it dint seem so inside the way u did ”

Sanskaar -“What did I do??? ”

Swara -“How innocently u are behaving na.. U ignored me after her coming.. ”

Sanskaar -“No I dint do that u are misunderstanding me ”

Swara -“Not at all Sanskaar.. In fact I got right now.. Ur dance doesn’t fit for what u are saying now.. She is still in Ur life.. ”

Sanskaar holds her shoulders -“No Shona she is not at all infact I was not serious in that relation with her…but with u I am.. I am seriously taking this relation Shona.. ”

Swara removes his hands -“Please Sanskaar I don’t want any of Ur explanations.. ”

Sanskaar too flt jls.. So he too became lil angry.. He jerked her shoulders..

Sanskaar -“Swara u to did dance with sahil that to so close when I tried to pull u in dance u jerked me and u are blaming me..??? ”

Swara -“Yes I did.. Cz u too did.. Then y can’t i .. When you want u ignore me and when u feel like Ur jls u pulls me wow.. ”

Sanskaar -“Swara I’ve not ignored u..dam it can’t u get that I saw u but u were talking with ur friends ”

Swara -“No I was not I willingly did that to see what u will do.. And I thought u will come to me to ask for a dance .. But no.. No u went with that chipkali.. ”

A small curve of smile appeared on her face listening her saying to Kavita as chipkali in jealousy..

Swara sees him smiling and get more angry.. And beats him on his chest.. -“U are smiling.. With her name.. Go to her na then y the hell are u Here??? ”

Sanskaar just stares at her and her childish doings lovingly…

He then immediately holds her hands.. She becomes shocked.. And looks in his eyes with her puppy eyes.. (I mean innocent)

He -“Shhhh.. Bht bolti ho tum.. Now stop talking about chipkali.. And hug me tight.. I feel like to be in Ur arms now.. ”

Swara -“But I don’t feel like to be…leave me.. ”

Sanskaar -“Hey I’ve not holded you to leave u.. But I feel to ”

And he hugs her tight….Swara resist him by pushing him.. He doesn’t leave her even..

She cried -“Y did u do that I hate u..”

Sanskaar -“Shh don’t say dat.. And hug me I need u.. ”

Swara -” no I will not.. ”

But Sanskaar doesn’t left her..

She suddenly thought something.. And hugged him back..

Sanskaar -“I knew it my Shona will forgive me.. Am sorry for doing that… I will not do that again.. And u don’t say that u hate me OK.. I can’t bare that..’

Swara clutched his shirt and listening him she closed her eyes tight.. And cried silently.. Tear of sadness..

She tried to break the hug but he dint -“Shona stay right there.. Don’t move.. ”

Her heart did a Summersault by his words but next movement her smile faded off..

But she hugged him again.. Praying this movement should not end and die in his arms..

They break the hug after a long time and she rested her head on his shoulder… He smiled..

Suddenly it started raining.. Sanskaar asked Swara for dance she agreed.. They did a full on masti dance .. Enjoying like kids.. Suddenly he pulled her.. And they danced closely.. Extreme close..

After dance he cupped her face and kissed her softly.. She too responded… They broke..

Sanskaar -“I love u Swara ”

Swara -“Sanskaar we got quite wet let’s go please am feeling cold..”

Sanskaar -“OK.. ”

Sanskaar dropped Swara at home and went to his own place..

Swara went under shower and remembered all about thier spcl movements and cried.. She rubbed her hands to remove his touch.. Rubbed her lips and cried a lot.. -“No Swara no u can’t melt.. No Swara ”

She composed herself and came out getting fresh…

Here Sanskaar was happy.. He slept happily..

Next day it was all ovios SwaSan met.. They were happy being with each other..

Sahil and Adi meets and have there talks.. Swara too meet him.. Sahil tries to get close to Swara and they becomes best friends…

Precap -“Dhamaka.. SwaSan .. “

Am sorry for such short update seriously I only dunno what I wrote..


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  7. Awesome I loved it I read this story on fb but I will read it again cause on fb I couldn’t comment so here I will comment in shah allah?❤️

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    Cutee n warming hugg !!! uhhhh !!! i can feel d warm… love it ZuGo.. thnk u.

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