Heaven In Midst of Hell Part 6 – SwaSan SS by ZuZu n Goldie


Recap of part #5 -” SwaSan going Mumbai.. SwaSan romance .. And unknown place,.”


Next day morning both were sleeping.. Embracing each other.. (Don’t u guys think sun rise rays are so common now?? Well leave)

Their sweet sleep gets disturbed by a Phone which were on her device..

Swara got up.. And was in deep sleep… She picked the phone in sleep…

Swara -“Hello?? (Sleepy) ”

Person -“Hii swara ”

Swara -“Who?? ”

Person-“Its me puneet u are Still sleeping ”

Swara -“How are u puneet??”

Puneet -“Am fine and u ??”

Swara -“Me too ”

Swara sits taking back support of bed wall ..

And continue the talk.. Sanskaar also wakes up and gets angry seeing Swara talking with puneet.. He gets a idea to disturb her..

He too sits and starts kissing her neck while she was talking with puneet…

She tried to stop Sanskaar but in vein.. He dint stop his teasing.. And bit the earlobe..

Swara -“Aahh (slowly) ”

Sanskaar smiles when she gasped in pain…

Puneet -“What happened Swara ”

Swara blabbers -” No no nothing.. Just my leg got twisted ”

Sanskaar gets laugh at her lie and pecks her lips…

Puneet -“Are u fine ”

Swara -“Ya ya.. I am “..

Swara gesture Sanskaar to STP but he back gesture to cut the call.. Swara says no..

Sanskaar continued.. By biting her neck.. Swara was enjoys his teasing and smiles.. But was not able to talk with puneet.. ( ? )

Swara -” Ha puneet am seriously fine … ”

She could not complete her sentence as a Sanskaar stared kissing her…. He bit her lips.. Swara could not resist any more and cuts the call.. Throws the phone on side table.. Closing her eyes.. Leaving puneet in confusion..

He bit her lips she gasped in pain.. Taking as an opportunity he entered in her mouth.. Suckling her tongue… ? she was enjoying it.. By clutching his hair.. And his hand was doing havoc on her back….

They kissed licked and sucked (Maaf krdo god muje kya kya lik rahi hu me 🙁 )

They ended when it was out of breath.. He whispered -“Ur lips taste so sweet ”

She started beating him.. -“U .. U teased me a lot and dint let me talk even..”

Sanskaar pins angry Swara to bed and holds her hands.. Kisses her neck wildly.. Biting it.. Licking it.. She tries to free herself…. But nothing can she do cz he overpowered her…

Swara -“Sanskaar please ”

She scolds her non stop.. He got irritated and kissed her wildly to make her quite.. She resisted.. Sanskaar took full revenge..

Slowly she stops resisting and kissed him back.. He withdrew himself.. But now Swara pulled him and kissed him.. Taking the revenge back.. Sanskaar smiled… Winningly..

They had a wild yet passionate romance.. Which was quite revenge full….

He then hugged her and said -“Shona.. I love u.. I’ve never given myself to anyone but u are the one I have given myself.. I made u as mine.. Its really beautiful ”

Swara face goes pale.. She hugs back and a tear drop rolled her eyes..

Swara -“Sanskaar Cale v are quite late. We need to roam city.. Please ”

They both gets a ready and leaves for thier holidays enjoyment..

They went to beeches.. Pubs.. Parks.. Rides.. Water park.. Every where here and there… Sanskaar continued his naughty romance every where… Not even thinking ppl around.. They were wild on each other.. They loved loving each other wildly..

Romancing.. Spending time.. Thier holidays got completed so soon.. Sanskaar was not ready to leave Swara.. But I they had to return..

In flight.. Swara was sleeping on his shoulder.. He placed kiss on her forehead.. She open eyes and looked at him and smiled.. But suddenly her smile faded away..

Sanskaar -“What happened Shona ?”.

She nodes in no and closed her eyes .. A lone tear falled from her doe like eyes..

They reached Kolkata back..

And went to her house…

Adi -“So how was Ur tour?? ”

Swara -“Good Bhai ”

Adi -“OK go and get fresh we need to go to a party tonight.. ”

Swara -“OK Bhai… ”

She gets ready..
She comes to know Sanskaar also coming to same party.. She gets happy…

In party SwaSan were enjoying together.. Sanskaar was asking a. Kiss to her.. But Swara shushed him…

A girl comes to Sanskaar..

Girl -“Hii Sanskaar how are u ”

Sanskaar looks at her .. -“Kavi u here awsm surprise .. How are u ”

He hugged her… Kavita hugged him back.. Swara became lil uncomfortable.. But dint said anything…

Kavita -“This party is by my bro Sahil.. There he is..”

Sanskaar -“Wow good.. Seen u here after a long time.. When we were in pune we had lots of parties..”

Note -“Kavita and Sanskaar are collage friends .. And yes a past girlfriend of Sanskaar”

Kavita -“Yes Sanskaar our relationship.. ”

Sanskaar looked at Swara.. She turned her gaze.. And pretended like talking with others..

Sanskaar Began talk with Kavita.. Kavita asked him for dance and he agreed.. Both were on floor dancing…

Here Swara got angry.. -“After her coming she dint even talked with me.. But Swara don’t forget u can’t do say anything like that OK stop it ”

Sahil asked Swara for dance she smiled and agreed.. They danced… While dancing she was looking Sanskaar only.. SwaHil danced so closely.. An awsm dance by them.. It suited them.. All clapped for that… In between dance Sanskaar tried to change partner and pull Swara but Swara jerked him and danced with sahil.. Closely…

The dance ended..

Sahil went to a room then SwaSan was glaring each other..

In room of sahil..

Sahil was signing a deal .. We can’t see other person ..

Sahil -“Hey so you sure right about deal right..?? ”

Other person -“Yes am sure.. Not sure infact I feel so happy with it.. ”

Sahil -“So its done right u will not back out at last minute.. ”

Other person-“Not in dreams man ”

Sahil -“Everything will be fine na ?? I mean it doesn’t seem so easy.. ”

Other person -“Don’t worry man .. U just be ready.. With it.. Rest u leave on me.. If it won’t be easy too I will handle it ”

Sahil -“See be sure later I don’t want any hurdles ”

Other person -“chill man u are dealing with me.. Well cheers ”

Sahil -“cheers ”

Both drinks.. And other person smirks..

He comes out…

Precap -“SwaSan fight.. Romance and much more “

******To be Continued******

Here guys I wrote this part with lot of difficulty and hurry.. See u read comment.. Cz Ur comments are encouraging me or esle with this schedule.. And Goldie d too went have to manage alone..


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    Hey don’t tell me that the other person was adi and the deal is about Swara….
    Otherwise chappy was awesome… Our asanskari sanskar

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    Nice…hot. Is d person in dat scary house swara’s relative?Guess she is helping in their treatment. Why were marks there on face on that night? Why is she sad? Don’t tell me she is molested plz.

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