Heaven In Midst of Hell Part 5 – SwaSan SS by ZuZu n Goldie


Link of part 4 – Part 4

Recap of part #4 -“Swara and Sanskaar talk.. Then swasan office meet..lil hot romance and then a strange person at a strange place ”

Here guys please give a good response ur low response makes me think am not at all good at this SS is it true?? I then think am good at ffs like APHG in writing.. What u say??

Well here we go with a treat as my page completed 20,000 likes.. A swasan page so am so happy


Its been one month since swasan are in a relationship.. Sanskaar is very happy with this relationship.. Thier nok jhoks.. And stealing time for romance in busy time too.. They loved to be with each other.. In fact craved for each other…

Sanskaar and Swara meets at a place and plan for a holiday together out of city minimum for 10 days.. They want time alone from all ppl.. For themselves…

Sanskaar asks Swara to make a excuse with adi that Its a collage trip and u need to go.. And he will make any business excuse…

As per plan Swara one evening returned from collage and went to home..

Swara -“Bhai am going to a trip from collage.. Can I ?”

Adi -“How many days ?”

Swara -“Minimum 10 days Bhai.. ”

Adi -“K .. Return early.. We have work here also don’t forget ”

Swara -“OK Bhai ”

Here on other hand Sanskaar made a business trip excuse..

Later Swara and Sanskaar packs thier stuff and leaves one Saturday evening to Mumbai as planned..

They sit in thier flight.. And spend time together in flight.. They reach.. Mumbai.. (Lovely city)

They reach to a high class hotel called hotel Shappier…

SwaSan at hotel reception…

Sanskaar to receptionist.. -“Can we have two rooms please?? ”

Receptionist -” Sure sir what name? ”

Swara interrupted -“Sanky Y two rooms?? ”

Sanskaar -“Means?? Each for one for both of us ”

Swara -“But what is the benefit of coming here when we live in separate rooms.. We came here to spend time together right?? ”

Sanskaar was clean bold by her reply.. He smiles

Sanskaar -“So u want to stay in same room ”

Swara -“OK fine (to reception) U book two rooms.. One Sanskaar Maheshwari and other.. Swara purohit ”

Receptionist -“OK mam ”

Sanskaar -“No book only one room.. ”

Receptionist gets confused by both- “Sir two or one??”

Sanskaar -“One room with name Mr and Mrs Maheshwari 🙂 ”

Receptionist -“OK sir.. Here are ur Keys ”

SwaSan goes to room while Swara was total angry..

When they reach room.. Sanskaar -“Shona.. What happened?? ”

No reply from Shona..

Sanskaar -“(extra sweetly) Shooonaa.. Darling.. Beautiful.. Am sorry.. K now get ready we need to go out.. We will spend time together.. ”

Swara says nothing.. She just changes.. And comes back.. Sanskaar back hugs her when she was in front of mirror..

Sanskaar -“Abi b naaraz ho mujsy?? ”

No reply

Sanskaar -“I think Hume bahar q jana chiye jab room itna acha h.. And Girlfriend itni achi ho.. Itni hot ho.. Humare relation ko 1month ho gaya deko time ka pata hi nahi chla h na ”

Swara now just smiles..

Sanskaar -“Thank God.. U smiled.. ”

Swara -“chle we are getting late ”

Sanskaar -“OK as u wish madam?”

They leaves. They goes to many places.. In car.. They spend some close movements.. 

They goes to beach.. They play with water.. Sanskaar back hugs her.. Swara looks in his eyes.. They were lost in each other her back was crushed in his chest.. And her face was at right side and Sanskaar’s too.. They lost in cool breeze of beach and kissed each other sweetly than passionately..

They realise that they are at beach and feels shy.. While they were sitting Swara gets a call.. She goes to side to answer..

Swara -“U can’t every time give me this answer I want a accurate result.. ”

We can’t here other side..

Swara -“What..?? U are giving me this Excuse from 3 month.. The hell I want result now ”


Swara -“How much time u need now its already much”


Swara disconnected the call she was standing there itself.. Lost in something..

She comes back to her sences when she feels a palm on Her shoulder.. 

Sanskaar -“Swara u OK ”

Swara covers.. -“Yes am totally fine..”

Sanskaar -“Who was on call ”

Swara -“Nothing important just a friend ”

Sanskaar feels confused by her behaviour but ignores..

They spend some time together and goes back to hotel.. In whole way Swara was lost somewhere in thier way to hotel…

They reach room.. Swara changes in her night dress.. A short hot pant exposing her legs. And a top exposing her beautiful waist..

Sanskaar comes after changing.. And sees Swara standing near a window thinking something deeply..

He back hugs her and kisses her napes passionately.. And whispers-“What’s that disturbing my darling ”

Swara feels her soothing touch and whisper and turns back.. Hugged him tightly..

Sanskaar was confused..

Sanskaar -“What happened Swara..” Concerned

Swara -“Some time in life it becomes so tough and so unpredictable.. We becomes so helpless Sanskaar.. “(In thought)

Sanskaar -” What?? Swara what are u saying any problem share with me am here with u ”

Swara came back to her sense and thought what she was speaking she breaks hug. 

Swara -“Nothing Sanky.. I was just thinking about someone’s life ” (becomes normal)

Sanskaar now feels irritated by her behaviour.. He turns and says.. -“Its really impossible to predict you girls.. Seriously kabi kuch to kabi kuch Aur ”

Swara to Divert his mind comes from back and hugs her from back .. Press her soft cheek against his back while her hands were caressing his chest romantically.. And says -“vahi toh Sanskaar am trying from a long time to hint u what I want but u are not understanding only ”

Sanskaar first gets confused then by seeing her hands understands.. And Immediately turns back..

He caresses her neck passionately.. With his fingers.. And replies her -“Acha then what are we waiting for.. ”

He started kissing her neck wildly.. Making her close her eyes in pleasure.. And hold him tightly..

He kisses her neck wildly.. While caresses her waist wildly with hands… He then looks at her in her eyes.. Which were filled with desire.. He leaned towards her lips.. Roaming his hands on her waist.

She felt it and leaned towards him.. Their lips met each other and fought to enter each other first.. It was a wild kiss they sucked with passion.. Bite each other wildly.. And thier hands were exploring each other…

They stopped when they needed to breath.. Sanskaar looked in her eyes.. Which holded same desire which he had.. He stares her waist and roamed his hands on it..

Soon he picked her up in his arms and placed her on bed.. Gently.. He kissed her forehead and says -“Good night.. Its quite late u sleep ”

He turn to leave but Swara holds his wrist and said -“Please Sanskaar don’t stop urself today.. Please don’t make me crave for the movement I was waiting from long”

Sanskaar sees her craving for him.. Like he was from inside.. He leans on her and kisses her waist.. Passionately.. Biting it…kissing it.. Soothing the bite.. Swara was transformed to other world of pleasure… He then moved up and sees her eyes which had molten desire for him… He bent and kissed her each inch of face lovingly yet wildly…. While her hands unbotton his shirt and caressed his bare.. Stout chest romantically…

He teased her by kissing her corner of lips.. And biting it.. Finally Swara couldn’t take it more and kissed him passionately.. Making Sanskaar smile winningly.. They know sucked each other lips and he took her tongue in his and sucked it.. Making her moan in pleasure.. She too did the same…

They broke the kiss and Sanskaar went down in Her neck and gave her many hickeys by sucking her skin.. And biting him.. Swara moan in pain and soon turned to pleasure..

She dugged her nails in his shoulders..

Swara said -“Sanskaar its so pleasure full to be with u ..u are making me crazy..”

Sanskaar looked her and pecked her lips.. -“Its just starting it’s much more to come.. ”

He kissed her more wildly and licked her skin..

Swara smiled.. Sanskaar kissed her other side neck with same passion..

This made her do an arc to her back.. In result her chest crushed in his hard chest.. Sanskaar eyes shinned.. And he looked her..

She roled over him and kissed her chest with all desire which she had.. Giving him love bites.. When Sanskaar flet it he rolled over and kissed her passionately..

His eyes falled on her Brest .. He touched it from above her cloths.. She moaned..

He pressed it from above cloths and kissed it..

He soon removed her top and inners.. He stares her top desirably… He now kissed .. Sucked and bite her bare top.. He pressed it making Swara feel pain and pleasure too.. He kissed her so wildly like she was waiting for it since ages…. While Swara pushed him more on her..

He looked her she was enjoying him.. His love on her.. He smiled and went down..

And kissed her bare thies sensuously.. She was making pleasurefull sounds he made loose his shots strings…. He soon undress her bottom and came up to her and kissed her lips.. Eyes.. Neck.. br*ast..

He whispers -“Swara u are so beautiful.. Are u ready?? ”

Swara -“Sanskaar please don’t tease I want u now ”

Sanskaar took her lips in his and kissed her..

He caressed every inch of her and loved it with his lips.. Soon he covers them with sheet and made love to her.. They reached the blissful height of love making..

Swara was lying over him.. After their exoted love making.. Hugging her under sheet… On top of him..

He said -“I’ve been in many relationship but I never loved anyone like this.. Its the first time I made love to u …”

Swara had tears..

He said, -“I love you Shona.. I really love u ‘

He feels wet on his chest and looked her.. She acted like she is sleeping peacefully.. And he too slept peacefully hugging her..

On other side in a dark place a shadow is seen crying and sobbing … Saying -“Please leave me ”

Precap -“SwaSan morning romance mystery continues.. “

Who is shadow.. What’s going on comon guys guess..

See now please comment

******To Be continued******


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