Heaven In Midst of Hell Part 4 – SwaSan SS by ZuZu n Goldie

Heaven In Midst of Hell

Link of part 3 – Part 3

Recap of part #3 -” Swara and Sanskaar meet at club.. With mysteries.. ”

Part : 4

SwaSan sleeps in thier own houses.. Sanskaar with some confusions and Swara sleeps..

Sanskaar -“What happened to her today she was so strange from that night in party.. That day I saw a bold Swara and today A scared Shona.. Weather she was scared or she was really emotional?? Uff I can’t understand this girl.. ”

Next morning

It was a pleasant morning… With a rainy day.. The sweet smell of wet soil was so awsm… Like we feel to eat it..and sound of rain.. And soft light in atmo…

Swara got up.. And stretched her arms.. And smiled looking at window.. The cool atmo..

She got up and was having her coffee.. Her cell phone Began to beep continesly… She took it.. Yeah it was Sanky..

Swara -“Hello Sanky (in a cheerful voice) ”

Sanskaar -“Hello my darling how are u ”

Swara -“Like always fine.. Well and u ”

Sanskaar -“same here.. But say truly are u fine?? ”

Swara -“What happened Sanky y are u asking so? ”

Sanskaar -“cz yesterday u were quite disturbed.. ”

Swara -“Aaahh not at all.. ”

Sanskaar -“may be but I felt so..so I asked sweetheart”

Swara -“Well u are sounding very cheesy today.. All love expressing words anything special?? ”

Sanskaar -“Yes u are special.. OK am saying I want to meet u.. ”

Swara -“What we met yesterday only I think ”

Sanskaar -“Yeah but… ”

Swara -“OK I also want u now (naughtily) ”

Sanskaar -“What did u say? ”

Swara -“I said I also wanna meet u..”

Sanskaar -“No u said something else.. ”

Swara -“No I dint ”

Sanskaar -“Kk ..so where we will meet.. Come to my office ”

Swara -“Ohk with that I can meet that puneet too “(teasingly)

Sanskaar -” Then no ways let’s meet at cafeteria ”

Swara -“uff Sanky I was kind kidding let’s meet at office it’s a fine place ”

Sanskaar -“K then come my office in 1 hour I will be waiting..beautiful”

Swara -“Me too panther.. (Husky voice)

They disconnect the line..

Sanskaar was still confused.. The Swara the saw yesterday and her again boldness today… Something he was thinking of..

Swara gets ready In tight black jeans and white top sleeveless…she tied her hair with a rubber band.. Small earnings.. And not forgetting the secret temptation :p …

She goes in her car in the way she gets a call.. Swara smiles seeing it and pics up

Swara -“So what’s the update ”

(We cannot hear other person)

Swara -“What u mean by nothing.. Its what am paying u for??” (Angry)

Swara -“listen I don’t want ur non sence.. I want the result fast… Get it as fast as possible ”
Swara -“What u mean by that.. No u have to.. ”
Swara -“U fit for nothing.. Get lost u..”

Call disconnects

Swara beats her hand hard on horn.. -“Damm what the F!!!”

She makes herself calm and drives again becoming normal..

She reach office.. She reaches his cabin…and knock.. Sanskaar was busy in some files..without seeing

Sanskaar seeing in lappy -“Yes come in ”

Swara comes in with no noise and goes back of him while he was concentrating in work..

Swara sits in his lappy making Sanskaar shocked.. And wrapped her hands round his neck..

Sanskaar looks her shockingly

While Swara stairs him desired eyes.. Sanskaar was shocked cum happy..

Sanskaar -“U Here?? ”

Swara looks him and caresses his cheeks sensuously…-“U only called me..Ryt ? ”

Sanskaar -“Yeah but I said after a hour ”

Swara -“Yeah but was missing u so I came to surprise u…but it looks like u are not happy.. ”

And she was about to get up from him but he wraps his hands round her waist.. Her top was quite exposing.. His hands touched her waist and current passed through both of them..

Sanskaar -“Acha.. What made u miss me ??” (His fingers caressing her waist under her top.. )

Swara -“Nothing ”

Sanskaar pecks her cheeks -“say na darling ..well ur perfume is so tempting.. Its Turing me on ”

Swara -“Ur wildness ” (he caresses his neck with thumb)

It was it for Sanskaar.. He made her stand and immediately pinned her to wall and began to kiss her neck passionately… While her hands were pushing him on her more..

He bitted her All over neck and kissed her more while his hands pressing her waist … He looked her and pressed his lips against her and kissed her with all desire in him… It was a full wild kiss.. They bit each other.. Thier lips tongue.. Thy stopped

Swara -“I missed ur lips (smiled) ”

Sanskaar -“even I missed it too.. ”

They again kissed wildly.. She removed his blazer and opened his top two shirt buttons..

But their passionate love was disturbed by a knock.. Puneet came in and saw Sanskaar’s shirt buttons open.. And swara’s hand on his shoulders..

As he came both composed themselves…

Swara -“Hii puneet how are u ”

She covers it..

While Sanskaar feels pissed of by his disturbance.

Puneet -“Am fine how are u..u here ”

Swara -“Yeah vo actually had some work so ”

Puneet -“Oh k ..”

Swara -“Hmm ”

She gets irritated by puneet talks

Puneet -“Shona can we go out today if u are free ”

Swara -“No actually I have some important work ”

Puneet -“OK tomorrow? ”

Swara gives a pissed off look..
Sanskaar understand and tells puneet

Sanskaar -“So puneet what work u had?? ”

Puneet -“Vo sir ”

Sanskaar -“Swara u may leave now (with smile) ”

Swara -“OK ”

While going she gives a flying kiss to him and says thanks with eyes

Sanskaar gesture welcome and smile..

Swara leaves

A dark house..old one filled with mud and spider webs.. Like owner had left them form ages..

A shadow near entrance gate.. Foot steps are heard ‘tap tap tap’

Echoing in house.. We can see a shadow.. Going to a room.. Opens the door (eerrrr) noise of door as its old.. We see a old bed..a sofa..

The person sit on chair (cradle type chair) and makes it move to and fro.. We can only see a shadow…

The shadow stands up and goes to a drawer and takes out a photo frame… We hear the sobs now.. Which were Turing in bitter crying…

Precap -“One month leap”

What happened in this one month??.. Are SwaSan together??

Whoes shadow it is?? Is it related with SwaSan

Will it effect on SwaSan?? Or it already did??

You guys wanna know.. Stay tuned with our FF

To be continued..

So guys its small update I know..I can’t update a big one seriously its very difficult to take time for FF… If I won’t get a good one seriously u will never get my update of this SS or other ffs of me which I have to write still pending..


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