Heaven In Midst of Hell Part 3 – SwaSan SS by ZuZu n Goldie

Heaven in midst of Hell

Link of part 2 – Here

Recap of part #2 -” SwaSan phone convo.. Swara and adi goes to office…Sanskaar gets angry seeing swara close to puneet…he kisses her in anger.. Swara gets angry she replies back.. Sanskaar trying to convince swara… Start of a new relationship… SwaSan romance…Sanskaar asks her to meet at pub… ”

Part : 3

While swara was going..puneet was at receptionist..

Swara remember Sanskaar words and sees back..when she looked back he hides…

Puneet -“Hey swara u are going ??”

Swara -“Ya Bhai is waiting out.. C u later ”

Puneet -“Wait needs ur number.. If again u vanishes means ”

Swara -“Yeah sure note down (9858****00) ”

Puneet -“Thank u.. And take mine (he gives his number) ”

Swara -“K now should leave bye ”

Puneet -“please come when u get time to my house ”

Swara -“Sure.. U too come with other seniors ”

Puneet -“K bye ”

They share a good bye hug… Which was all seen by sanskaar.. While leaving she again looks back weather is he seeing or not.. He hides again… Swara finally leaves..

@ 10 * (stars) pub…

As she promised she came..

Sanskaar was waiting for her…. It was quite dark out…

Swara came wearing a scarf…

Sanskaar -“Shona what’s this?? This much late.. ”

Swara -“Am sorry Sanky.. ” (she tells with a chocked voice.. With pain) ”

Sanskaar -” (cubs her face) It’s OK Shona y are u crying for this?? its OK ”

Sanskaar caresses near her cheeks with thumb…

Swara -“Aahh”

Sanskaar -“What happened.. What happened here… Is it paining ??”

Swara nods in no… As it was quite dark they can’t see each other faces properly…

Sanskaar -“OK ”

Swara gets a msg she reads it..when she was reading it.. Her phone light falls on her face..

Sanskaar as soon as he saw her face he lifts her face and asks ..-“Swara what are this marks?? Who Touchered u ?? Say me..”

Swara face has fresh wound marks on forehead and one cheek..

Swara -“No no…vo vo Sanskaar I.. I sliped from stairs… ”

He holds her face and caresses her face wounds.. She closes eyes as it burns…

Sanskaar eyes become serious yet caring one… He stares her caringly.. Where as her eyes were close…

Sanskaar -“You sure ”

Swara open her eyes -“Yes..let’s go we are already late ”

Sanskaar -“Kk ”

They goes in but Sanskaar thinks about her marks and her painful voice..

Swara tries her best to be normal..

Sanskaar takes A drink and gives to Swara.. She takes smilingly… And drinks it…

Sanskaar continuesly stare her ..while she sees all around…

Swara notice him staring.. -“What happened?? ”

Sanskaar -“Nope nothing.., ”

Swara -“k ”

Sanskaar -“Let’s dance.. ”

Swara -“OK ”

Sanskaar and Swara goes to dance floor… The BG plays -“Sooraj duba h.. From Roy”

SwaSan dances freely…

Sanskaar while dancing -“Shona u really dances awsm… I love ur moves ”

Swara -“Haha thank u Sanky.. Well did u came first time here ”

Sanskaar -“Aahh no many times ”

Swara -“Acha.. ”

Sanskaar -“Well in to whom u gave ur number today?? ”

Swara -“(tries to think) Umm I don’t remember y ”

Sanskaar -“Dint you remember u gave to it to that puneet ”

Swara -“Oh he asked so ”

Sanky -“So u will give?? ”

Swara -“Yaar he Is my collage friend ”

Sanskaar -“OK he Is bt y he get so close to u ”

Swara -“That only he can answer.. ”

Sanskaar -“what?? … What’s that reply.. (He pulls Swara and hugs her and whispers) Shona only I can hug u like this no one else can..we are in relationship don’t forget ”

Swara smiles -“Acha but we did only friendly hug ”

Sanskaar hugs her so tight..-“This isn’t a friend hug OK.. ”

He smiles naughtily and starts kissing her shoulders…

Swara -“Sanky please stop it ”

Swara pushes him a lil…

They dances… While some girls tries to draw Sanky attention towards them… By coming and dancing near her..

Swara -“See for u some one came ”

Sanskaar -“Not for me ”

Swara -“Haha don’t joke u are so flirty..”

Sanskaar holds her hand and pulls her -“Hey listen I may be flirty but when am in a relationship am totally loyal to it… ”

Swara gulps and looks him emotionally.. Later she composes herself…

On floor some boys were dancing.. One of them by mistake pushes Swara..

Boy -“Sorry ”

Swara -“It’s OK ”

Other boy sees Swara and says -“Arey she is that one only na.. ”

Another one -“Yes.. Arey no need to say sorry to her.. She in fact loves this all ”

Swara gets scared and nervous too and gulps..

Sanskaar -“Hey what the hell u are talking about.. ”

Swara holds Sanskaar’s hand..

Sanskaar looks her..

Boy -“U dunno ”

Swara -“Sanky let’s go out ”

Sanskaar -“what Shona they are talking about u how can I ”

Swara -“Am saying na leave it and let’s go ”

Sanskaar -“Per ”

Swara -“No per nothing let’s go am feeling uncomfortable ”

Sanskaar sees Swara sweating.. And thinks to comfort her…

Sanskaar -“OK ”

They leaves… Swara was not in her sence thinking something very deeply..

Sanskaar -“What happened ??”

They walk on road..

No reply from Swara

Sanskaar sees that she is crying tears in her eyes

He stops and hold her shoulders..

Sanskaar -“Swara..why are u crying what’s wrong with u ??”

Swara looks him and says nothing and suddenly hugs him.. And sobs

Sanskaar gets shock to see Swara like this..he caresses her hairs

Sanskaar -“Shh Swara calm down what happened say me am here na”

He kisses her forehead.. Caringly..

Swara after sometime -“Nothing Sanskaar.. Vo actually ur dailouge and care made me emotional.. ”

Sanskaar -“Are u hiding something ”

Swara -“No Sanky am not.. Just like that ”

Sanskaar -“You sure?? ”

Swara -“Yes sure.. ”

They starts walking Sanskaar thinks about swara’s behaviour.. They spend sometime together.. And goes to thier own houses..

Precap -“No precap yet “

To be continued…

Guys am seriously busy am trying my best to write in return just expects ur comment.. Well if u won’t comment I will not give update.. Silent readers please comment..next update when can’t promise am very busy..well u know my dad problem too


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  1. Amazing chappy
    But swara’s behaviour is worrying me too hope nothing much to worry
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    Swara r u okk?? is something disturbing u??
    share with Sanskar… he will understand u…okkk…

    Zuzu!!! fabulous chappy dear … love it.. thnk u…

  3. Deeksha

    Loved it dear….!!!!!!! Now reveal soon why swara is behaving strangely….!!!!!! Continue soon…..!!!!!

  4. Madhu

    Loved It Dear!!! Continue Soon. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Aaah.. Now what has happened to swara? Her behavior is worrying me. Anyway this was amazing dear..

  7. Fab chappy

  8. Vyshu10

    what happened to swara? i m freaking out

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