Heaven In Midst of Hell Part 2 – SwaSan SS by ZuZu n Goldie

Heaven in midst of Hell

Am really not happy with response.. If u guys won’t say where are we lacking how can v improve..

Link of part 1 – Click Here

Recap of part #1 -“SwaSan dance ”

Part : 02

After few days one night… Swara wasn’t getting the sleep… She suddenly remember Sanskaar and smiles.. She got up from bed and opened her drawer.. And takes out his visiting card and smiles..

She sits on her bed taking her phone and dial his number… Lying down on bed… The phone rings.. She cuts… After one ring and again dials.. This time Sanskaar picks up..

Sanskaar -“Hello ”

Swara’s heart beat fast and she again cuts the call… Sanskaar gets confuse who Is the person….

He rings back to the number… She lifts…
Sanskaar -“Hello who Is this… (No reply for sometime) Hello ??? (No reply …he thinks and asks) Shona?? ”

Swara just speaks -“Hmm ”

She thinks -“Oh no ”

And she cuts it immediately…

Sanskaar smiles and thinks -” Y she is not speaking anything… And disconnecting it… That day she was talking so freely and today… Uff girls are so difficult to understand ”

Sanskaar calls again…

Swara sees him calling… -“Kya karu.. Uff swara tu kya kr rahi h.. Phle call q kia fir..”

It rings.. Swara thinks weather to pick or not.. Sanskaar was waiting her to respond..

Finally she picks before a second of disconnecting…

Sanskaar -“Hello Shona.. Is this u??”

Swara -“umm yes ”

Sanskaar -“What happened y were u disconnecting?? ”

Swara -“Nothing ”

Sanskaar -“say na ”

swara-” Actually I remembered u and called u.. But then I thought u might have forget me.. But to my shock u guessed Its me ”

Sanscallous -“What how can u think also I will forget u ??”

Swara -“no Sanky I just thought.. ”

Sanskaar -“Don’t think also that OK.. ”

Swara -“OK OK.. ”

Sanskaar -“Had dinner?? ”

Swara -“Yes am done.. Was going for sleep but sleep is far away from my eyes so thought to disturb u ?”

Sanskaar -“Nice thinking ”

Swara -“Sorry..I really did na ”

Sanskaar -“No not at all… U can call me anytime u want ”

Swara -“Thanks for special consideration :p ”

Sanskaar -“haha my pleasure madam.. ”

Swara -“BTW u dint slept?? ”

Sanskaar -“No actually have some work to be done so.. ”

Swara -“Oh kk now am getting sleep… U continue ur work and sleep by good night.. ”

Sanskaar -“So fast u got sleep… Kk bye good night… Take care ”

Swara -“bye ”

And disconnects the call…

Sanskaar -” Unpredictable she is ”
(Smiles intensely)

Swara thinks -“Uff he is flirty but I like it… He is irresistible ”

Swara dozed off while Sanskaar got back to his sofa with lappy and continue his work…

Next day adi had some work at office he ask Swara to come with him…

Both leaves to office…

Sanskaar was already present in office… He was in presentation room… Doing some sort of work… Alone… Adi ask the receptionist..

Sanskaar sees adi and welcomes him and then his eyes falls on Swara… His face lit up with smile and eyes had a unique shine…

Sanskaar -“Hi adi Hello Swara.. ”

Adi -“Hii ”

Swara smiles formally -“Hii ”

Adi -“U here Sanskaar ”

Sanskaar -“Yeah actually a meeting ended just now I was seeing Its sub matters.. Well u here ” (his eyes.. Gazing Swara.. And then adi alternatively… Swara was too looking him)

Adi -” Yeah actually I need to talk with u on sharma’s project.. How far we are n yes its profit percentage… As well as goodwill ”

Sanskaar -“Yeah the profit percent is a good one and up to good will its also a good… They have a good reputation so.. We will naturally have a good amount of goodwill… ”

He sees swara listening to them and getting bored… He makes adi and swara sit In presentation room… Adi and Sanskaar sits together… And sanskaar explain the project details and mergers to him… But his eyes were seeing her every now and then..

She was boringly looking to the interior of room… She then feels his gaze on her and looks him… He draw his gaze from her to lappy… They watches each other from corner of eyes…

Adi -“If u need details of Mehta’s u can get it from my cabin OK.. My PA will get u that ..”

Sanskaar -“(trying to concentrate) Yeah I was about to ask u …thank u so much.. ”

They again starts discussing.. While swara gets so bored.. -“Bhai I think it will take much time to u… Till than can I see the office.. Am getting bored ”

Sanskaar looks on her..

Adi -“sure Shona ”

Swara goes out and a guy comes to take coffee…swara was about to walk by closing the room door..

Guy -“Hey Shona u Here..?? ”

Swara tries to remember the guy..

Guy -“Don’t say that u forget me ?”

Swara -“(smiles widely) Puneeeettt u Here.. ”

They share a hug… This was all watched by sanskaar from the transparent glass door of room… He was seeing them both…

Puneet -“Thank God u remember me.. ”

Swara -“Hey were are u I’ve not seen u after ur collage.. We miss our seniors ”

Puneet -“Haha even me too miss juniors specially u ”

Swara -“Haha.. So what are you doing Here ”

Puneet -“Well I do job here ”

Swara -“Well that’s awsm ”

Puneet -“Ur looking more sizzling swara than before and wow u said u love tattoos and u did too.. Nice designs ha ”

Swara -“Haha u still remember ”

Laughing keeps friendly hand on his arm..

Puneet -“How can I forget..in fact I love this deepika padukone ankle tatto ”

Swara -“Yeah I love deepika a lot so u know na I follow her.. ”

Puneet -“Yeah Yeah I do know u and ur love for deeps ”

Sanskaar was focusing out more than the explanation to adi…

Puneet sees a eyeslash hair on her cheeks…

Puneet -“Wait swara… ”

Swara -“What happened ”

He forwards his hand to her cheeks and takes the hair and holds her hand with one hand and asks her to close it.. He keeps the hair on her back hand…

Puneet _”‘Wish ask any wish ”

Swara -“u still believe this ??”

Puneet -“Yes I do now ask.. ”

Swara -“OK ”

She closes her eyes and prays something… Her eyes becomes wet in prayer… Like something bothering her..puneet stairs her.. Finally she open eyes and blow hair away…

Sanskaar sees all this….

Adi -“Sanskaar its all done na now.. I will check that construction site now… Their reports OK ”

Sanskaar too wanted adi to leave as fast as possible…

Sanskaar -“OK adi as u say ”

Adi comes out and sees swara and puneet..

Adi -“Swara am going to a construction site.. If u want to come or be here I will pick u later ”

Swara -“No Bhai u go am here..u can pick me later or I will go by my self ”

Adi -“OK am leaving bye.. ”

Adi leaves Sanskaar comes near door and tries to listen puneet and Swara…

Swara -“So puneet u Still interested in ur Kate any girlfriend ”

Puneet-“Aah no Swara.. No gf… Waiting for u winks ”

Swara -“Haha seriously u have not changed till now ”

Puneet -“Haha OK Swara I need to go for a work.. C u later.. Don’t go ok before meeting me… ”

They share a hug he takes his coffee and leaves…

Sanskaar comes out when Swara was about to go…

Sanskaar -“Who was he Shona (firmly)”

Swara smiles -“My senior… U know he was one of my best friend.. He is so good I miss him now in collage.. And coincidentally what u know he is working here only..”

She began to say about puneet qualities without noticing that Sanskaar is getting pissed off..

Sanskaar -“(angrily) Y the hell are u praising him so much ??”

Swara -“What happened ”

Sanskaar -“oh so now u like his attitude and way write of touching ”

Swara -“Why are u speaking like that Sanskaar take it easy.. ”

Sanskaar -“Why the hell are u asking me to take it easy.. ”

Swara now pissed off -“Sanky stop it man y are u behaving so,, we are not in a relationship.. Ki u are getting furious… Isn’t it too much..”

Sanskaar -“Oh I c relationship and all ha… This is too much wait.. ”

He holds her both arms firmly.. And pin her to wall.. It was a silent place.. Silence in the sence no one was there..

He pin her and kissed her wildly… Swara tries to get out of his grip and kiss… But all in vein.. He kisses her lower lip wildly without any mercy… And bit it hard… Tear drop rolls down her eyes due to pain….

He suck Her tounge and roamed in every corner of her mouth… He dugged his nails in her wrists.. He bites her tounge… When he was out of breath he breaks… Swara looks him angrily…

He looks her lips the blood on it..

Swara -“Youuu ”

She says and cubs his face and kissed him hard… Sanskaar hands grabs her cylindrical waist and pulls her… She kissed him wildly giving him the same pain which he gave him just before few seconds by biting him… Sanskaar enjoyed the pain… He sucked her hard.. It was a wild kiss with all aggression.. She dugged her nails in his back..

She breaks the kiss and looks him angrily.. Inseated he was smiling..

Seeing her angry he shut his lips showing the smile…

Swara pushes him and runs to his cabin..

Sanskaar -“Swara listen Swara am sorry ”

Sanskaar to himself -“oh shit man what did I do.. Oh no Sanskaar.. Can’t u control ur desire and why the hell u got angry.. It’s her life her wish to talk with anyone like she wants.. But y she kissed me back?? Dude in anger she did (he answered his own questions) ”

He goes back of her… In his cabin..

He sees Swara sitting on chair…he goes to her… She was angry

Swara -“How dare u Sanskaar.. How can u kiss me like that ”

Sanskaar with a calm voice -“Because I can’t see u with any one else… ”

Swara -“What… But y Sanskaar… We are not in a relationship… We just met few days ago and became and u are behaving like this.. He is my friend…how can u do that (angrily) ”

Sanskaar sits on other chair beside Swara and tried to be as calm as he can -“Then Swara y did u kissed me back if we aren’t in any relationship then y did u kissed me back.. Inseated u would have slapped me for my doing.. But u kissed me back.. What does this means? ”

Swara stayed numb not speaking any single word…

Sanskaar -“Say na Swara y ”

Swara smiled slightly -“How much daring u are na here am asking u a question and u turned it right to me”

Sanskaar took her smiling face as a positive signal… And holded her hand -“Am Sanskaar Maheshwari I have daringness in my blood.. ”

Swara just smiled… -“Yeah ur daring made come out my blood.. ”

Sanskaar looks at her lips and caressed the corners of it by thumb..-“Am sorry darling ”

Swara got up.. He too got up..-“What sorry Sanky.. Get first aid box I need to clean this.. ”

Sanskaar -“What’s need of that.. I will do my self.. ”

Swara -“What ?? How ”

Sanskaar -“Like this darling ”

He cubbed her face and placed his lips on her.. Before she could realize any thing they were in a kiss..he kissed her lips gently and sucked her blood… Or u can say it cleaned it… She too kissed him back… She was becoming wild she kissed him hard…they stopped after enough loving each others lips…

Sanskaar -“Ahan my Shona is becoming wild sherni ”

Swara -” Sanskaar.. ”

She walks a few step.. He comes from back and hugged her…

And moved her hairs to one side ..swara’s phone rang… It was adi..

Swara -“Sanskaar leave Bhai is calling ”

Sanskaar smells her hairs -“umm noo ”

Swara lifted the call..

While Sanskaar began to kiss her neck..

Adi -“Hello Swara am out come fast.. ”

Swara -“OK Bhai coming ”

Sanskaar opens her top zip little and kissed there…

Swara disconnected..

Swara -“Sanskaar leave me Bhai is waiting ”

Sanskaar -“No ”

Swara -“Please ”

Sanskaar -‘”OK promise me u will come tonight at 10 star pub?? ”

Swara -“OK ”

Sanskaar -“And yes don’t talk to that puneet OK ”

Swara -“U are to much.. ”

Sanskaar -“Say OK ”

Swara -“OK Now bye ”

Sanskaar -“bye ”

She leaves the cabin

Precap -“SwaSan at pub and much more”

To be continued….

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