Heaven In Midst of Hell Part 1 – SwaSan SS by ZuZu n Goldie

Heaven In Midst Of Hell

Link of Prologue – http://www.tellyupdates.com/heaven-midst-hell-prologue-swasan-ss-zuzu-n-goldie-prologue

Recap of #Prologue -“A house.. Lavish party.. SwaSan talk with each other in a different way ”

Part : 01

SwaSan looks on each other having drinks.. aditya sees them and comes near them..

-“Hey Sanskaar… I think u both already had a intro but let me introduce u both for formality purpose…. ”

Swara and Sanskaar smiles..

Adi -“Meet my sister.. Swara… And Swara he is our business partner.. And most wanted handsome hunk.. sanskaar Maheshwari.. ”

Sanskaar -“Nice to meet u miss Swara.. (Winks) ”

Swara -“Me too Mr Sanskaar..(smiles) ”

Sanskaar -“BTW the ppl whom I like calls Me Sanky rather than Sanskaar ”

Swara -“Oh so in which list I am..Sanskaar or Sanky.. (With a mischievous smile) ”

Sanskaar -“Well miss swara I think I’ve already answered u…but if you still want me to explain I can in my style ” (smirks)

Swara -“Well ppl who likes me calls me Shona…I think I answered ur question right Sanky “(smiles looking in his eyes.. And drinking wine) ”

Sanskaar -“Well I like ur Boldness ”

Swara -“Say something new it’s quite a old compliment ”

Adi -“Well Sanskaar are u feeling comfortable here or else come with me there ”

Sanskaar -“( looking at swara) Actually Aditya am more comfortable here than anywhere else… ”

Swara smiles hearing it and his way of looking…

Adi -” OK u enjoy am there OK if u need anything ask Shona OK ”

Sanskaar -“Ya I think I need something ” (looking swara.. From top to bottom.. With a smile.. Slowly but swara heard it)

Adi -“Did u say anything?? ”

Sanskaar -“(coming back to sense looking adi ) nope nothing.. U carry on if I need I will definitely as… (Looking swara) he na miss Shona”

Swara -“Yes y not Sanky (smiles with naughtiness) ”

Adi -“K excuse me guys ”

He leaves…

Swara’s friends began to talk with her… But her eyes were contacting his eyes… He was looking her with desire..taking sips of vodka…

Swara was staring him continusly which his eyes noticed… Both want to talk but circumstances was not in favour..

His eyes every movement of her.. And fell upon her pretty naval ring.. Her top was short.. Exposing her naval and tatto near it… A girl with a naval ring is always considered as a bold and fashionable one… And yes she was one.. That’s the ultimate reason his cunning eyes found her in this huge party…

The light goes dim.. Sanskaar goes near her till a guy comes to Shona and ask for dance

Guy -“Hey Shona will u dance with me.. ”

Swara notice Sanskaar near her…-“sanky Do u wanna say somethin?”

Sanky -“Well can I have the pleasure of dancing a this beautiful yet hottie?? ”

Swara -“I like ur style… ”

Sanskaar -“Well say something else.. “(He winks)

Both laughs…

Swara -” (To guy) Am sorry summit better luck next time dude ”

She gives her hand in Sanskaar’s hand and both joins the floor…

BG starts -” Lat Lag gai from Race 2 ”

Sanskaar holds Her both hands and began to dance salsa moves..

“Be imaan dil bada beiman Tere lie shaitan meri na ek mana… ”

Swara looks him temptingly.. Sanskaar pulls her.. Her chest crushes into his hard chest.. -“Shona.. That guy asked u for dance before me.. Then u
Y did u deny him?? ”

Shona -“Cz he not like u ”

Sanskaar -“Sorry dint get u can u please specify? ”

Shona -“Offo Sanky… Ur style.. Attitude… And… ” (stops teasing him)

Sanskaar makes her move away in step and both were standing opposite each other in line.. He holds her right hand from behind his neck (guys this is common step in salsa)

Sanky -“And?? (Curiously… With a naughty smile) ”

Swara -“And ”

Sanskaar -“And?? ”

Swara -“And ??”

Sanskaar -“Uff Shona don’t test my patience… Otherwise ”

Shona -“Otherwise (Smiles naughtily) ”

He holds her hands and pulls her.. Her back back crush into his chest…

Sanskaar -“Do u want more otherwise ”

Shona -“And ”

Sanskaar -“And say shona… ”

Shona -“And Sanky ”

Sanskaar -“I think u want more.. ”

Her top was a bit short exposing her naval which had a naval ring…

He slids his hand… And touches her tatto.. She was looking in his eyes and so was he…

His hand moved a head to her naval ring… Both were contacting each other with thier desire filled eyes… With a smile which was wicked.. And naughty too…

Sanskaar -“BTW ur tattoos are amazing… Specially this ring… Beautiful.. ”

Shona-“And ur this attitude and hotness.. ”

“Muje Toh Teri lat lag gai lag gai.. Jamana kya h ye Lat ye lat lag gai.. Muje toh Teri..”

Sanskaar stunned to her reply the flares of desired shined up In both pair of eyes.. Which was not remained unnoticed by her…

Sanskaar -“Acha so my this ada is which is making u fida on me?? ”

Swara -“Yup and they are more divas in party y did u choose me to dance?? ”

Sanskaar -“am Sanskaar Maheshwari… My eyes always picks out the best.. U are my type ”

Swara -“Oh Sanky… ”

Sanskaar makes her move round…

The songs end…

SwaSan was standing at a corner.. Talking… It was now the party was getting to an end…

Sanskaar -“what u do still study ”

Swara -“Well I do study.. But now I think I need to join office… (Looking him) ”

Sanskaar -“I too think this is best idea… Girl like u is needed in our office…”

Swara-“For office or for u (Flirty)”

Sanskaar -” Well u can take ur own reply as a sentence.. (Smiles with desire) ”

Adi comes to them…

Sanskaar -“I think I need to leave now almost everyone went… ”

Adi -“OK dude meet u tomorrow ”

Sanskaar and Aditya share a hug.. And Aditya leaves

Sanskaar -“Well shona.. This is my visiting card..”

He forwards his hand swara tries to take it.. He pulls his palm in a handshake.. And squeezes it looking in her eyes.. Swara feels it and squeezes it back with smile…

Sanskaar -“Well this is my number when ever u need anything call me ”
Swara -“yeah sure when ever I need u I will ”

Sanskaar -“(smiles at her reply) I liked ur reply… Well bye tc ”

Swara -“Bye gn ”

They share a good bye hug..

Sanskaar leaves…

After reaching his home he thinks about swara and her way of talking… -“Uff what a perfect one she is.. Totally my types ”

Here swara thinks..-“His touch had some magic ”

Soon they dozed off…

Precap -” SwaSan First friendly meet Meet “

To be continued..

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