Heartstrings (Part 6)


Thank u everyone for ur comments.. and i thank all the silent readers too…And in my story aaliya is somewat good person. Coz i personally feel that no siblings can betray each other. OK now lets get into the story..

The episode starts with pragya slowly opening the door of her room. She started to walk towards abhi’s room. Suddenly she sees mithali coming on the way. Pragya stood there for a second. Mithali was not in her senses. She was walking in the sleep. Without knowing it pragya blabbers something to her that she came out to get fresh air. Mithali asks her whether the leftover food is in the kitchen. Pragya nods yes in a confused state. Mithali went. Pragya thought the entire family is somewat different. She then started moving towards abhi’s room. She slowly openend his door.She made sure that he slept. And yes she searched for abhi’s mobile. She searches near tv showing her backside to abhi.She got so tensed as it was not there. Suddenly she heard a noise. By chance r u searching for this said abhi and showed his phone. Pragya said yaaa thanks and then she realised it was abhi who was talking. She got scared. She told vo.. boss i came here to check whether u have slept peacefully. Why should u check? he asked. She told boss i have to take care of u or else i will be a bad slave right? He said so my slave is doing her job huh? She nodded yes with a confident smile.

He said ok now my sleep have gone. So tell me some story that will make me sleep or sing a song for me. Pragya told many stories which boring.. Abhi said oh please fuggy dont bore me with ur stories. Now sing a song for me he said. Pragya at first nodded no but after seeing abhi’s cute mobile she started to sing.. She sang chahun main ya naa…..Abhi was lost in her song. Pragya looked at him and thought wat happened to him? She gently patted him. he didnt react so she pinched him and he came back to senses. He said not bad fuggy u r really amazing.She thought is he complimenting or playing with me.. she smiled a litte. She got up and she slipped and sat on abhi’s lap. Abhi held her too close. Pragya could’nt resist seeing his eyes. Now they were lost in their eyes. And here plays ooh allah waarriyaan……

They came back to senses while abhi’s phone got a call. Pragya got up and adjusted herself. Abhi attended the call and started talking. And he shouted WHAT?!!! U R COMING TOMORROW? Pragya looked at him surprisingly. Abhi cut the call and asked pragya Have u ever seen white ghosts for real? Pragya asked wat do u mean? Abhi said you will see it tomorrow and he went to sleep. Pragya then went to her room and called bulbul. bulbul asked her di plan success??? Pragya said arey stupid bulbul! hereafter please dont give me ur ideas! i will find a way for myself. Bulbul said so u r insulting me huuh? u didnt perform the plan well! Pragya said arey baba okay but dont give any stupid ideas to me and now am going to sleep so good night and see u soon. Bulbul said OKAY good night will see u if u r alive after this 30 days and she cut the call. Pragya thought so they have already planned a funeral for me….

Next day everyone were at the dining table. Pragya was drinking water and suddenly mithali asked pragya By chance did i talk to u last night? Pragya who had water in her mouth was about to spit it out but she somehow managed and gulped it in. She said no di maybe it would have been ur dream and smiled. Mithali said but how can i a person whom i have seen just for a day could get into my dream? she asked as if shes going to do some research on it. Pragya had no answer for that and so she stammered. Abhi who was just hearing this understood wat might have happened last night. And so he said maybe u like pragya that much and must have thought about her before sleep and thats y she might have came into ur dreams. Mithali somewat got convinced with his answer. Pragya smiled at abhi and abhi winked at her.Now abhi started to drink water.

Suddenly aaliya said TANU? hearing this now abhi was about to spit but controlled himself. Tanu shouted HEY GUYS!! how are u people?? Long time no see? Abhi thought even that was better.She said omg abhi i missed u so badly and hugged him. Pragya was looking at her weirdly and remembered abhi’s words and thought so this is miss.white ghost. Aaliya asked tanu y is she here and tanu said that her parents had left abroad and so she thought of staying here for some days and spend time with u ppl. Abhi thought r we running any hostel here? everyone is coming and staying here just like that but anyhow he managed a smile..

Tanu asked Whos she? pointing towards pragya, Pragya said i am pragya arora. Abhi said we are family friends and so shes staying here. Tanu said i cant believe it abhi.. u have such cheap i mean middle class family friends?? Abhi was shocked to hear her saying like that but he couldnt tell anything at that time. This got pragya also angry but she kept quiet as she always do. Dadi suddenly said but tanu they r still better that rich witches! and more better than UNINVITED GUESTS! and went. Tanu murmurs this old lady na… wait and watch wat i will do. Abhi asked did u say anything? Tanu said no no.. i just said ur dadi is so sweet thats it and gave a fake smile.Pragya stared at her and thought I MAY LOOK CALM BUT I HAVE SLAPPED U ABOUT FIVE TIMES IN MY MIND! Pragya also left.

Will tanu’s presence bring abhi and pragya closer or will make them more far? Stay tuned for that. Once again a special thanks to all those who read with so much patience. And thank u so much for supporting. I think u all liked the line DADI IS THE MAIN VILLIAN in the previous episode! haha even i liked it.. #spread love

Credit to: silent reader

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  1. 2 epis 4 today na? Great great great….update asap

  2. Hey ! That was so amazing, in last episode dadi a villain, in this tanu a white ghost! ???? Best episode! Are we running hostel here ??? Unwanted guest ???? awesome

  3. It’s superb yaar especially dadi’s answer to tat tanu s really awesome n tat tanu deserve it no no she deserveore than tz lk slap etc etc…today’s episode s awesome n I love it yaar

  4. white gost a…..ha ha ha…really superb……

  5. Omg superb episode yaar. Nice abhigya scenes.

  6. Realy super next 1 ? Waiting 4 that too…. We some cute sce 4 abiayga that which make tanu irrate,,,

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    OMG!!!Miss.White Ghost!!!!Its also funny yaar……..Anyway, The Epi is Superbbbbbbbb……. Loved it………????????????????????????

  8. super…tanu is white ghost super.

  9. Hey sorry I can’t comment on your last episode but that and this episode is toooo awesome in that episode I like that line ‘dadi is the main villain’ and in this episode I like ‘white ghost’ and ‘are we running hostel’ and ‘uninvited guest’ and ‘they have already planned a funnerel for me’ seriously I lived that dialogue and I can’t stop myself from laughing ????? awesome i love your ff a lot now I’m eagerly waiting for next episode

  10. its really awesome…thank god abhi dont have any interest on tanu…..

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