Heartstrings (Part 5)


hey people…. i submitted my article yesterday itself but i dont know y tellyupdates didnt accept it..so its okay.. hope u didnt forget my ff.. thanks everyone for supporting..
RECAP: Pragya was dancing on the song chikini chameli in abhi’s room. abhi started recording it….

The episode starts with pragya dancing and she suddenly turned towards the wall and she sat down on the bed with great force. she said Why is his pic here even in this room? suddenly he said Because its my room. Pragya slowly turned towards him and was shocked to see him. She immediately got down from the bed and stood up. Abhi said WOW CHASHMISH u dance really well and even katrina will lose in front of u. Saying this he couldnt control his laughter and bursted out. Pragya was fuming in anger. She said dont u dare comment on me. He said u cant order me now my dear fuggy. she asked what? He showed the video to her. She was again shocked and asked him to delete it. Ok i will delete it but with one condition he said. Pragya asked wat. He said u have to be my slave for this 30 days. Pragya said do i look like a servant to u?? Abhi said i think u didnt hear it clearly. U R MY SLAVE. Servants get paid but slaves do not. So now get out of my room he said it with an attitude. She shouted at him and he sang hoii chikini chameli…. she muted her mouth and said yes boss i will leave in a calm manner. She hit her leg on the bed and was about to fall but yes abhi held her waist. Abhi looked into her eyes coz it was the first time he was looking into her eyes. No song played on the background coz pragya didnt feel anything, He was holding for more than one minute. She got herself up and signed him wat, Abhi came to senses after some time. She said am leaving and went.

Pragya came to her room correcly now. She called bulbul and told her everything. Bulbul gave her some idea and told her that they are gonna check in a hotel and so will call later and she cut the call. Pragya thought so i should end this problem soon. Suddenly dadi came inside pragya’s room and started talking to her.After sometime everyone slept. It was morning in MM.OOPS sorry not only in MM but everywhere. Pragya got up so early and went to help dadi in kitchen. Suddenly dadi asked her Pragya beta can u go and wake up abhi? because i am so tired to go upstairs. Pragya thought its such a lame excuse but still she nodded positively. Pragya on the way to abhi’s room thought I can even wake up a lion from sleep but not this pig. She entered the room slowly, She cleared her throat as if abhi can hear it from his sleep and say her ooo pragya u r here… He didnt even move a bit. So she patted him gently on his shoulders. still no response. so she patted little harder and abhi said FIVE MINUTES ROBIN without opening his eyes. Pragya again patted and now abhi got angry and pulled her to his bed. Come sleep with me robin he said. Pragya couldnt say anything as she was shocked. As abhi held her he asked hey robbin when did we change ur uniform? u didnt wear a belt today he said holding pragya.And he moved his hands towards pragya’s face and said robin u started to wear glasses? Pragya didnt know wat to do so she bit him in his hand and he shouted leaving her grip. She stood up immediately and abhi was shocked to see her..

Abhi asked her What r u doing here? y were u in my bed and did u come here to do anything to me?? Sayin this he covered him with the blanket like girls do. Pragya said oooohoo rockstar dont over react. I came here as dadi asked me to wake u up and due to ur stupidness i bit ur hand. abhi said U enjoyed it right and thats y u didnt shout! Pragya got angry and shouted at him. He showed his mobile again. Now she calmed herself down and said in a poilte way Boss am really sorry. Wat can i do for u now? ABHI said GOOD.GO GET MY COFFEE. She nodded and left and went out and started murmuring to herself. Abhi shouted I can hear u chashmish! She ran from there…

Pragya brought coffee to abhi’s room and gave him. He drank it and said dont tell that u made it. i know this is made by dadi he said. Pragya said no i only made it. Abhi was quite shocked as it was similar to dadi’s coffee.She left and abhi was still in his thoughts. Pragya got ready to go to office. Both abhi and pragya came down at the same time. Pragya told dadi that shes leaving. Dadi said wait beta.. u too go with abhi.Abhi said when did i tell u that i will take her with me? Dadi said no one asked ur opinion here and asked pragya to go with him. Pragya thought to herself i think dadi is the main villain of this show. She unwantedly nodded. both left for the car. Pragya openend the back seat of the car and abhi asked her Do i look like a driver to u? she said oops sorry boss and openend the front door and sat. They started to office. Abhi on the way asked her not to tell anyone that she stays in his house. Pragya also nodded. Abhi went inside his cabin and pragya moved towards her place while some three girls stopped her.

They said dont u dare follow abhi sir! How dare u come with him in his car. dont try to make him fall for u. they warned her. Pragya said ugh i have no idea about it and for ur kind info i have better taste. The three girls stared at her and left. Pragya went to her place to work. It was evening and abhi called her and said u go and wait near the car i will come after sometime so that no one doubts us. She thought ugh hes planning as if hes gonna launch a rocket. she also went by abhi’s instruction. He came after sometime and left to MM.

In MM dadi welcomed her and said pragya beta sarla told me that u like bhel poori very much. I have made it for u. Abhi thought to himself dadi had never made this for me but to her shes making. how mean? Pragya said wow dadi u r really sweet and started to eat. Abhi asked Dadi did u forget someone? Dadi asked Who? Abhi said ur grandson. Dadi again asked who as she didnt hear him clearly. Abhi thought wow abhi dadi now forgot u. so save ur self respect and leave. Pragya could hear his mind voice and laughed a little. Abhi stared at her. Suddenly dadi called him. Abhi thought thats my dadi! he asked with great enthusiasm YES DADI? Dadi said i have some more left in the kitched can u please go and take it and give it to pragya? Abhi looked surprisingly. he went with great anger and toook that bowl and kept it infront of pragya with great force. And he said Pragya beta eat well or else u cant tolerate all the troubles that am gonna give u. He said and left to his room..

It was night time. Pragya thought this is the right time to execute the plan. She slowly opened her room.

What plan is that? Will pragya succeed? Stay tuned for that…. THANK U SO MUCH GUYS FOR UR WONDERFUL SUPPORT. i must say tisha u r really amazing. And another thing i am very bad at writing romantic episodes. Even a lkg kid can write better than me. so please tolerate me. #happy reading #spread love

Credit to: silent reader

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