Heartstrings (Part 4)


Hey guys!!! Hope u remember me.. Am here with a surprise episode as i got some free time… Next will be on may 9.. Nd thank u for such lovely comments!!

Recap: pragya is appointed as costume designer in abhi’s company nd sarla is going for a wedding nd bulbul for some work for a month.. So pragya to stay in MM……

The episode begins with sarla and bulbul dragging pragya inside MM. Pragya was shouting NOOOOOOO…. they atlast dragged her inside. Dadi welcomed them. Dadi was quite shocked to see pragya but inside she felt a bit happy. Pragya was scared that dadi would tell that matter to her mom. So she looked scared. Dadi understood her and didnt even showed a sign of that matter. Dadi said wow sarly ut kids have grown up so beautifully. Both look like princess! Sarla says haan dadi ma.. She introduces them to dadi. Pragya nd bulbul got blessings from dadi. Dadi called all their family members. Abhi also came and was shocked to see pragya there. He thought to himself y is this chashmish here!!? Then dadi told about pragya’s stay in their house. Everyone looked at her in a confused state but no one said anything. Abhi gave her a death killing smile nd thought in his mind arey chashmish i feel pity. U r gonna be a dead chicken now! Pragya saw him nd could hear his mind voice. She was hell scared. Suddenly purab came there and saw bulbul. Bulbul shouted BOSS U R HERE??!!!! Purab said i should ask u that nd said bulbul that hes abhi’s friend. Bulbul also said they r their family friends. And she introduced her mom and sis to him. Purab was at first shocked to see pragya there but later he said then theres no confusion coz shes just like u pointing towards pragya.

Sarla said ok we r leaving now and asked pragya to take care of herself. Abhi interupted and said dont worry aunty ji we will take care of her and gave a witty smile. Sarla says thank u beta so sweet of u. Purab says ok bulbul we will also leave now or else we will miss the train. They all left..

Dadi askes robin to take pragya’s bags to guest room.Pragya decided not to look at Abhi. She suddenly hit her leg on the table and was about to fall. But abhi held her wrist nd saved her and said dont worry chashmish i will never let u down on UR OWN. coz i will only push u down. Saying this he went to his room. Pragya stood there in shock. She built up some courage and thought to go to her room.

Pragya got confused in her way and she went to abhi’s room by mistake. Abhi was inside the wardrobe. So she didnt see abhi. She said woah!! Wat a big room!! She sits on the bed nd suddenly the tv got switched on coz she sat on the remote. Chikini chameli was playing on the TV. Pragya couldnt control herself and she stood on the bed and started to dance.she danced the same steps of kaif.( lol imagine pragya dancing like that in fuggy style)

Abhi heard the noise and he looked out and saw fuggy dancing. He couldnt control his laughter and he thought of teasing her but suddenly an idea strike him. He took out his mobile and recorded it. He said to himself now u r dead meat to me chashmish!!!!!

What will abhi do with the video?? Will abhi succeed in his revenge?!! Stay tuned for that. Hope u all loved my surprise. Keep supporting. Lv u all! #happy reading#spread love

Credit to: Silent reader

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  1. Very nice. Waiting for nxt epi

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  3. Welcome back yaar. Cute episode. Waiting for next one

  4. Ohhhhhh god today it’s damn awesome yaar really amazing n soooooooooooo cute I just remember how vl pragya dance I just can’t control my laugh… It’s really sooooo awesome in short 2day’s episode s out of world…

  5. Vry funny ya …waiting for ur next epi

  6. Pls give next epi, as u got time pls… We all want pragy action 2…

  7. Very funny ?? awesome

  8. Yes we all loved ur surprise very much yaar

  9. Wow……Its Awesome………. Kaise bhool sakthi hoon Iss Kahani KO?????Loved it………..

  10. Lol funny episode yaar

  11. its really awesome….super…i also couldnot control my laugh….

  12. omg omg lol wat a funny revenge yaar fuggi dancing chikni chameli is tooo gud nd dead chicken is sooooo funny yaar nd abhi is hilarious today Welcome back vil wait upto may 9 but if possible give such glimpses if u hv time dizzz story is rocking

  13. Wow the epi was awesome. I can’t control my laughter….
    Like abhi is abhi na…. Really nice epic and i suprised to see the epic i was waited for ur ff…. How is ur exam..
    We al remember u and don’t ask this question again

  14. so sad of pragya…behaving lik a kid…ha ha ha ha……

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