Heartstrings (Part 3)


Thank u so much for ur lovely comments!nd so this is for u.. But i hav a request. Plz guys dont ask me to upload fast coz i cant reject ur requests.nd i also hav to study nd i can do it only if u support me.so after this i will upload only on may 9. Really really sorry for that but plz do understand!

The episode begins with pragya goin to MM. As she doesnt know the way she asked the roadside people nd they all showed her the way. The whole family was present in MM. Abhi too was there. Suddenly pragya came nd shouted HOW DARE U! U called me thief! Everyone was shocked to see her. But she didnt mind! Abhi rushed towards her nd pulled the pillow from her but pragya held it so strongly nd hid it behind her back. Abhi asked her wat she was doing and asked her to give his pillow. But she refused! She asked him that does she look like a balloon. Abhi told kind of. This answer made pragya’s anger to mount everest!
She said have u ever looked urself at the mirror! U luk like a lighthouse nd ur half fold pant is worser than that of beggars! Nd th rings u wear seems like u have married five women! Nd overall u r just a stupid rockstar! Nd this made abhi’s anger also to climb mount everest! He shouted FIRST U STOLE MY PILLOW ND NOW U R COMMENTING ON ME! How dare u!! No one had ever talked like this to me! I will call police to arrest u nd keep u in a place where there will be no air so that ur face which looks like a baloon will be like puffffffff he said it wit a pout. Purab came nd told abhi that dont talk in a stupid way. She has come here to return ur pillow. Nd bro theres no law in our country to arrest people for a pillow! So better apologise to her nd get ur pillow back! abhi says ME? APOLOGISE?? Never! Abhi the rockstar will never do it! The whole family insists abhi to apologise! But pragya said i dont want his apology… Before she could finish abhi said see she doesnt need it! Hi fi chashmish! Pragya said I DONT WANT UR APOLOGY HERE BUT INFRONT OF MEDIA! Abhi was like WAT THE HELL! I cant do it.. U r insulting me infront of my fans. Ok then i will have this pillow coz george loves such pillows!said pragya with a cute smile. Abhi said ohhhh if u want to gift ur boy get somethin else its mine! Pragya says uffo george is my dog’s name! Abhi got very angry but everyone laughed! Abhi was about to say something but aalia cut off his speech nd said bhai apologise or she will not give the pillow. But aalia.. Dadi says enough of ur stubborness abhi! It was ur fault to insult her like that ! Just tell the media u got the pillow nd apologise for commenting on her. As dadi said abhi had no other way. He went to the media nd told i apologise for commenting the girl i mentioned before like that! Nd happy news that i got the pillow! A reporter asks whos that girl.since
Pragya told him not to tell about her abhi didnt tell anything. The media left. Pragya gave pillow to abhi with a witty smile! Abhi pulled it roughly. Dadi loved the way pragya dealt with abhi. She asked her name. She told pragya arora. Abhi repeated in his mind pragya arora??! I will not leave u for this. Pragya left home nd she told everythin to bulbul. Bulbul laughed like anything nd said DI u were awesome! It became night nd everyone slept!
Next day pragya got ready for her new interview. Sarla told pragya that shes leaving to banglore to attend a wedding nd she told i will not be here for a month nd bulbul is also going for her work to calcutta.So pragya u will stay at our family friend’s house for a month. Pragya says ok ma nd left. She reached the office nd asked about interview. The receptionist showed her to wait in the room. She went there nd sat facing the MD chair. Suddenly the door opened nd pragya turned to see nd was almost shocked to see abhi there! Abhi smiled at her in a witty way! So miss.pragya arora is here for the interview! Lol u know wat this interview is for?!! Its for costume designing! Show me ur designs! She showed him with fear! WOW i like it! U r selected miss pragya! Nd abhi cancelled all other interviewvers!He went near pragya nd said My revenge has started nd ur death is nearing! RUN!!!! He shouted nd pragya also ran!! Pragya came home with fear that evening! Sarla told pragya to get ready fast as it was getting late. Bulbul nd sarla planned to drop pragya first and then go to their respective places. They were on their way to the family friends place. Meanwhile pragya was tellin all stories to bulbul secretly. Bulbul was quit shocked but told her di not to worry as he cant do anything. The car suddenly stopped in front of a house. Pragya said PLEASE DONT TELL ME THAT THIS IS OUR FAMILY FRIEND’s house!!! Sarla said pragya beta how clever u r! This is the house that i said! YES IT WAS ABHI MEHRA’s MANSION! Pragya told that she wont get down! Bulbul says di wat happenend?!! Pragya says its his house!! Bulbul says OMG! but bulbul says di u hav no other way! U hav to stay here for just 30 days! Pragya says no way bulbul! Sarla shouts pragya dont behave like a child! Get down fast! Pragya says Ma I WILL EVEN SLEEP ON THE ROADS BUT NOT IN THIS HOUSE! bulbul nd sarla made a plan nd they almost lifter pragya. They dragged her inside…….

Wat will happen next?!! Will pragya survive in that place! Is abhi taking revenge or makin himself fall in love?!! Stay tuned for that! Interesting episodes waiting for u. Guys plz dont force me to write ff before may 9… Its my humble request! Nd once again thank u very very very much for ur commnts! Nd many ppl here r very eager to know my name! I will tell it soon. I want this ff to be liked by all so i will tell after i get many more commnts! Thank u so much for reading! Lv u all#spread love

Credit to: Silent reader

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  1. Ooooooh lovely plzzzzzzzz im waiting for may 9

  2. I can understand your plight. It was a vry interesting episode and hope to read the nxt one May 9 ?

    1. nxt one on May 9*

  3. dr its kkkk v vil wait but this ff is quite intrstng yaar dooo continue after may 9

  4. Haha very funny …waiting for may 9 ..

  5. Omg nice story yaar. Update regularly after may 9. Don’t unite them soon. I want more cute fights btw them.

  6. interesting ya….add somemore naughty things tat made them to b one….really nice.

  7. Abhigya convo was very very funny. Superb superb episode.

  8. All long i didn’t commented but you deserve comment… Amazing, the way u describe each scene is perfect eagerly waiting…….

  9. Cute yaar eagerly waiting for may 9

  10. I hav a dout.hw can abhi and his family b sarla’s family friend?

    1. Y cant they be?

    2. Silent reader

      Being rich doesnt mean they should not hav some middle class frnds. Hope u get it now!

  11. dun waste your time this serial can close

    1. Silent reader

      Thank u so much for ur concern.. #happy reading#spread love 🙂

  12. Just awesome….. Can’t wait for the next…..

  13. Really funny one.. I love it… I’m waiting for tht day…

  14. hey no need request in frndship dr.we all wait 4r may 9.all the best for ur exams.do well.ur ff is just awesome…

  15. Its Amazing……… We will wait til May 9 to read the next one…………

  16. awesome awesome awesome yaar just loved it update whenever u hv time and free frm studies coz studies is more important na

  17. Silent reader i don’t know who are you but your positive comments…I love them, and this tag #spreadlove… I love it…. Seriously hats of to you…..

    1. Silent reader

      Thank u so much somiya! Am happy that u lv that tag! Nd i always loved ur ffs! Nd thank u everyone for ur patience! Will soon update on may 9! Md lastly dont forget to #spread love!

  18. Amazing awesome u r a good writing waiting for may9

  19. super..

  20. Cool yr superrr i can’t control my laugh so amazing

  21. Ohhhh really superb yaar… Anyway I won’t force u r request u to write b4 may 9 I vl wait yaar???

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  23. all the best in your exams
    nice episode
    waiting for 9 may

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    This episode is fabulous dear???❤??

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    … extra ordinary

  27. Hi dr….. It was awesome epic, waiting for may 9….
    All the best & do well ur exams dear…
    I love ur tag #spread love!

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