Heartstrings (Part 2)


Guys thnx for ur comments.. Nd im uploading now itself coz am busy studying… Nd after this episode i will upload only on may 9.. Sorry fr that…..

The episode begins with abhi entering MM. Dadi welcomes him. She says beta y r u so late,i was waitin for u.. Abhi says Uffo dadi the train was late i cant ask the train to go fast as my dadi is waiting for me! Dadi says teak hi teak hi! Go n fresh up i will bring u breakfast.. Ok dadi said abhi climbin the stairs. He went inside his rocking room nd asked robin to unpack his things. Robin also did.Meanwhile abhi went to fresh up. He came nd saw robin makin his bed. He suddenly shouted ROBIN WHERES MY FAV PILLOW!!? Robin said how will i know sir?

Here pragya comes home. A sweet voice welcomes her. Yes shes our cute bulbul. Theres no one like a sister. She says Di i missed u so much! Pragya nd bulbul hugs nd sarla came. She says pragya beta u go nd fresh up i hav made ur fav dish. Pragya says oh really ma!! Then wil come in five min…..

Robin search my pillow shouted abhi at MM. Hearing abhi shouting everyone gathered in his room. Aalia said bhai dont panic it will be here only. Purab comes nd asks wats happenin here nd bro y r u shoutin like hell. Abhi tells him the matter. Purab asks him did he take it with him for his trip. Abhi said YES!!!! So i must have missed it in train! Or that chashmish stole it.. Everyone in chorous CHASHMISH??!!

Di come soon am very hungry! Aaare hoon bulbul. She came nd sat at the dinin table. Di i saw a pillow in ur bag. Did u buy it for me?? Pragya says ooh that pillow is not mine. Its a co passenger’s pillow nd he left it. Pragya hid the truth of abhi as she knows her sis will tease her. Oh ok di but wat r u gonna do with this. Pragya says Idk maybe return it if i happen to see him again…..

Purab idk wat u wil do but i want my pillow back! Purab says abhi yar!! Its just a pillow! JUST A PILLOW??? Abhi shouted. Purab got angry nd told then wat do u want me to do?! Should i telecast about ur missin pillow?? Abhi smiles brightly nd says EXACTLY!!! Abhi asked purab to telecast it immediately.. Purab with no other way called the press. Nd abhi told the media that someone has stolen my pillow nd i hav a doubt on a girl . If anyone happens to see her plz inform me. Nd her identification mark is that she wears CHASHMA nd she looks like fugga a balloon.

Di look at this idiotic rockstar. Hes so funny di. Pragya runs nd comes there. She sees abhi talkin to the media. she shouts DO I LOOK LIKE A BALOON TO HIM! How dare he to say me like that!! I will not leave him!! Hes dead today! Sayin this she took that pillow nd started her journey to MM. Bulbul was confused lookin at her sister…….

What wil happen?! Will abhi die today? Lol lets see wat happens coz i hav not decided it til now! Stay tuned till may 9. I will upload regularly after that! Once again thnx for wonderful commnts nd keep readin! Lv u all!

Credit to: Silent reader

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  1. Oh I can’t wait till May 9 pls try to upload soon ….and superb episode..

  2. hai frnd its really awesome ma…

  3. ash(akshaya kannan)

    Naam kya hai tumara??

    1. Silent reader

      Im sorry that i dont wanna reveal my name. I will say it after few episodes! Hope u dont mistake me..

  4. Hahaha cute episode yaar???

  5. Amazing!!….I can’t wait until may 9 pls if u have time means pls upload the next part

  6. sri ram kumar

    please upload soon i cant wait till may 9

  7. Oh i laughed and laughed i liked it no i loved it!!!!!:-):-):-):-)

  8. Its Amazing……….. Plzzzzzzz post soon………..I can’t wait till May 9…….

  9. Awesome plz update next episode fast

  10. super but may 9!..

  11. Superb dear. All the best for ur exams

  12. omg till may haaa I really cant by the way wats ur name yaar plzzz update soon

  13. pragya will kill abhi for sure….

  14. Superb yaar… It’s really sooooo cute n amazing n abhi pragya always rockzzzzzzzz… Tz s not fair yaar 4 nxt episode v hv 2 wait till may 9 ah plzzzz update Ur ff whenever u get free time yaar…

  15. Awesome da … Bt sure I can’t wait until may pls for us upload yaar pls…

  16. Its awesome yaar…I luv it…..
    How can I wait till may…
    Ok All the best for ur exams…

  17. Hi dear….really I lv it….bt I hv one doubt…. Z it related to heartstrings serial???

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