Heartstrings (Part 1)

Hey guys!! Am writing ff for first time so plz support me! I wil just give an intro… All kkb characters! As usual rockstar is our hero nd fuggy is our heroine……… Ok now lets go to the episode… The episode starts with a girl running to catch the train.She finally catches it nd starts breathing heavily.. And the air blows nd shes shown nd yes shes our pragya arora. She gets herself settled in her seat. Then she hears someone shouting on the phone for not booking first class ticket. Yes its our rockstar. His PA asks him to forgive him once. Then abhi notices that everyone is looking at him. He then calms himself down nd manages a smile. He sits in opposite to pragya. But pragya didnt notice him that much. It was night time. A pregnant women tells ttr that her ticket has been booked wrongly and didnt know wat to do.suddenly Pragya( THE MOTHER OF SACRIFICES) tells her to take her seat nd says that i will get down in next station for u. Suddnly abhi tells no need for that if u dont mind i can share my seat.pragya looks at him nd she was shocked that ABHI THE ROCKSTAR is tellin this. She hesitantly said ok. Then everyone in the compartment slept. Pragya didnt eat so she slowly took her bag nd started to eat her dinner. Abhi was also damn hungry

Nd hia stomach was makin some sounds. Pragya lends her box to him. She told that it will be nice coz my granny made it. Abhi ate the whole box nd praised her granny. But pragya was wondering if he has a stomach or a tank. They talked generally but they didnt reveal nythin abt their personals. Pragya felt cold nd so abhi offered her his jacket..abhi took out his fav pillow nd told her that he cannot live without it. Pragya was quite surprised nd she told that i cant live without my nose. Abhi thought that was it a joke? But he laughed artificially..

Next mornin they reached the station nd pragya gave his jacket. Abhi waved bye to pragya nd pragya also did. Suddenly pragya saw somethin on the seat. Yes it was abhi’s wife sry life his fav pillow. Pragya was about to call him but he left. So she took the pillow with her………… WILL THE PILLOW BE THE SYMBOL OF THEIR LOVE? stay tuned to know further… Tisha i love ur ff yarr!! Keep rocking!! Nd guys waitin for ur wonderful comments

Credit to: Silent reader


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