Heartstrings (The Deepest Affection)…Episode 2


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Yamini and Yashini are making a plan to prove her father’s innocence.

At Nithin’s home

Mukesh scolds Nithin for his carelessness. Nithin said he checked out all the records properly. But Mukesh refused to hear what he said. Nithin went to his room and think about the record. He gets angry on Suresh. Geetha comes to his room to call him to dinner. But Nithin refused, she tries to compromise him, but he can’t. So,she leaves the room.

At Morning ?

Nithin refused the Breakfast also. He goes company earlier and start to check the records again. Roshini (Nithin’s uncle’s daughter. She loves him one widely) Come to his office to meet him…

Roshini: hi Nithin. (Nithin didn’t give a proper response to her) Hey Nithin I’m so angry at yourself. Yesterday I called you so many times, but you didn’t respond my single call. You are a liar.

Nithin: Roshini please… Already I had a lot of tension.

Roshini: okay, just chill… Yesterday I went to the shops. I bought a new Lipstick ?. (She starts to apply the lipstick on her lips)

Attender come to his room and said someone was waiting for you. Nithin ask them to come.

Roshini: How is it Nithin.

Nithin looks her and said nicely. Rossini tries to kiss him on his cheek. Nithin stops her. She kissed on the tissue paper and give that to him. He puts that on the table. Someone enters into the room.

Roshini: okay Nithin you may carry on your work. I’ll meet you in the evening. (She leaves).

Nithin looks that person.

Nithin: who are you?

Yamini looks that tissue paper. Nithin take a pen from tray, he drops that tissue paper into the dustbin. Yamini struggle to speak…

Yamini: I’m Yamini Suresh. My father Suresh works in your company as a manager.

Nithin: Ho nice what do you want? Already we gave a proper memo to your father. Then why are you coming here?

Yamini: Excuse me Mr. What’s the proof you have against my father. I want to see that proof.

Nithin gets more angry. He gives all the records copies to her. She stands there and start to check. He make her to sit… Nithin looks her hand and get surprised, he started to see her. Suddenly Shree Krishna Govindha Hare murary songs plays…. Yamini phone ring… Yamini gets call from Yashini

Yamini: Yashini…

Yashini: where are you?

Yamini: I’m in dad’s office. Where are u?

Yashini: I’m on the way… r u got the documents?

Yamini: okay okay I’ll talk to later yaar. Come fast.

Yamini cuts the call. Nithin try to tallk to her. Nikkitha comes to his cabin and question about Yamini’s presents. Nithin explains, Nikkitha leaves. Mukesh comes to office and notice Yamini and start to insult her. Yamini felt bad. Yashini comes to Nithin’s office. Nikkil dashed with her scooty. Nikkil comes out from the car…

Yashini: Hey you. R u have eyes or not. You drive the car means you dnt look outside hna? Idiot how dare you?

Nikkil: oh pls pls pls don’t shouting like this pls pls pls I’ll repair your bike.

Yashini: no thanks… Hereafter don’t repeat the same to anyone. All are not the richest person like you.

Nikkil: oy… I’m not like that okay. Mind your words.

Nikkil enter into the office. Yashini breaks the car mirror. She calls Yamini…

Yamini phone rings…

Mukesh: 3rd grade ppl. Leave this place right now.

Yamini eyes filled with tears. She leaves that cabin. She comes out and attends the call.

Yashini: r u finished your work?

Yamini: where are you?

Yashini: hey what happened? y r u crying? I’m waiting in the parking area.

Yamini cuts the call. She waits for lift. Nikkil comes out from the lift. She gets into the lift. Nikkil looks her confusingly… Nikkil come to Nithin cabin and give the breakfast to Nithin.

Nithin: y r u take this here? I’m not hungry.

Nikkil: hey fool. Maa also don’t eat till now coz of you. If u not eat maa also never eat. Mind it. Come, sit here.

Nikkil start to serve the food on the plat. Nithin start to eat. Nikkil notice the key chain on the table. He take that…

Nikkil: Nithin what’s this yaar? It’s looking beautiful.

Nithin: I don’t know yaar. That mental Roshini comes here. May be she missed this.

Nikkil: that mental don’t use like this yaar. It’s was break. So this key chain has a connect with some other thing.

Nithin think about Yamini. He think about Suresh also.

Nikkil: Nithin I forgot to ask, who’s that girl. Y she cried?

Nithin: she is daughter of our manager Suresh. She came here to check out the details which is against him. Usually papa insult her also. I think she is that girl. yesterday I saw who in the traffic.

Nikkil: how do u say this… do talk like a rubbish.

Mukesh comes there…

Mukesh: what are you doing here?

Nikkil: papa I came here for….

Nithin: he get breakfast for me.

Mukesh: oh okay. Y may go to home. I’ll handle everything here.

Nithin: but….

Mukesh: but What?

Nithin: nothing (Nithin leaves angrily)

Nikkil: bye papa

Nikkil and Nithin comes down and shocked to see the mirror pieces.

Nithin: hey what is this yaar?

Nikkil: I don’t know how this happened. (recalls) Oops that girl. Yes surely that girl only did this.

Nithin: which girl yaar?

Nikkil tells everything to him.

Nithin: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, y yaar. Y everything happens only to u. I can’t to stop laugh.

Nikkil: shut up idiot. Get in.

They leaves the office.

Yamini and Yashini reached to the home.

Usha: Yamini…. Yamini what happen? R u proved your father’s innocence?

Yamini: No maa all the proofs are against papa. We can’t do anything maa. Where is papa maa?

Usha: what are you saying Yamini? Oh god please save my family from this trouble.

Yashini: Maa please clam down maa. Nothing went wrong maa. God will helps us ma…

Yamini and Yashini are console her. All are gets sad. 5 days rolled out. Police are comes to Suresh’s home to arrest him. Yamini and Yashini knocks the door. But Suresh and Usha didn’t open the door. Police break the door. All are shocked to see them…. Suresh and Usha are passed away. Police takes their bodies. Yamini and Yashini are gets shocked.

Police informed about Suresh diminish to Mukesh. Mukesh and family gets stunned. All the formalities are done and police hand over the bodies to Yamini and Yashini. All are arrived to the funeral home…. Mukesh family arrives… Neighbours, relations and Friends are done their last respect to them. Everything over… Mukesh feels guilty….

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  1. very good story vaishu, keep it up.

  2. Hey atlast u updated . what happened to u vaishu?r u fine? Atleast mukesh should think twice about suresh because he worked there more than 20years .But Yamani’s parents took wrong decision by committing suicide, now both sisters became orphans so sad .. If we didn’t do anything wrong then we should fight for truth .update next part soon yaar.Really nice story and it seems like real story.

  3. Oh god u made me cry dr…. nice update

  4. Ahhhhh vaishnavi, this is heart wrenching. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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