Heartstrings (The Deepest Affection)…Episode 1


? Heartstrings (The Deepest Affection) ?

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Nithin heads back to home from office. Meanwhile Yamini and Yashini are going to home to after finishing their final exam. Nithin sees yamini at a traffic jam on the way to the home, but does not quite see her face. Nithin try to see her face but he can’t. Nikil cals him to ask abt wr he is? He concentration on the phone Yamini moves on.

At Yamini’s home ?
Usha ask abt their exams…
Yashini : dnt wry ma, surely I’ll got the gold medal at my graduation ceremony.
Yamini : I knw y she lies like this. Maa in our clg next week they arrange for a IV maa. Yashi already plan to go that’s y only she puts alot of ice bars in ur head.
Yashini : maa dnt believe her words maa. Surely I’ll get the gold medal maa.
Usha : Hmm if u got the gold medal or not. That is second thing but I will appreciate you for ur confidence my baby…
All are smiles….
Suresh comes home full of dullness in his face.
Usha : (gives coffee) wat hpn y r u looks so dull?
Suresh : (sadly) one big prblm in my office. They gives suspension to me?
All are gets shocked….
Yashini : paa but wat? U nvr did a mistake in ur work? Then…
Yamini : paa where is that suspension letter?
Suresh gives that letter to her…
Yamini reads that….

This letter is to inform you that as a result of your actions on dec 12th, 2015, you have been issued a suspension for 7 days. Within the 7 days you must want to paid that miscarriage amout of 13,40,000.

Yamini : but paa wat is dis?
Suresh : Yamini I dnt knw how this was happen. But I swear I dnt do this. Trust me.
Yashini : Paa we will trust u. U works in that company more than 27 yrs then how can they did this?
Suresh : all the evidence are against me yashini. I dnt how to I prove myself
Yamini : dnt wry paa we will helps you.

At Nithin’s Home ?

Nikil : Nithin y r u too late…
Nithin : y da wat hpn?
Nikil : Dad was waiting for u a long time. Now only he leaves the home.
Nithin : I was stuck in the traffic.
Nikil : ok u go and refresh I’ll inform to dad.
Nithin come to his room and see the pink color flower, starts to thinks abt that girl (yamini). Nikil comes to the room and looks Nithin. Nithin doesn’t realise Nikil’s presents. Nikil push him on the sofa. Nithin comes out from the dream.
Nithin : hey wat da? Y do u pushed me?
Nikil : oy! (Lies) I’m not pushed u. U only fall on the sofa. Are u in the dream? are u ok?
Nithin : (starts blushing) Nikil I saw one girl in the traffic da. I can’t see her face.I was notice her fully. I get impressed da coz she wear different type of dress and she wears a different type of bracelet da.
Nikil : in this bangalore city u crossed over 1000 of 1000 girls, why u got impressed by that particular girl?
Nithin : idiot at a time my heart and mind says she is my dream girl. But I missed her coz u.
Nikil : coz of me? Where u saw that girl?
Nithin : I saw her in the MG Road da. She and another girl was in the pink scooty. She dnt drive she sits in back side.
Nikil : r u note her vehicle number?
Nithin : oh god. I’m the big idiot Nikil. I’m not.
Nikil : Thank god my brother was realized he is big idiot of this world ?? (Nithin try to hit him). Hey it was ur mistake, if really that girl was born for u means I’m sure god will be makes u again to see her ok dnt wry.

Nithin smiles… Nikkitha comes to their room and ask abt dad and mom.
Nikil : mom went to temple and dad went to police station.
Nithin : police station? But police station for wat?
Nikil : oh I’m sry. I forgot to inform you. Our manager miscarriage the amount of Rs. 13,40,000. Dad gives a suspension to him and gives 7 day time to repay the amount.
Nikkitha : But our manager was not like that. He is very perfect and sincere man.
Nithin : I dnt knw abt him sister.
Nikil : I’m also dnt knw. U knw one thing I dnt knw who is the manager of our company wat’s his name itself.
Nikkitha : idiot u dnt knw anything. Just keep quite.
Nikkitha and Nithin discuss abt it.

At Yamini’s home ?
Suresh refused to eat. All are gets sad. Yashini also refused. Suresh comes to her and sits behind her. He feeds food to her, she cries and she feeds to him. Yamini and Usha join with them. All are went to sleep.
Suresh : usha tdy I’m sleep in the hall. U may sleep in the room.
Usha nodes and gets pillow and blanket for him and give its to him.
Yamini and Yashini discuss about how to prove their daddy innocent.
Yamini : tmrw mrng u and me are go to paa’s office.
Yashini : but for wat?
Yamini : we want to knw wat is the proof they have against paa. We want to knw that proof is real or fake. Then we can find the culprits…
They was slept…

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  3. Vaishnavi :-)

    Sry to say this guys I think most of u dnt like my story. So I’m not happy to continue this drs. Thank u soo much for ur kind support drs 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 bye

  4. Hey vaishnavi dear, your story is interesting and it just started, plzzz give it some time si people can get the main story line n plot n also the characters nature…plzzzz continue dear, n don’t stop writing…don’t feel that nobody is liking it, I loved this episode 1 very much…how can you measure story’s popularity or affects from first episode…I’m reading lots of ff’s n trust me each and every one has its own importance…you have very amazingly awesoooooome talent as writer and your vocabulary n narration is outstanding, so plzzzz continue dear and update the next episode soon, eagerly waiting my sweeeeeet heart, love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Vaishnavi :-)

      Thanq so much roma. I dnt expect this type of comment from u. I’m also the reader of this site. I was checked out every story and comments. I expect that much of support from the readers but my expectation is makes myself hurt. I’ll continue this story dr. Thanq so much for ur wonderful support dr…

      And thank you Hayathi and Lakshmi.

      With Love,
      Vaishnavi 🙂

  5. Nice vaishu.(I think so u may not have any problem on my way of calling u as vaishu).continue this story I m waiting for next episode

    1. Vaishnavi :-)

      No prblm dr. U may cal me as Vaishu. Thank you so much swetha. Quickly I’ll upload the next part dr.

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