Hearts In Flames (Introduction)

Sanskar Maheshwari and Swara Roy had lost contact after graduation. When Swara’s elder sister Ragini’s marriage is fixed with him, she obviously admits how wild he had been in his past which leads to calling off the marriage.

In a fit of rage, Sanskar rapes Swara, and the story follows the love story of the rapist and the rape victim.


Hello everyone… finally I am here with the Rape story. Please, if you have issues with the love story between a Rapist and the Rape victim, then please don’t read it because I seriously don’t want any comments on how you could write a story on rape and how big a crime it is. I know that, and I personally feel that a rapist should be castrated and then hung in public. This is a story idea that had haunted me and I had to get it out of my head.

About the topic.. Many had written on this topic..!! Some have really wrote it well and some. I guess, I dont need to mention there names. They had so much of respect and love for themselves and their mothers and sisters that the girl forgives the rapist in a fraction of a second.

Well mine is just a small try.. Hope you like it..! Will post soon! 🙂

So once again, please if you have issues then don’t read it.

Everyone (Whoever reads) is free to give their views

Thank You.

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  1. Sus

    actually yaar look we can support a reape victims untill and unless she will stand for herself.
    and if in future she is giving him chance on her wisdom i.e. also her decision.
    In these type of cases a victim has full right whether she want to send culprit in jail, whether give chance to live life again or want to marry.

    I really feel girl should take best decision

    1. Sweet.smile.on.lips

      Ya ur pov is also quite true!.. I’ll try to show it in the story 🙂
      Thank you

  2. Continue…..

  3. Madhu.r

    Plz give character sketch

    1. Sweet.smile.on.lips

      Sorry dear.. I won’t give a character sketch as the story proceeds.. U will get to know the characters automatically..!
      Thank you 🙂

  4. Neptune

    well i really don’t know what to say as its really tough for a girl to love her rapist and rape is a thing which can never be forgiven by a girl as someone has harmed her dignity but i would definitely love to read how the story unfolds post soon dear…..

  5. Meera_s

    sorry but not going to read rape love stories…it is not good msg to society…i’m commenting as u r writing on our couple…

    1. Sweet.smile.on.lips

      Thank you 🙂 But I feel many need to know.. Anyways! It’s ur pov I won’t force you 🙂

  6. Maryum

    Continue I love to read it

  7. Phoniex

    I would like to see how the story unfolds

  8. Independent

    Continue dear it’s completely the author’s choice on what he/she have to write and it is the reader’s freedom to read and comment about what they read. So u just do ur part of the job and leave the rest. I will love to read this and about comment it will depend on the chappy.

  9. Continue dear

  10. Continue dr.

  11. Mumpi


  12. hmm…wierd story…will see how u will proceed it…!for rapist no justification is there i guess..,but y, and what is the reason i want to know….

    1. Sweet.smile.on.lips

      Thank you 🙂
      U will know as u read it.

  13. Continue

  14. Pramudi

    Continue.. I want to see how you r going to write this without doing injustice to our swasan. Bt as a girl can’t accept a rapist as a love of our life.

    1. Sweet.smile.on.lips

      Thank you 🙂
      True! But as u start reading the story. I am sure you’re gonna love it 🙂

  15. R u serious….!story on rapist and rape victim…!!like seriously that on our swasan…and some people even supporting this…!!never expected..! unbelievable..!don’t make fun of RAPE…and i know i sounded so rude..!i’ll not even be sorry,as u r not doing something good at all…!stop writing such disgusting stuffs…!i commented bcs u r writing on my SWASAN…!

    1. Sweet.smile.on.lips

      Just because u r telling I won’t stop it babe!!
      Who r u??..

      Lemme correct u it’s our SWASAN!

      1. i know u will not stop…!i said my pov babe..!as u said we can feel free to express our views who read ur story..!and without reading how we will know that it rapist and rape victim story..?..and as a reader..i gave my pov..!!and i’m PROUD SWASANIAN..i think it is enough as what u will do by knowing me..!and i’ll say my swasan only?as i’m head over heels in love with them?

      2. Sweet.smile.on.lips

        Thank You Seebu but I love them too.. And about the story, I’ll continue it… Even if u ask me not to..! Because I feel there can be changes. It’s better u read some of the beginning chapters to know about it… If at all ur INTERESTED.
        THANK YOU 🙂

      3. Sweet.smile.on.lips

        and please don’t say DISGUSTING..!

        it doesn’t suit a die hard fan of SWASAN, like u

      4. Kakali

        No need to stop! Go on!
        WHO ARE YOU to ask a reader like this?
        Not like this Ani! Not at all!
        It’s MY SWASAN?. Do whatever you want! *Facepalm u

    2. Seebu_s

      i know rey..that u love them..!and i always use my swasan only?..!and coming to point.. we just want to say that RAPE concepts are increasing and most of the ppl are including in all ffs…!many personally feel it is not so good topic..!as that only leads always to negativity..and as u mentioned rapist and rape victim love story…it made me feel like that..!that word ‘DISGUSTING’ is not for u$me or swasan..!but for that story line of rapist and rape victim?…!and it is completely my pov..!!anyways…bye..take care..

      1. Sweet.smile.on.lips

        I’m sorry to hurt you. Still I assure you. It’s a different concept, when you will read. You would know. ?
        Anyways I won’t force you too. And as its my POV too use this concept. Hope you don’t interfere in this and say its DISGUSTING…

    3. Seebu_s

      no need to be sorry?..!if i hurted u.. i’m sorry..!and yes i’ll not involve furtherly in ur ffs?..!thank u:)

      1. Arshaanya

        Hey deeps y r u sayin sorry ??
        We r readers n we can share our pov n u jus did dat…
        Leave it…huh dey dun knw who u r n we dun knw who dey r ????
        Love ya

  16. Arshaanya

    M cmntng coz it was on swasan…
    I dun knw y dis crime/sin is so small for u guyz dat u r goin to show love story of rapist ??…
    U r raglak fan na??
    In ur othr ff u showed sanskar died n dan laksh n swara hd s*x dan she lft him… n dan u wil show raglak story as ur raglak fan n u hate swalak…

    1. Sweet.smile.on.lips

      Who said its a small thing di? Did I? I mentioned earlier it’s a sin. FIRST KNOW AND READ THE THINGS THEN COMMENT… SEE THIS ALSO I HAVE LEARNT FROM YOU ONLY!!..

      I’m NOT a RAGLAK fan. If you also note down properly out there. U will realize I wrote it for a friend of mine. Sanskar died there doesn’t mean I hate SwaSan.

      I don’t like SwaLak not because of Swara lemme tell u… I dont like because I don’t..! There couple doesn’t match maybe… That doesn’t prove that I’m not a SWASAN FAN. If the definition of being SwaSan fan is not writing RAGLAK ff.. Then I don’t need certificate for that…

      1. Arshaanya

        Oh anisha its u…
        Ya u dun need crtfcte i agree bt swasan fanz chalo leave it… it doesnt mttr here nw…
        See u hve read evry article n fanz reaction on dis thing… u r aware abt evrythn dats y mentioned dat note here….chalo leave dis also u r not undrstndng our point…u continue as u want i mentioned earlier also i cmntd coz it was on swasan…

      2. Arshaanya

        One more thing anisha…
        In raglak ff u can show some otjr girl na?? Y swara??
        Y ur evry ff hve not one couple frm strtng… y dey hve to cheat or rlze dis is not dere true love… earlier also i told u once dat try one tym to wrte simple story… n if u r not wrtng simple story k twist k bina achi nai lgegi dan blve me simple stories also can do wonders….
        Hmsha dese type of topics r not ncsry…
        N its my pov…
        Bki u can continue ur dis story nw…

      3. Sweet.smile.on.lips

        Well thank you di…. But why didn’t you read the simple story of mine and directly jumped into RAGLAK FanFictions??…
        I didn’t include anyone there and it’s only SWASAN..!!

      4. Arshaanya

        Ya i nvr read raglak ffz…n in title it was not mention k its raglak ???
        Ya in cover pic dey were dere…bt sometymz coverpic n story r dfrnt.. so jus chckd….
        N can u tell me any of ur simple story ? coz i dun knw na if derez any…

      5. Sweet.smile.on.lips

        Falling For Mr. Maheshwari ???

      6. Arshaanya

        I still hve to read lots of ffz…??
        M on 7th page ???

  17. Kakali

    Finally I’m here with my comment!
    Ani It’s not like that we are against it or something like that!
    You know SwaSan, and their love was eternal.
    So we fans RESPECT more than LOVING that!
    It’s a very serious issue about RAPE! You see I don’t nees anything and I’m already getting goose bumps!
    It’s horrible!
    Being raped by some1 and then falling that person who has killed your SOUL isn’t easy! not easy it’s IMPOSSIBLE!
    Here you are trying to show something which is hard to digest! Hoine nhoi?
    Being a girl it just feel…… I don’t know what to say! You are writing so you might feel more than me what kinda feeling m going through.Hope you understand what m trying to say.

    –About the way you are replying to readers. Gosh, hats of to me! Coz only I know how m trying myself from blabbering something over here which you won’t like at all.!
    Ev reader,ev person has their own POV regarding something! So as the ones whom you have replied so pleasantly.
    You are a writer Ani! And plz try to respect and understand the pov of READERS!
    They share their povs and look at your replies! Gosh!
    Don’t repeat it dear! It’s not a good sign of a WRITER! SWASAN FF WRITER! Being a award winning writer you know more than me!
    Take care of it and plz keep aside your anger.!
    Continue your story! You killed my mood! Voba naxilu aibilak kobo lagibo buli! Dhui! Matha nosto kori dila!?
    Thnk u.

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