Our Hearts Are Connected Chapter-5

The Bus breaks down on the side of the road. A girl (Kavya) complains that her parents won’t let her go again. She grabs onto Laksh’s arm. Ragini who looks like she with murder the girl if she keep touching Laksh . Laksh looks at Ragini . ‘What can I do?’ aks Laksh . Ragini replies in sarcastic way replies,’….. Well look Laksh all these girls are waiting for you to do something’. Laksh looks around as all the girls Beg him to do something. He looks at them and says in a very cheeky way ‘ I’ll see what I can do.’ He manages 2 stop a truck. In the back of the truck everyone is laughing and joking And Laksh is sitting very comfortably in the middle. Swara and Ragini are sitting to one side. Swara is filming the scenery and Ragini is venting her anger on the hay.

Swara’s camera turns towards Kavya and Laksh . Swara turns to Ragini and says ‘ Ragini look at Kavya, all she has been doing is talking to Laksh . And look at how they are laughing’. Ragini full of cute jealous replies’ Well I bet she likes you brother’. Swara very disapprovingly replies,’ I don’t like this’. Ragini replies,’I don’t like it either’. The camera vooms up on Ragini’s very annoyed face.
Sahil and friend slowly follow behind. everyone having fun apart from Swara and Ragini who are glaring at Laksh and Kavya. Laksh excuses himself and sits next to Swara and Ragini . Swara wards him of Kavya, Ragini looks even more annoyed. Once again the story shifts to Sahil and his friend who are follwoing. the truck finally stops and some ruins of a building and green fields. (U may imagine a ruined forts 4 any cultural trip)

‘Wow! It’s such and beautiful place,’ says Swara , ‘ Ragini you bring the stuff with Laksh I’m going…’. Swara quickly disappers leaving Ragini and Laksh .

Laksh : So Ragini Ji? Don’t you want to go? What are you thinking?
Ragini : Why are you asking me? Go and ask your Kavya
Laksh : Think again, your sending me yourself… If I go your’ll get alone.
Ragini : I’ve thought.

Ragini walks off.
Shaurya is putting up the tent with the guys, When Ragini and Kavya both at the sme time offer him some food. Laksh being the cutie takes the plate from Kavya and thanks her. Ragini looks angry. Laksh puts some food in his mouth and looks at Ragini … She looks at him and walks off.
Swara is standing slightly away from the group filming the great outdoors. She begins to walk and finds Ragini sitting alone. Swara asks Ragini whats wrong. Ragini replies’ well its ok for a boy to have a girl as a friend but wrong for a girl to have a friend, buts its the boy who takes the first step. Swara explains to Ragini that there is no point going in that direction and both there family wouln’t like it. Swara shows Ragini what she has been filming. she goes and films.

Swara is walking around filming. When Sahil and his friend arrive. Sahil sees Swara and decides to go and find her.

Laksh: See I told you, if you left my side you would find yourself alone. And look you are.
Ragini : We you found someone didn’t you.
(Laksh laughs)
Laksh: And that is why your annoyed because of that. If i speak the truth, If i didn’t have you by my side I would feel alone in a crowd.
Ragini : Leave out the Filmi dialogues… you and your words. I thought because we came on the picnic we would be albe to spend sometime together…but
Laksh:But…. But what
(He moves a little closer to Ragini to kiss her. Ragini pushes him alway)
Ragini : Someone will come
(Laksh holds onto her dupatta)
Laksh: No one will come.
Ragini : What if someone sees
Laksh: But who will see?
Ragini : maybe sm1
Laksh: I don’t care.
Ragini : Kavya
Laksh: I don’t care.
Ragini : Swara
Laksh: (he moves back) But where is Swara , I haven’t seen her from smtym.

They both look at each other. Swara is happierly filming away unknow to her that Sahil has been following her. Sahil comes infront of the camera
Swara Screams

Swara scream is heard by Laksh and Ragini who get scared and try to find her. Swara moves away from him and he comes closer.
She is about to fall and Sahil catches her
Laksh sees this and hits Sahil .
They have a fight. He pulls Swara n takes n rag follows

Swara and RagLak return Home where sumi asks questions

SUMI asks Swara how she knows Sahil . She asks Laksh to drop Ragini Home himself.
In the car Laksh asks Ragini How does Swara know Sahil . He goes on to say that all boys are the same and no boy can be trusted. Ragini truns around and asks him,’ then how can i trust you?’ .

Laksh stops the car. ‘ So what are you trying to say, what are you comparing me to them??’. Ragini who looks nervous replies,’ Thats exactly what you said’. She goes onto explain how she is confused and that she trusts him and know how much he loves her.But I don’t know why I’m thinking like this.She tells him that she is confused at the fact that he hasn’t told the family about there relationship.He turns around and says you don’t have to be afraid that I will betray you. Ragini with her eyes full of tears turns and looks at Laksh. They hug. Laksh looks at Ragini and explains that in his family no one has ever had a Love marriage. And because they will be the first, he needs time and he will speak to the families. Both agree that they will wait for the right time.

SUMI asks Swara again How does she knows Sahil?. SUMI looks worried

Chappie ends

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