Our Hearts Are Connected Chapter-4

Itz a compensation 4 being late

Swara looks nervously up at Sahil. Sahil clears his throat and says Hi. Rag and Swara look at each other with a confused expression on there faces. Sahil starts smiling and says , ‘We have met before, last night in the market, you couldn’t get a rickshaw. Sahil pauses. ‘Since I have seen you, I can’t stop thinking about you….’Sahil is interrupted by rag. Rag with a firm voice replies,’ One minute, We are very thankful to you as you helped us. Thank you, Thanks alot. But that’s it. So don’t try and turn it into something eles. Sahil tries to cut in. But rag continues to say, that she hopes that he doesn’t read to much into it as they aren’t interested. Swara seconds the motion by saying Please. Swara and rag walk off, leaving Sahil standing by himself. A few seconds later his friend appears and asks him what happened. Sahil replies’ I don’t know’.

afternoon, swara arrives. Swara walks towards parvati whom is excited to see her. Parvati notices that swara is looking very upset and at once asks her whats wrong. Swara shakes her head and remains silent. Suddenly a sound interupts there conversation. Swara confused to parvati and ask who is here? Parvati tells her that Laksh has returned. With excitement Swara runs of in search of him.

Swara is running calling out to Laksh, who calls her from behind. She turns and runs to him. They have a cute conversation about how brothers and sisters these days.
Swara asks him if he has brought her the gifts she wanted. He tells her she has brought her everything. With excitment she drags him to the room. And starts open up the suitcase. Laksh hands her a Jewellery box. And swara continues to rumage in his suitcase and finds a Dress. Suddenly she comes across painting things. She is confused and asks why have you brought thus when no one in the house paints, Swara suggests that they give these things to rag as she likes to paint. Acting very confused, the very cute Laksh asks ‘who is Ragini?’. Promptly Swara replies’ my best friend Bro, remeber the one we met at the ice parlor. You have met her so many times but you miss her name’. Laksh replies that why would I remeber that girls name. Janki walks in and says, ‘she is very beautiful and here is you forgetting her name’. Laksh very cheeky replies,’ If you weren’t so pretty, I wouldn’t forget’. She hits him over the head and replies ‘your flirting with me, I’m your aunty’. Sumi walks in and says’ If you have stopped, janki has made food.’ Ayush gets exicted and they all start talking about how chibby he is. Janki turns arouns and says that I don’t no whether he will past this year.
Laksh turns around and says its ok I will teach him after all I am smarter than a 10 year old.Everyone laughs. Parvati says how great it feels to see everyone happy. Ayush turns around that atleast it is better than yesterday when Swara was crying and no one ate. Laksh questions them.

Parvati dismisses it and tells him that Shekhar shputed at because she had got late. And that is why she started crying. Parvati alone explains to Swara that she shouldn’t tell Laksh about what happened yesterday. She reminds swara that her brother is very hot headed, and he loses his temper very quickly, just like her father.

Downstairs in the living room. Shekhar and dinesh are sitting down talking about the business. Laksh comes down and gets blessings from both. They have a conversation. Dinesh is very happy and explains that he is proud of Laksh. Shekhar puts a downer on the conversationa and starts talking about how Laksh still has alot to learn. Mishti walks in and says that SUMI is asking whether everyone will eat together today as no one ate together yesterday. Laksh looks very confused. Shekhar gets up and tells the guys to come with him to eat. Laksh asks Dinesh, about what happened yesterday?. Dinesh tells. Dinesh walks off to eat. Laksh stands behind and is still full of anger.

Rag is in swa room trying to convince her to go to the picnic. Swa stands to her guns and say she will not go. Rag sits on Swara’s bed and notices the paint stuff. Rag asks her what is this. Swa very cheeckily responds,’ That stuff is to sort out your face, Its a gift’. Rag asks her where did it come from. Swa replies that Laksh got it for her. Ragini’s faces lights up. ‘Your Laksh bhai is back?’ she asks. Swara says yes. Ragini gets exicted, ‘So this means you will be able to go to the picnic if Laksh goes with us. Swa confused responsed.’ But he won’t wanna come with us’. Ragini replies,’ what if i try to make him’ . swara says’ you can try but i doubt it and do introduce yourself first, He never seems to remeber your name’. Ragini looks at the gift, ‘Then why did he buy this gift? Swa responds, ‘That was by accident’.

Laksh is sitting on the Terrace with Ayush. Ragini walks in. Laksh asks Ayush who is Ragini. Ayush goes. Ragini responds that,’ after all what is in a name if you keep forgetting it’. She walks off and that is when Laksh follows her and grabs her arm. He turns n looks at her. She asks him to remove his hand. He asks her if she was missing him as much as he was missing her. She smiles n nods in no. He says liar. Ragini gets annoyed and says that she is annoyed that he keeps lying. Laksh smiles n says that there are only little lies like forgetting ur name, bringing gifts 4 u n marking dem accidentally ignoring u in front of all and i doesn’t want to tell anyone about us. She says u haven’t told about us even 2 ur sis 4 u I have 2 lie 2 my bestie but I think I shall tell her d truth 2day. He- no don’t tell her she’s my sis I can’t tell these 2 her. She, OK but v should spend smtym alone. He, but Swara. She, she won’t know anything u jst cum wid us. He, WHR? Rag is about to suggest that he comes to the Picnic, when swa walks in. Rag moves away frm him n he turns around jst den she enters. Rag says that Laksh has agreed to come to the Picnic. While he looks on shocked n just nods.

At the college Sahil is sitting on his bike, when his friend comes up to him. ‘Sahil I have found out that swara is going to a picnic’. Sahil decides that he will be going to the picnic to. His friends tries to warn him off…But sahil wasn’t having any of it.

The End

Pre-Cap : Laksh n Sahil fight.. Swara tensed.

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