Our Hearts Are Connected Chapter-3

Our hearts r connected
In anger Shek questions SWARA. How long have you known that guy for? Does he study and you college? Or did you meet him somewhere else? What is his name? Where does he live?
SWARA tries her best to explain to her father that she doesn’t know the guy, SHEKHAR quickly responds,’ and that is why he was holding you hand’. SWARA truns to SUMI and tries to reason with her. SHEKHAR without letting SUMI get a word in turns around and says….
‘He doen’t know whom to believe his daughter or his eyes and goes on to explain that she has let him down’. SWARA disheartened runs towards her room. On her way to her room she comes PARVATI. PARVATI tries to ask her what is wrong but SWARA turns away with out saying a word and runs to her room. Where she falls on her bed in floods of tears.

PARVATI is standing on the terrare with A LADY SERVANT (I WOULD name her as mashi. She’s of dadu’s age). Confused she asks why did Shekhar shout at Swara so much. And she asks mashi, Why didn’t anyone say anything? Parvati say annoyed that Shekhar has only seen what he has wanted to see but has ignored Swara’s tears. Parvati explains that swara hasn’t stopped crying and has refused to eat. Another lady servan (of swara’s age named mishti) walks in and announces that Janki has called everyone down to eat. Parvati in anger say,’ I don’t want to eat, Go and tell them that. Parvati’s not hungery’. Parvati storms off shortly followed by Mashi. Mishti standing alone (monologue) No one is hungery today as Swara didi has cried soo much.

At the Dinner table. Shekhar sits down and is confused to see that no one is sitting at the table. (Apart from Ayush. He asks why hasn’t anyone come down to eat. Janki says that no one wants to eat because there daughter hasn’t eaten, how are they supposed to. Shekhar responds,Well thats up to them, she need to be punished for what she has done. Janki walks off but is stopped by Sumi. She asks Janki why isn’t she eating and she explains that her husband hasn’t eaten so how will she. Mishti walks in and Sumi asks her about the wherabouts of Parvati and Mashi and Mishti explains that they don’t want to eat. Sumi sits down at the table. Shekhar asks her why is she not eating and she down’t respond. Shekhar looks annoyed and storms off.

Swara is lying on her bed. Parvati walks in and aks her what’s wrong. swara tries to explain to her that; she didn’t know the guy and that was the first time she had met him. Crying she hugs parvati. Parvati tries to calm her down. Parvati sits on the bed and Swara lays her head on Parvati’s lap….Swara goes on to explain that SUMI didn’t say anything, in tears she asks parvati why didn’t anyone believe her and why did they thiunk she would hide something from them.

Meanwhile Shekhar is sitting in his room reading some paperwork. Sumi walks in with a tray, ahe hesistates and then asks him why hadn’t he eaten properly. Looking down he replies,’ I’m not hungry’. She promises to him that swara will never do anything like this again, and tries to reaon with him but he turns around and says that this wouln’t have happened if SUMI had explained all this to her before. Sumi ask him if he really believe that Swara could have done something like this.

Once again SUMI asks Shekhar if he really believes that there is something going on between Swara and the Guy.

The morning arrives. Swara is a sleep on the floor resting her head on the bed post. Sumi walks in and sees her on the floor. she is about to put a pillow behind her head when swara wakes up. SUMI sits on the floor next to her. Swara asks her if she is angry with her. SUMI shakes her head and Swara starts to cry and hugs her. Sumi explains that her dad loves her alot and tries to explain the tradition that the family have. She goes on to say that shek would break if an outsider tried to question his family and hopes that the rules are never broken. Swara explains once again that she didn’t know the guy and asks if sumi trusts her. Sumi declares that she trusts her daughter. Then SUMI aks swara to promise that she will never break the trust.

Downstairs. Shekhar smiles and tells swara to go and get ready as he will be dropping her off at college today.

At college. Rag in a very good mood comes up to swa and explains that the history teacher is absent so that means they have a free period. Rag goes on to make a list of what they will do. Swa cuts in and explains that she will have to go straight home. At this point Sahil is earsdropping on there conversation. He friend tries to explain to him that swa doen’y know him and she doesn’t like him. Sahil goes on to explain that they have had there first encounter.

Swa explains to rag that after all that she won’t be able to go to the picnic. Suddenly she stops and her face fills with tears . Sahil iis standing there.

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