Our Hearts Are Connected Chapter-2


Our Hearts Are Connected Chapter-2


All R Sitting In D Inhouse Temple After Completion Of D Pooja N Bhajan. Ragini Comes Frm Back Wearing Blue Salwar Suit Wid A Smile. Swara Sees Her N Smiles. Both Giggles Seeing Others. Ragini Seeks Blessings Frm Evry1. Evry1 Takes Aarti.

Swara- Huh U R Ready Also Come I Have 2 Also Get Ready. N Takes Her.

Sumi Stops Dem- Swara Dad Gav U Permission Doesn’t Mean Tat U’ll Roam Till Wenever U Want U Should Return B4 It Gets Late.

Swa- Yes.

Sumi- N Yes Be Wid Raju Only. Swara Nodes N Starts Going.

Sumi Stops Again- Swara Dear Listen Don’t Roam Anywhere In D Market Come Directly 2 Home.

Swara- Yes Mom I Know N Runs Wid Ragini.

Sumi- Swa………..

Parvati Holds Her Hands N Interupts- My Dil She Understands Everything She Isn’t Going 2day 4 D 1st Tym Wid A Assuring Smile.

Swara Gets Ready In A Soft Green Salwar Kurta N Goes.


A Crowded Place Is Shown Wid Lots Of Vehicles Moving Here N There. There V See 2 Girls Laughing Wholeheartedly.

Rag- Film Was So Nyc Na?

Swa- Yea Really So Nyc.

They Both Were Luking Vry Happy. But A Pair Of Eyes Was Continuously Staring Dem.

Another Man Comes Frm Back N Puts Hand On His Shoulder- No Sahil Not Swara She Is Not Lyk Tat Girls.

Sahil- I Know. She Is Different Than Others. That’s Why…

Frnd- I M Telling U U’ll Die. Hav U Gone Mad? See There Tat Man Who Is Following Her Lyk A Bodyguard If By Mistake Also He Catches U Then Ur All Bones Will Break Understood. He Said All Dis Pointing 2 A Man Following Swaragini.

Sahil- See D Way She Laughs It Feels Lyk Pure Water Is Forming A Waterfall N Hav U Seen Her Eyes How Innocent How Sweet Donno Who Lies There

Another Side-

Swa- Shut Up Ragini Widout Thinking Anything U Go On Sayingif Raju Bhai Will Listen Then Wat’ll He Think?

Rag- O God Ur Dis Raju Bhai Has 2 Always Follow U Whrever V Go. He’s Ur Servant N V Can’t Tell Him Anything Also.

Swa- Leave Na Ragini Y R U Thinking Abt Tat What Wrong Has He Done 2 U.

Rag- No Wrongs 2 Me But Follows Us Whole Day Lyk A Bodyguard 2day I Hav 2 Do Smthing 2 Him Raju Ji N Smilimg Mischiviously

Raju- Haanji

Rag- U Wil Follow Swara Lyk Dis Only Y

Raju Nodes- I Hav Got Dis Order.

Rag 2 Swa- Who Gav?

Swa 2 Rag- Ofcourse Mom

Rag 2 Swa- Mom Or Hitler’s Sis

Swa 2 Rag- Shut Up

Rag- Raju Ji How Hot V R Feeling Plz Buy Us Tat Gola No

Nearby Is A Gola Shop.

Raju- Gola?

Rag- Yes Ur Swara Di Lyks It Vry Much U Wil Buy Na?

Raju- Yea Sure I M Bringing It N Goes

Swa- But Ragini I Don’t Lyk Gola At All

Rag- Nthing Swara 2day U’ve 2 Eat Itn Raju Wil Leave Us

Swa- He Has Orders 2 Stay Wid Us No Ragini

Rag- Yes Swara

Swa- Ragini Don’t Think Lyk Tat

Rag- Now I Hav Thought Also Swara Both Laughs.

Sahil N His Frnd R Hiding N Watching Dem. Raju Comes Wid 2 Golas. Swara Starts Eating.

Rag- U Told Dem 2 Make Dis Gola

Raju- Yes

Rag- U Brought It

Raju- Yes

Rag- N Wen Swara Eats It Maybeshe’ll Fall Sick

Raju Sees 2wards Swara- Sick?

Rag- Yes If She Got Infection Frm Eating Ice Now She’ll Be Ill If She Got Fever She She Got Fainted N Then If She Fell Down Then Wid Her Acting While Swara Is Continuously Eating N Raju Luks At Her N She Acts Lyk Fainting Wid Innocent Face She Is Abt 2 Fall

Rag- Swara

Raju- Swara Di

Sahil Is Abt 2 Run But His Frnd Stops Him N She Falls On Ragini’s Shoulder.

Rag Shouts- Oh No Swara Fainted Raju Bhai Bring Water Water N He Goes. Dis Side

Rag- Now Stand Up Now Run N Both Runs N Hides While Sahil Stares Her Blankly.

Raju Comes Wid Water But Doesn’t Finds Dem N Sm1 Tells Him- They Made U A Fool N Ran N He Runs 2 Find Dem.

While They Run Away N Hav A Lot Of Fun D Whole Day Music Bg Plays Swaragini…………………… While Sahil Is Following Her.


Its Night Tym- Swaragini R Searching 4 Rickshaw


Sumi- I Can’t Understand Wat 2 Do Of Dis Girl Its So Late This Girl Has No Come Home Yet Oh God Keep Her Safe N Make Her Return Soon

While Raju Is Continuously Sobbing

Janki- Di U R Worrying Widout Any Reason She Must Be Safe Onlyn She Knows Evry Route Well She Wil Come Home Don’t Worry.

Sumi- How Can U Say This Devrani Ji N Its So Late Ni8 Swara Also Na This Tym She Crossed Her Limits She Doesn’t Care Abt Her Parents’ Worries Oh God Devrani Ji If Her Dad Came Home Wat Answer Wil I Give 2 Him 4 Dis


Frnd- They R Waiting 4 Rickshaw Since Long But Dis Tym How Wil They Get Rickshaw Dis Tym All Rickshaw Must B Near Templ

Sahil- Whr Is Ur Bike

Frnd- Hav U Gone Mad She’ll Nvr Sit Wid U On Bike U’ll Die

Sahil- U Come Na

Sahil Is Driving D Bike

Frnd- V Reached Far Away Frm D Market Wat Do U Want Sahil

He Gets Down N Gives Him Keys- Take Dis Tak Car Meet U 2morrow In College N Runs

He Goes 2 A Rickshaw Driver N Says Him 2 Go 2 Xyz Place Fast

They Go. While Going They Cross Against Swaragini. Sahil Stops Rickshaw N Gets Down.

Sahil- U Both Study In Abc College Know?

Rag- Yes

Sah- Wat R U Bth Doing Here At Dis Tym

Rag- Can’t U See V R Trying 2 Catch A Rickshaw

Sahil- Ur Swara Naa

Swa- Yes Bt How Do U Know Me

Sah- I M Sahil I Also Study In D Same College I Think U Didn’t Identified Me

Rag Wid Acting- Oh Ya Sahil Yes U Read In Our College Only Sorry V Didn’t Identify U Frm Wen V R Trying 2 Find A Rickshaw But V R Getting None But U R Lucky Tat U Got Rickshaw

Sah- Oh So U Tak Na Dis Rickshawplz Don’t Say No I Insist Plz

B4 Swara Could Say Smthing Ragini Sat- Ty Sahil Ji Cum Swara

Wen She Is Boarding It Her Leg Twists N Is Abt 2 Fall But Sahil Holds Her Hand N She Z Saved While At Tat Tym Shekhar Sees Her Through Car N Car Then Passes. Swara Immediately Jerks Her Hand- Thnx

They Go While Sahil Just Stares His Hands.

On Rickshaw-

Swara- But Who Z He I Didn’t Identified Him

Rag- I Also Didn’t

Swa- Then

Rag- V Got Rickshaw No Our Work Z Done Just Chillax N Both Laughs

Swa- Liar


Shekhar Is In A Vry Angry Mood No 1 Had Taken Dinner Just Then Swara Comes She Sees Raju Sobbing N Feels Bad Buts Then Seeing Shekhar Becomes Nervous

Shek- Whr Were U Whr Were U Swara Y R U Silent Answer Me Say Whr Were U Till Now

Swa- Dad Tat Watching Film U

Shek- Wid Whom U Went

Swa- Wid Ragini

Shek-Sure Only Ragini Or Any1 Elsei M Asking U Swara Answer Mespeak Properly U Were Only Wid Ragini

She Nodes- Yes

Shek- Lie U R Lying I Hav Seen Wid My Eyes Tat Along Wid U N Ragini 1 Boy Was Also There

She Nods In No. Evry1 Becomes Shocked.

Shek- This Z D Truth No Frm Wen Do U Know Him Does He Study In Ur College Whr Did U Met Him Whr Does He Live

Swa- I M Telling D Truth Dad I Donno Him Nthing Just Nthing N She Cries

Shek- Nthing Then Y Were U Holding His Hands

Evry1 Becomes Shocked

Chappie Ends

*Precap: Coming Soon In My Brain*

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