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Our Hearts Are Connected Chapter-1


Hi evry1! I m poor in writing ff but I tried this. I have previously written 2 is n thnx 2 every1 who commented n supported me. I hav not given any intro / character sketch / prologue n have directly started wid d main plot as I want u all 2 form ur own intro / sketch of characters n understand d plot of d story as it progresses. Do put ur valuable comments.


A Big & Beautiful House Like A Haveli Is Shown. That Is Gm. A Woman’s Voice Calling Someone Can Be Heard. She Is Calling One Of The Lady Servants.

A Woman Wearing A Dark Pink Saree To The Servant- “Have U Seen Swara?” With A Worried Face.

She Is Revealed To Be Sumi.

Servant- “Does Flying Bird Also Have Any Fixed Place? Now Where Your Golden Bird Is Flying, How Will I Know?”

Another Women Wearing Green Saree Comes- “U R Right! Our Swara Is Golden Bird. N Di Wants To Keep Her Locked In A Cage.” With A Smile.

She’s Janki.

Sumi- “U Surely Know How 2 Praise Ur Daughter. Ok U R Only Her Mother. Who M I 2 Say Her Anything?

Servant- “Ya Absolutely. Both Of U Luv More 4 Eo’s Child. That Way She Has More Rights 2 Care About Swara Di.”

Sumi- “Ya So Wen Am I Stopping Her? But Tell Her This Also That A Mother’s Duty Gets Over Wen Her Daughter Is Sent To Her In-Laws House. N Here Janki Is Not In Any Thought Of Her Marriage.”

Another Woman Frm Back- “If U’ll Lock Golden Bird In Cage Won’t It Stop Chirping?”

She’s Parvati / Dadi

Sumi- “Ok I M Not Locking Her In Cage But Tell Me Her Location, Don’t Know Whr Ur Bird Has Gone. I M Finding Her Frm Mrng. She Is Nowhere 2 B Found In D House. N Her Father 1side Is Seeing His Files N Another Side Asking For Swara”

Parvati- “She Must B Coming. I’ve Only Sent Her 2 D Ayurvedic Doc. 2 Bring Ur Medicine 4 Relief Frm Headache.”

Sumi- “So Far N That Too Alone?”

Parvati- “Wat Happened? She’s Not A Kid.”

Sumi- “2day’s World Is Also Bad N……

Janki- “Di She’ll Come. Y R U Getting So Much Worried?”

Sumi- “U R Asking Me Y…. Wenever She Goes Out Of House Alone, I Get Worried She Behaves As Kid.”


Outside A Girl In White Anarkali Is Shown Shouting Wait, Uncle Wait, Wait. A Lake Is Shown Wid Many Boats. She Gets On 1 Of Dem N Takes Deep Breathes N Then Smiles. D Boat Then Moves. She Is Swara. Flower Petals R Kept On 1 Side Of D Boat Wich R Falling On Her Face Due 2 Wind. She Sits N Then Bends N Feels D Water N Plays Wid It. Music Bg Plays. They Reach On D Other Side. She Climbs Numerous Stairs As If She Is Dancing N Evry1 Luks At Her N She Has A Wide Smile On Her Face. She Then Runs 2wrds D Temple. Wen She Luks Down, She Sees A Baraat Going. She Goes Whr D Birds R Present N Eating Grains.


Below D Stairs At D Same Place. Voice Of Girl Can Be Heard Shouting Swara, Swara, Swara.

Upstairs Swara Stops Running N Luks Down- “Wat R U Doing There, Ragini? Come Up Fast.”

She Is Ragini Wearing Purple Salwar Suit.

Rag- “Stop It Swara Stop It I Can’t Walk More Fast.” Saying This She Starts Climbing Stairs.

Swa- “Hav U Bcome Old? U Cant Climb These Stairs Also?”

Rag Cursing Herself- “Coming God Coming” With A Tired Luk.

Swa- “Do Fast!”

Rag Gives A I Can’t Do This Luk N Nodes Her Head In A No.

Swa- “Ok Sit There Only. I Don’t Hav Any Prob.”

Rag Reaches Up.

Rag- “U R Girl Or Thunder. Running Lyk A Thunder Whole Day. Aren’t U Tired? Climbing These Many Stairs, 1 Day I’ll Die.”

Swara Is Shown Buying Puja Items.

Swa- “Dadi Says Faith Should In Heart N Trust In Mind. 4 Cmpleting Desires, People Go On Hard Pilgrimages. They Cross All Mountains, Etc. N U Lost Now Only.”

Rag- “U R Grt Goddess.” Both Laugh.


Pandit- “2day U Hav Come 4 Worshipping Early Mrng, Swara Daughter, Any Desire?”

Swa Luks At Rag N Innocently Says- “Desire Is There, A Vry Big 1 Just Wish That It’s Fulfilled.”

Pt.- “It’ll B Fulfilled, Gud.”


Rag- “Pt. Must Be Thinking Tat U Hav Come 2 Pray 4 Gud Boy’s Marriage Proposal But Listening 2 Ur Desire He Would Faint”

Swa- “So U Mean It Has Less Imp. 2 Tak Dad’s Permission 4 Watching A Film 4 Wich I M Waiting Since Long That’swhy I Came Here 2 Do Buttering 2 Lord. I Won’t Tak Any Risk.”

Both Laugh.

Rag- “Yes, Yes. In Talks, V 4got Abt Tym, It’s Vry Late, Don’t U Hav 2 Go Home.”

Swa- “Come, Come, Come, Do Fast”

Both Run.



Parvati (Monologue)- “It’s Vry Late. Don’t Know Whr Is Dis Girl? First Tym She Is So Late. See D Tym. If Her Mother’ll Ask Wat Wil I Answer Her? Leave It, She’s Kid, She’ll Come. Btw I Also Nvr Cared Tym. I M Sure My Daughter Is My Copy N Laughs. She Sees Swara Coming. Came, See Now How I’ll Take Her Class.Truth Is Tat After Seeing My Granddaughter’s Face, I’ll Forget Everything.”

Swara Shouts N Back Hugs Her N Kisses On Cheek- “Dadi, Dadi”

Parvati Breaks Hug- “Leave All This. Whr Were U Till Now? U Said I’ll Go Now N Come Now N U R Coming Now Do U Know How Many Things I Hav 2 Say 2 Ur Mother?”

Swa- “Dadi Is Vry Angry? Won’t U See Wat I Hav Brought 4 U…. Hmm See Na.” N She Takes Out A Box Of Sweets.

Parvati Smiles.

Sumi Comes Frm Back- She Knows Ma How 2 Make U Happy. 1st Away All Alone Frm House Since Mrng N Behaving Lyk A Kid. Behave Lyk Marwadi Girls But U Won’t Understand. Ok Leave” N She Forwards Her Hand.

Swa- “Wat”

Sumi- “Medicine Or Wat?”

Swara Mumbles Medicine N Luks Confused.

Sumi- “U Went 2 Ayurvedic Doc. No?”

She Then Mumbles Ayurvedic Doc. N Luks At Parvati Who Signs Her Seen By Sumi.

Sumi- “Maa. Again U Were Saving Her

Parvati-“No That That That”

Sumi Was Abt 2 Say Smthing But Stops Seeing Servants Laughing At Dem N Smiles- “Wat Should I Do Of U Both? N Yes Ur Dearest Father Is Hungry Frm Mrng Just Bcoz Of U Go N Show Ur Face Fast.”

She Runs.

Sumi ;Ets A Sigh- “Thank God!”


In Corridor, She Collides Wid A Small Kid.

Swa- “Hmm…. Ayush Tell Me In These Clothes Whr R U Going 2day School Isn’t There?”

Ayu- “It Is But I M Having Stomachache. Promise”.

Swa- “Ur Promise Won’t Do Anything Choti Maa Won’t Agree.”

Ayush Smiles- “But Badi Maa Will Agree.”

Swa- “Areyyy Ayush Those Who Hav Stomachache They Don’t Run On Air’s Horse’s Back.”

Ayush Gives Hi-5 To Swa- “Right, Thnx Di” N Starts Acting N Goes.


Janki- “Di Di Hav U Seen Ayush? Its Schooltym N His Is Nowhere 2 B Seen.”

Sumi- “He May B Here N There Only… See”

Ayush Comes Doing Acting

Sumi- “Wat Happened”

Ayu-“ My Stomach Is Paining Vry Much.”

Sumi-“ U Go N Take Rest.”

Ayu- “No Badi Maa, I Hav 2 Go 2 School I Can’t Miss My School”

Janki Scolding Ayush- “Whom R U Believing Di?”

Sumi- “Wen Its Ur Daughter Swara’s Case Everything Is Ok N In My Ayush’sh Case Everything Goes Reverse.”

Parvati- “O My Ayush Got Stomachache.”

He Nods.

Parvati- “Ahh Wat Happened? I Had Bought Sweets. Now They’ll Get Wasted.”

Ayu- “Sweets?”

She Nods- “No Prob. I’ll Distribute Dem.”

Ayu- “No No No No I’ll Eat Dem None Else Only Me.”

Janki Holds His Ears N Sarcastically- “But U R Having Stomachache, So Sad.”

Ayu- “Yes, But Now It’s Getting Cured Slowly.”

Janki- “Ohh..”

He Nods.

Janki- “Nthing Will Work, U Hav 2 Go 2 School.”

Ayu- “Not Fair Dadi U Cheated Me.”


A Man Is Shown Reading Files With Heading “Gadodia Grp Of Hotels”

Swara Opens Room’s Door- “Dad!”

Man- “Swara! Come In Front Of Me.”

She Comes Wid A Smile. He Removes File In Front Of His Face N Is Revealed 2 Be Shekhar.

Swa Luks Nervous- “I Became A Little Late While Coming. I Went 2 Temple. I Mean I Had Taken Dadi’s Permission.”

Sumi Comes Frm Back- “Little Late? In Tat Tym Ur Dad Has Aksed 4 U A Dozen Of Tym. Is He Carefree? Wenever He Is 2 Do Smthing Gud, Wil 1st See Ur Face N Then Do.”

Shekhar- “After Many Days, Dis Happiness Has Come 2 Our House After Her Birth N Our Business Spread, V Gained A Lot, U Know Only How Ausipicious She Is 4 Us. Its R8, Daughters’re Another Face Of Goddess Of Wealth.”

Sumi- “Ok Agreed, But Does Ur Goddess Of Wealth Remembers Dis Tat Till Now Puja Hasn’t Happened? Who’ll Do Bhajan? Now Come.”

Shekhar Sees Swa- “Do U Want 2 Say Smthing Swara?”

Swa- “Yes, Dad I Want 2 See New Movie Wid Ragini”. N Luks Nervous.

Sumi- “No Need 2 See Any Film. I Don’t Lyk Dis. Who All Come There?”

Shekhar- “Wich Show?”

Swa- “12:00p.M.”

Shekhar- “Do U Want Money?” N Takes Out His Wallet N Gives Money “Keep It, U May Need It.”

Swa- “Thnx Dad”


Inhouse Temple- A Vry Melodious Voice Can Be Heard Singing A Krishna Bhajan. V See A Girl Playing Veena N Singing D Bhajan In Front Of D Krishna Idol N Some People Sitting Around Her.

Upstairs- A Man Comes Out Listening D Bhajan N Is Revealed 2 B Swara’s Uncle N Janki’s Husband Dinesh Gadodia.

*Precap: Swara Wid A Boy*

Sorry if u felt its a tym waste story n 4 grammatical errors n typos. Positive n negative comments welcomed wholeheartedly.
Even if I have given d precap I won’t post nxt chappy if u all don’t lyk it.
N my 1 humble request 2 all writers n commentors even if swaragini serial ends don’t stop providing ur articles…
#Luv frndz

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