Heartless sanskar helpless swara Trailer

Hello people…..I m back wid a small glimpse of upcoming story …..Share your views please….

Will try to post the episode soon……
Scene 1:
Swara is sitting on his stomach by placing her legs on either sides while sanskar lying below her on bed..
Swara(while pinching all over his chest):what you said?say it again..
Sanskar(while trying to escape from pinches ): ahh it is paining yaar..

Swara(without giving heeds to his pleeding):no ..no..am I boring wife?
Sanskar(in fake crying tone): I just said that for fun..please show mercy.wifeyyy..
Swara(angrily): let me prove your words wrong ..
(sanskar confused but afraid about what his devil teddy is going to do)
By saying this she bite his bare shoulder and smirks..whereas sanskar giving afraid kitten look and rubs his shoulder..

Swara(smiles evilly): this is not enough..I am not satisfied..
Sanskar (monologue): she was right,you donkey maheswari ..what you did?..think wisely and act..if not this little tigress will dare you into pieces..
Swara about to bite his another shoulder before that sanskar took her beneath him and capture her lips..

Scene 2:
All are shocked listening ragini…
Ansh(shocked): you are mistaken ragini..
Ragini: see bhai,you always call me with my name,but her as princess..
Sakshi(choked voice): what happened to you beta?
Ragini(sarcastically): what happened to me,only you people ignored me completely after swara arrival..
Ragini(shouts):yes papa..I am saying right..she is your princess who spent half of her life in slum..(all shocked)..and what am I to you..
Swara who listen this from entrance startled and ranaway before anyone notice..

Scene 3:
Party was in full swing…. All were busy enjoying when someone enter in swasan room

The person roam around their room n stop near the bed
Took swara’s Saree n smell it
Unknown Person:Aaaa…..swara…. Never thought that you will be that much temptating…..*again smell the cloth*
U r diving me crazy now…..
I am regretting to send you away from me….
If I am not here for my sister then I don’t know what I would have done with u till now???

Done with the trailer
Hope u all like it……

Comment please…….

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Really interesting…! I loved Swasan scene!! Is Ragini feeling jealous??? About that person I can’t guess….. Please post next part as soon as possible dear… Please! I can’t wait.

  2. Abirsha

    Its shocking…. Whether ragini is acting or really she is against swara??? Waiting for ur update divu….??

  3. Swarmayi

    Aaahhh divyu.. amazingggg.. now update soon plzzzz..

  4. Awesome……But thriller

  5. Swarna01

    God wat happened wid ragz? Hope drama ho. And who is dat blo*dy man. Post soon. Happy valentine day.

  6. Intresting…..

  7. love from spain please write the next part

  8. awesome trailer
    post soon

  9. Simi

    Awesome trailer

  10. Tamil

    Interesting…. post soon

  11. Simin

    Awesome baccha
    post soon

  12. AnuAnn

    Seems tooo interesting .. Plzzz if u r free now next part soon

  13. SRSL

    I know you won’t make my ragz negative…trusting you…?

  14. Twinklingjasmine

    Shocking..!!?Please update the next part soon

  15. Praju

    Awesome plz post soon

  16. Kakali

    I’m getting a lil doubt regarding Ragz behavior.. well post soon..!! waiting for next..!! Loved it..!! Don’t show tooo much hurdles for SwaSan love..!!huh moi already mr 8 numbari bata chandel loi rokhi asuu hei bhotuwa tk maribo.. huh !! Thnk u.. ;-*

  17. Wow loved it

  18. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Eagerly waiting fr the nxt prt
    Update soon

  19. Wat a twist…..

  20. Sweeta

    Lovely. …..unexpected. ….interesting
    Awesome ????plzzzz try to post ASAP

  21. Arshaanya

    Divyu i alwayz wanted ngtve ragini…
    Dun knw shez acting or not bt i wud love to see her ngtbe

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