Heartless sanskar Helpless swara episode 53

Ollllllllllllo guyssssssss….. Missssss you alllllllll…… Hope u all miss me little….. So here is the part…. Will post next episode as soon as possible…..thank you….

Episode 52

But Arnab became sad suddenly..Swara: what happened papa?
Arnab: holi….is her favourite festival…
I miss her..
All are confused about whom he is saying but Ansh and sakshi knew who she is..
Swara (holds his hand):you miss Angel so much,papa..
Arnab and others confused..
Arnab: angel?
Swara: haan..angel..Archana ma..

Arnab: how did you know her?
Swara: ragini di..told me about all our family members as i don’t remember anything..
Ragini smiles while sakshi holds Ansh hand..
Arnab: but angel?
Swara: haan..angel..she gave my bhaiyoo..so she is angel for me..
Ansh had tears listening this..while others smiles..
Arnab: haan she is really angel..

(By saying this he became sad again)
Swara (hold his hand ): come papa..let’s meet angel..
Arnab: what?
Swara: uffoo..no more question.. Come with me papa..
Others hide behind while swara guide Arnab to terrace..
Others silently followed them..

At terrace..
Swara and Arnab standing in terrace ..others hide at some place in terrace..
Swara(pointing towards star): hi angel..
Arnab and others looks surprise ..
Swara(shakes Arnab): papa..say hi to angel..
Swara(cutely): angel..see this, papa is sad ,because he miss you so much ..but he forgets you are always there with us..am I right angel ?..
Arnab and smiles while Arnab hold swara’s hand..
Arnab(happily): Haan..your angel is always with us..
Swara: that’s good..cute papa..
(Arnab frowns others laughs silently)..

Arnab: princess ..sanskar is your cutie(sanskar blushes while laksh poke his forefinger on his cheek)..
Swara: ha ha..yes ..then you are my rockstar..
Arnab: (proudly) yes Arnab ,the great rock star..(he shakes his head)..
Laksh(huskily): this teddy bears are entertaining us too much
Sanskar(huskily): seriously..see our father-in -law..
Laksh(huskily): huh..he imagines himself like sanam..

All laughs silently listening this..Ragu gives death glare and laksh smiles sheepishly..
Swara: Angel..thank you making papa smile..you don’t worry about bhaiyoo as mom loves him more than anyone(Ansh smiles with tears)

Arnab: haan..archu..you were right..sakshi is my soulmate..she loves Kare…(swara pokes his arm)he he..Ansh more than anyone..and he became shield for us..
Swara(smiles): haan angel..here all are so good…unexpectedly but by fortune I got my family.. I am so happy…angel..
Saying this she hug arnab….and laughs happily..
Sanskar admires his teddy while Ansh is getting emotional..
Arnab remains silent..

Swara : what happen papa?
Arnab:(cutely) I have a wish..
Swara: what papa?
Arnab: you should not laugh OK…
Swara nodded …
Arnab: I…. I.. I want to shout at night…

All the family members: What…
Swara and Arnab heard the noise but not clearly and turn around.
Everyone hide … Not finding anything Swara n Arnab look at each other and turn to their previous position.

There is a pin drop silence for a moment but it was broke by our teddies laughter….
Swara:Haha….papa… This is your dream… You never did this?
Arnab: No princess… I want to but your Hitler mom…. She say it is ill mannered…
Swara: Papa…. Don’t call maa that… And it is your wish na… You could have done that alone too…
Arnab:such things can’t be done alone princess…

Swara: Accha… Then let’s try together then?
Arnab face light up like a 100 power bulb
Arnab: Really….
Swara smile….

Swara: So… Let’s go… One… Twoo…. Threee
YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” Arnab shout his lungs out….which echoed everywhere…..But then he realised that it was only him and Swara was laughing holding her stomach….
Arnab: princess you cheat me…. *pout*
Swara:Haha…papa… You are looking so cute… You are still a kid….
All other members were trying hard to hold their laughter….

But with the scream… The sleeping bodyguards woke up and started to search the source of the voice…
Swara:O no… Papa… Sleeper cells woke up… If they will see us surely they will complain to maa and donkey maheswari….
Arnab: Ha…. Lets go beta…
By saying this both rush from there before anyone notice them….

With this the party of teddy bears came to an end….
After they left….. All the family members come out from their secret place and blast out in laughter….
Dp: Haha…… O god I will never forget this scene in my life….
Laksh:True papa….. God this teddy bear party was more than awesome…
Sanskar: Haha…. I will surely tease teddy now…. Ragini you did video properly na….
(unknowingly he went to her and started to see the recorded video)

Ragini was surprised but then happy that he was talking to her like before but…
Soon Sanskar came in sense…he look towards ragini and went from there….
All understand the situation…

Ap: it’s too late now…. Go and sleep everyone… We have to make arrangements for the function tomorrow….
All nodded and head to their respective rooms….

Precape: very late holi celebrate….

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