Heartless sanskar helpless swara episode 49

Ollo everyone….. WISHING U ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR…..I m so punctual right…. Sorry sorry. ….but something is better than nothing right…. So Widout wishing u all it wouldn’t feel good…. So now I am here wid the next epi of ur HSHS…. well before starting I want to inform u all that… Like previous one this part is completely written by my akka…. I mean ur lovely Sheeba….. Who has disappeared Widout completing her story so…. Tell her to complete….

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Episode 48
Sanskar: when his identity is revealed,he will face the cruel end…
Ansh: blo*dy bastard..why he is behind my doll?
Rahul: only one can answer this.but he is no more..Sanjay
Sanskar:but from his family ,we can get some information…
While they speaking ,rahul got call and he give smile and asked the caller to be careful
Rahul: sir,my assistant has found sanjay wife..
Sanskar and Ansh: whattt
Ansh: where is she?
Sanskar: we want to meet her right now..she might know about  sanjay’s murderer..
Rahul: sanjay’s daughter is studying in ooty convent(residential) and his wife was live in Hyderabad ,but she got caught when she came to sell the land which is on her name…
Sanskar:Then we must move first or she will run away ….if she come to know….
Rahul:Dont worry…. She is locked in  Hotel Harry ,room no 220..she is tied up in chair now..
My assts are there to look after her..
Ansh: sanskar,let’s move..
Sanskar,Ansh along with Rahul  rushed to Hotel Harry..

Both are expecting to get clue from sanjay’s wife..
Maheswari mansion:
Swara is completely irritated and felt sad because Ansh and sanskar didn’t even try to convince her…not even msg…
She didnt speak to anyone well after morning incident..

Ragini,Ap and sakshi are in hall..
Its around 12.30 ,Ap and sakshi are cutting vegetables whereas ragini is helping them..maira and samy r  came inside ,because they were in garden..
Swara came down and saw them..
All see swara coming towards them and smile..
Swara: Badi ma..give it to me..I will cut the vegetables..
Ap: its ok bete ..you take rest..we will do it..

Sakshi: ya princess..we will see this..
Swara: but ma..I feel really bore..so I will do this..
By saying this ,she took some vegetables starts her work..
Others seeing each other and signals to talk about sanskar and Ansh..
Maira: mom..I needs to check Ansh because morning he went in hurry..I dont know what he is doing now..
Samy: haan..even Sanskar too left in hurry..
Swara who listens this didnt say anything..but also worried for them but didnt show it..

Sakshi: haan princess..you too check about sanskar..because he has to take tablets ..
Swara remains silent but she has check them..she looks tensed..
All smiles winningly that she will call them and everything will be fine..
But our Laksh Maheswari  throw water in their calculation..
Laksh came to hall who was working in study..
Laksh: ma..I asked bhai..he said he and Ansh buzy in meeting..so they will have their lunch in hotel..
Laksh didn’t notice swara..before he continue to say that they asked to take care of swara..
Swara stood up and went to her room immediately..
Laksh who saw this don’t understand anything gives confused look..whereas ladies gang gives him..you are idiot look..
Laksh: ma..what happen now?is she ok?..haan bhai and Ansh asked us to take care of swara..
Ragini goes towards him..hit his arm..
What is this yaar?nowadays you start to beat me even infront of all..
Ma pls save me..

By saying this he sat in the chair between samy and Ap..
Both pull his ears..
(Poor laksh)
Laksh: aaahhh..what happen to you all?
Pls leave me..

They left him.. And give you are gone look..
Laksh: why you are all looking me with so much love?
Ragini: idiot..you spoiled our plan..
Laksh: what plan?
They explained him how they convinced swara indirectly to make her call to Ansh and Sanskar…and how he spoiled it..
Laksh smiles ear to ear and by holding his ears he said: solly women force..pls forgive this innocent kid..
All shook their head and smiles seeing him..
“But why princess have to call them”

All turned to the source of voice and see angry Daddy teddy bear(Arnab) and Dp at entrance..
They came towards them..
Arnab: why should princess call them..let them speak first..
Sakshi: Arnab…
Arnab: no..that two fools made my princess to cry..so they should convince her..
Laksh murmered to ragini: Daddy teddy is supporting little teddy
Ragini glares him angrily..
Sakshi: But they love her more than anything..she is their life.because of fear they shout at her..don’t make it as issue..Arnab…
Swara who came to take water listen half of her words and got upset..that her mom is not understanding her state but happy that her dad is with her..
She came down and move towards them..
All saw her and got worried..
Sakshi was about go to her but she went straight towards Arnab..
Sakshi and others look at each other..
Arnab side hug her and asked: princess are you ok?
Swara: ya I am fine papa..and by seeing sakshi in corner of her eyes…..I don’t need anyone to convince me..papa..I am alright..
Sakshi and understood she misunderstood her words..

Sakshi; princess.listen to me..I mean to say Ansh and sanskar..
Arnab: enough sakshi ask that fools to convince my princess..
Till my princess forgive them..I won’t speak with them and you too..
By saying this hold swara hand went from there..
Sakshi ,samy and ragini look at each other shook their heads..
Sakshi: Again he started..
Ap: what do u mean?

Ragini: ma..Dad will behave like kid when he is with his princess..
Sometimes when ma restricted her to eat ice creams or chocolates as she will get cavity..dad fought with mom as his princess is upset because they snatch special things from her..
Till shona get convince..they both will not speak to others well..
Laksh listening this laugh loud along with him others too laughed .
Ap: hope sanskar and Ansh will come soon make everything right..
Ragini: haan mom..from morning shona is upset…
Samy: yes only they can convince her..
But its going to be difficult for them..
Sakshi: I am happy.. Nowadays I can see my naughty princess in her after years..
Ragini: haan mom..though she forgot everything but some habits will not be changed..
Maira side hug her and said yes mom…everything will be fine..
Now time is 7 pm..Ap,sakshi and ragini busy in preparing dinner..Laksh,Arnab and Dp in study room..

Maira and samy roaming in lawn..swara arranging clothes in her room..
Maira and samy saw sanskar and Ansh arrived and rush to them..
Sanskar and Ansh stepped out of their car respectively..they seems to be in deep thought..
Maira and samy rushed to them …
Samy: Bhai ,sanskar you both are in huge mess.
Both look at each other and gives confused look..
Maira: what?don’t say you forget to convince swara..she is hell angry..
Samy: now ..Arnab papa too joined her team..

Ansh: whatttt?
Sanskar: what happen Ansh? Don’t worry we can convince her..
Samy: no sanskar..it seems difficult..
Ansh: that too dad started to team with doll like before..
Sanskar: i dont understand..
Samy and maira explained them what happened in house in their absence..
Sanskar: its our mistake..but what should we do now..
Ansh: convince doll..but dad ?? He will make things difficult for us.
Samy and Maira giggles..

Sanskar and Ansh took a sigh and ready to face valcanos..
They went to fresh up..sanskar said he will status of her mood..
Sanskar silently entered in to room and saw swara trying to tie her dori..but she couldn’t..
Sanskar sees her with mixture of emotion..fear of losing her,pain,intense love but sure not lust..
He slowly moved towards her and tied her dori..

Swara shock to sanskar in mirror and had eyelock but remembers how he scold her without listening her..
So she suddenly moved from there..sanskar smiles seeing his night suit on bed and admires her cute angry face…..

precape:Swara manao….. swara is shocked to see someone in her room……

Bye bye guys ……

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