Heartless sanskar helpless swara episode 48


Hello friends….. Wishing u all MERRY CHRISTMAS…
This epi is fully written by Sheeba akka… It was her idea to give u all one epi on Christmas… So thanks to her….

Ragini,sammy and maira rushed to see swara,but she is not in  room but by hearing water flowing sound that understood swara is in washroom,taking bath..so without saying anything they went out and saw ansh and sanskar waiting for them in entrance tensely..
Maira: what are you both doing here..is there anything you forget to scold her?
Ansh: Maira..pls..will you leave the way ..we have to meet doll now
Rag: bhai,she is in washroom…getting ready
Sammy: give her sometime

Sanskar: will she forgive us?I can’t bear her hatred ?
Ansh: me too
Maira: what..me too..you should have think this before..she is youngest among all,but she is sensible too..you know how much she hesitate to come with us without informing you both
Sammy: Because she knows about you two..but you two..
Sanskar: sammy..we know we did wrong..what else we can do by her sudden missing?she is life to me and also for Ansh…so we both lose our control..
Ansh: sanskar,i think they are saying right..first let her have break fast..then we will convince her..

Sanskar: yes..you are right..
After this all went to their respective room to fresh up..sanskar went to another room to get ready…
All are now waiting in dining hall..except swara..
Sakshi:Don’t worry..Ansh your doll will understand you..after all she knows how much you both love her
Ap: haan..sanskar Sakshi is saying right..but you both should control your anger..she is kid..
Arnab: ya,my princess is kid..but this two idiots will get severe punishment from me …if my princess cry again..
Laksh whisphers to rag: I think Big teddy bear is in peak of anger …he is now in mode of kunfu panda..
Rags gave death glare to him and stamp his feet…
Laksh shouts: aaahhhhh
Dp: what happen laksh?
Laksh: nothing dad..mosquite bited me..
All gave confused look whereas rags gave come to room i will see you look…
Laksh(gulps in fear) to sanskar: total family is in kunfu panda mode..uff..where is your teddy bear bhai?

Sanskar: I don’t know what mood she is right now..
He stopped speaking further by seeing swara from kitchen with tray…
moves towards maid and said something and climbs upstairs to her room
All seeing this..maid comes to towards sanskar and placed the tray infront of him..
It is diet food for sanskar as per doctor advise..by seeing that sanskar took a sigh and look towards swara who didn’t give damn to anyone..
Sakshi : what happen to her ? Why she didnt have break fast?
Rag: mom..relax ..i will call princess..
Maid: mam..swara di ask me to bring her bteak fast to her room..
Ap: ok ,you go..i will give her…
Maid: ok mam..
Ansh: o god..she is ignoring us completely..
Arnab: because its your mistake,by which my princess got hurt..
Sakshi: Arnab…both r regretting for that…but she should understood them..
Arnab:stop supporting these two..
Ansh : I will go and see her..
He is about to get up…
In mean while ,sanskar got message and stopped ansh and asked him to come with him
Ansh was about to ask his sudden change in mood and sanskar gesture him by his eyes..so ansh stopped

Before leaving both asked others to make swara eat her break fast they will back soon…
Swara from her room through window  who saw ansh and sanskar leaving outside was very upset and angry that both didnt even try to convince her…
Swara : How can they do this? They didn’t even try to convince me…Donkey Maheswari ..I hate u..I hate u so much…but Bhaiyo…he too didnt care for me…i wont speak to both …
She is continuously blabbering and look damn irritated…
At that time rags,sammy,maira and laksh who came there with food listen her statements and understood she is hell angry…so try to cheer her
Maira: Doll..are u ok?
Swara: i am fine..babhi..what happen to me?I am really Happy.. And gritted her teeth
All notice this and pray for ansh and sanskar..
Rag gave her break fast..she immediately took it from her and starts to have…
Every one understood her mood and remain silent..
Sanskar’s office..
Sanskar’s cabin:
Sanskar: are you sure?
Rahul(detective):yes sir..sanjay(swara’s fake father)death is murder..
Ansh: so our guess is right …sanjay is not main culprit..
Sanskar: yes,ansh..i doubt when inspector said he commit suicide by shooting himself..and gun in his right hand..

That sanjay was left hand user ..
Rahul: yes sir..but i couldnt get clue about that murderer..
Ansh: the phone call details of sanjay is also useless..bcz the number wch is in doubt is used by tea seller who lost his phone month back…
Sanskar: that murderer is very clever and dangerous too..whatever happened around us is well planned..its only because of karthik we get to know swara in danger ,if not…
Rahul: that person target is swara mam..
Ansh: but why..why the hell that bastard is behind my doll…
Sanskar: (in serious tone)I don’t think this is start recently,but from long back…
Ansh: we have to be careful..because that dammit is remaining silent after sanjay’s death..
Rahul: yes sir..my team is trying our best to trace him…but take care of your family specially swara mam..
Sanskar and ansh: yes we will..
Sanskar: she is our life…
Ansh: if that damn it,try to hurt my doll….
Sanskar: he will face the worst..

Precape:swara is shocked to see someone in her room

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