Heartless sanskar helpless swara episode 47


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Sanskar woke up n found swara’s side empty
He check the time n it was 5pm
San:She woke up so early….
He got up n went to see what she must be doing
He check whole house n didn’t find her. M return to his room n check washroom but it was also empty
San:*tense*Where is she?
He asked the watchman
San:Rajesh ….Did u saw swara?
Wat:No sir….
San:*angry*What u were doing then at duty time sleeping?
Wat:Sorry sir…
He went from there n look one more time but didn’t find her
That time ap came there for puja
Ap:Sanskar beta u woke up so early today
San:Ma…do u know where is swara?
ap:Swara…no beta… I came out just now… What happen
San:She is missing… I search everywhere
She must be in others room wait let me check
She went n search in samy’s room but found samy sleeping there
(Actually samy placed pillows on bed)
Same happened wid Maira’s room too
Now San is really tense.

Ap went n call Sakshi n Arnab n dp
Sakshi call Ansh
An:What the…. Where will she go Widout informing us… Sanskar did something happened between u too
San:No Ansh…. She was OK when we slept… A lil bit sad after knowing that her parents will go tomorrow …
Sak:*cried*Ansh ….where is she…. Did something…
An:Ma calm down… Nothing will happen to her…
Sansh once more search her everywhere…but didn’t found.
San:*worried*Where r u swara?
He sat wid a thud on sofa
Sansh were hell scared as they feel that swara’s life is still in danger.
But Ansh run to his room n bring his laptop
An:I gift doll a chain in that pendent I have fixed tracking device.

After knowing about Sanjay’s death everyone took a sign of relief but sAnsh was still not satisfied so Ansh consult with the officer handling the case as sanskar was not well
N get to know that Sanjay’s death was not suicide but he was killed as the gun was on left hand n it was not possible for Sanjay to do all this as he is not that rich to fix speakers inside mm…n also to hire so many goons
So he asked his people to handle the case further.
And to prevent from any other danger in his doll’s life he gave her a chain which contain tracking device…..
While they were in hospital
An:Doll…i have something for you
Sw:*smile*what is that Bhaiyo…
Ansh make her wear a Gold chain
An:It is of archana ma… *tearly eyes* Always keep it wid u okay… Never remove it
Swara hug him n nodded
An:always keep this wid u…
Sw:promise bhaiyo……..
Ansh kiss her forehead.

After searching for sometime they finally found her location
An:She was in some N.B road near ganga ghat
San:*shock*WHAT THE HELL SHE IS DOING THERE*He look very tense*
an:Sanskar what happen why u become so much tense hearing the place name
San:coz Sanjay’s house is also in that place only
He again see the location n it is near ganga ghat
An:*hell scared*Sanskar ….it is showing She is in ganga ghat….
He was about to see the further location when the laptop turn off
An:what tHE…. This have to die now only. …
Sak:What …Arnab…. Did something happen to her… Did they.. No…. No…. Ansh do something search her plz…..
An:Mom calm down…. Nothing will happen to her…
All were hell tense
Sansh were about to go in search of her when swara reach home
Swara enter house laughing but soon her smile faded seeing the scene
All the family members were awake specially sanskar n Ansh.
Sanskar was standing wid blood shot eyes
She stand in entrance or can say she freeze there…
Arni run to her n hug her
Sanskar went near them n drag her inside.
swara shivers hearing his tone as it was the same dangerous tone she used to here at first
San:I warned u na…. How many times I told u not to go out alone…HOW MANY TIMES
swara close her eyes in fear
San:*Hold her arms wid one hand*Look at me… *no respond*I SAID LOOK AT ME SWARA
She slowly open her eyes n look at him
San:What u were doing there…. At Sanjay’s house…. DO U HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH IT IS DANGEROUS FOR U? SPEAK UP
sw:I..*crying* I was.. D..
An:*angry*We all warned u not to go out alone… What was the need to go at that place…. What if something would have happened to u.. How can u be so irresponsible…. We all warned you na WHAT WAS THE NEED TO GO OUT …

An:Did u thought once about us…. If something would have happened to u….. WHY U WENT OUT SWARA
sw:Bha…iy.. O…I.
san:Whom u asked before leaving….. Swara… What type of careless it is…. WHY R U SOO STUBBORN….
Swara can’t take it anymore n run from there…..
Both sansh is hell angry wid her…. Coz she was their life n they even know that she is not safe….
That time samy Ragu n Maira enter hurriedly coz they heard the shouting sound.
Even laksh came down hearing there shout
All were surprise to see them there
Ap:where were u all…. I search in ur room… I thought u were sleeping
Rag:Ma what happen…. Who was shouting like this
Mai:I think this lord governor is shouting in someone…. It’s his hobby na…
An:Shut up Maira …n tell me where were u alll
One side whole night Doll was out… N here u all…. U know what *cut*
Mai:Ya doll was wid us… What is the problem here
San:What …swara was wid u all….
Sam:Ya …why…wait… U guys were shouting on shona…
An:*Angry*Where the hell were u All….
Sam:*angry*Bhai tell me did u all shout on shona….
San:Yes …coz she went out Widout informing me n that too In that Sanjay’s house…..
Sam:What the hell u guys think of urself…
It was me who took her out coz I was feeling to eat panipuri…
Rag:she even told us she don’t wanna go but we took her forcefully
Mai:n after that we went to ganga ghat to see sunrise….

Both Sansh look at each other n sat holding their heads
An:Do u guys have any idea coz of ur stupid fun…. Anything could have happen to her…
San:Her life is still in danger… She is not save… Out….
An:N more than that… We both shout on her…
Trio:what …both means… U
Sam:Bhai u have scold her
Rag:How can u do this.. Bhai… I can never imagine u scolding her
Mai:But I can… When it comes to his doll he forget everything ….but don’t u have brain Mr. Akru…if one was scolding her what was the need of u to scold her…
rag:she at first don’t agreed to come there bcz she knows u both will be worried for her if u don’t see her in morning….U both r too much
By saying this trio went to see her…. As they know both r very much special to swara n they only scold her like anything….
Lak:What happened guys
Ap told him everything
Lak:u should give her a chance to speak na… Why ur brain don’t work when u r angry….
Stupid business men
San:God…already She is not talking to me Now again this…. I am gone
An:Shit ….i shouldn’t have scold her like this
She is still a Child… But I am elder I should be careful
Both look at each other n went to her room
Here all the family members were tense as it was obvious that swara was hell scared….n it will effect her health
Arn:They don’t have control in their anger…. Stupid fellows….. If anything happen to my princess I will beat this two black n blue
Sak:Calm down Arnab…. They both were very tense…. So they over react
Arnab went from there giving her a look
As he know she was trying to cover their deeds

Precape:sansh ka Swara manao …..

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