Heartless sanskar helpless swara episode 46

Thank u soooooooooooooo much for such a great respond……God 30 to 80…i m dancing like mad from morning……
BTW why u guys r thinking that I Am going to end the story…. A big Nooo I am not going to end it atleast it will cross 80 …..
I just said that I want to know how many People read my story…. I didn’t say that I will end it…..
Many things r yet to come…. Don’t worry….

someone asked me how sanskar can sleep Widout pills…. So let me tell u swara came to know about his addiction so now she is giving him anti depression tablets…. Wid recommendation of the doctor n also due to powerful medicines he get sleep….. That’s why he is not feeling changes in his body…. But soon he will start to get the side effects….

Next about his punishment he will get it wait for a while

Swara’s education start soon

Kakali Di I will try to write full name.
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What u both are doing here” a voice came from back
Both turn around n saw ragini n sanaya their
Sam:What u both r doing?
Mai:Wo…we were talking ….what about u both
Rag:*sleepy tone*This Sanu Di…. She want to have Pani puri now..
Mai:What now?
Sw:Its common at this time.

Rag:But where we will get Pani puri at this time yaar…
All sat there sadly as everyone was in mood to have it…. (No matter what time it is….whenever the word Pani puri we hear automatically we get hungry for it)
Sw:Well….i… Know a place…
Sam:Really shona… Let’s go then…
Sw:But Di…
Mai:What happen?
Sw:wo actually it is a small stall near our house…
Sam:House…u mean sanskar’s house
Swa:No…wo… Ma Baba’s house
Sam:shona they r not ur MA baba…. Don’t call them that… It is an insult to this words….

Mai:Guys ….leave all this… Doll… Let’s go…. We just want to eat panipuri not the stall na come… Let’s go Sanaya come rag*stopped*
Both Sam n swara look towards ragini’s direction n started to laugh
Ragini was Sleeping on the bench….Her sleep was disturbed by their laughter
Rag:wht yaar… Go n laugh outside… Get out of my room
Sw:Ragu Di… It is garden not ur room
Rag:What..*sleepy* she scan the surroundings
Sam:Now come let’s go n have panipuri

Sw:No Di… I will make it here only if u want
I can’t go out at this time
Sam:Plz shona let go
Maira n Sam hold literally drag her wid them
Sam:Shona…how far it is?
Sw:Di not so far 30min road
Trio(sam rag Maira) WHATTTTTTT
SW:*shock*what happen
Sam:Shona u r making me walk this much longer distance
Mai:Ya…so far

Sw:Aree ….u only said u wanna have panipuri it’s not my fault… N Di it’s good to walk at this time… Now come don’t make excuses
After 30 min all reach the place n trio sat down at once
Rag:Di..ur panipuri has took away all our energy
Mai:true yaar
Swara just smile n went to order… N came back
Sw:So guys enjoy… This place is small…. But don’t worry it is hygnic
That time panipuri came
All started to have it
Sw:Dada….amake itto jhal Dao….(Dada….give me some chilly)
Mai:*surprise*Doll…u know Bengali
Sw:Ya …bhabi why
Mai:Even I am Bengali

Sk:Swara beta…. Tumi Kothai chile (where were )
Sw:Dada…amar beye hoyeche toh… Amai sosur Bari te chilo (Dada… I m married so I m in my in laws house)
Guys further their talks will be in Bengali as I can’t write both so will write in English
Sk:Beta…when u get married..Didn’t inform us.. U r happy na
Sw:Yes Dada I am very happy
Rag:Shona …how u know him?
Sw:Di…I have spend my 10 years wid this people’s only…n they r the one from whom I got a bit love n care ….*wid tearly eyes*
All get sad listening to her
Trio hug her assuring her that she is not alone now. They all love her
Sam:Shona…panipuri was very very tasty I will send Arun here only from now
All laugh
Swara went to pay the bill

Sw:Dada…here take this
Sk:Swara beta… It is a treat from my side for ur marriage..May god bless u
By saying this he went from their as it was nearly midnight n they were the last customers
After finishing the panipuri Party swara get ready to go
Sw:Ok Di… Now let’s go… It’s already late …if sanskar came to know that I came here… I don’t know what will happen to me
Mai:haha…doll why r u scared… Don’t worry about him… Let’s roam around today only we four come
Sw:No bhabi plzz

But they didn’t hear anything from her n took her wid them.
After a while even swara forgot everything n start to enjoy.
All were howling on empty road like drankers
Sam:God…i miss this type of fun so much
U know shona…. Me Sanky Ragu lucky used to roam around like this sometime…
Rag:Lets go to ganga ghat it is time for sunrise
All agreed n went there n sat near ghat…. N enjoy the sun rise…
Sw:Now come let’s go… It’s time all will wake up…it will take nearly an hour to reach home

All nodded n went
Now swara was tense as she know sanskar will be awake till now.
Sw:Comeon guys be fast
Mai:Ohhoo…Doll why r u in hurry…. Don’t worry u will not miss ur morning romance…
By saying this all laugh even swara n saw run from their……

precape:Swara ki samat ayi…..
swara is in great trouble

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